Environment Agency Bylaws - North East Region



Tweed Commission Angling Code

Tweed Angling Code                     Tweed Spring Salmon Conservation


The Till
NOTE: This river is governed by the River Tweed  Commissioners' Anglers Code
Migratory Trout and Salmon     
-     1st February to 30th November
Brown Trout     
-     1st April to 30th September
-     No Close Season in Scotland
Fly Spinner or Worm are the only baits permitted, subject to the following:
1st - 14th February     
-     Fly only
15th February - 14th September     
-     Fly, Spinner or Worm only
15th September - 30th November     
-     Fly only
Rivers North Tyne, Coquet, Wear and Tees
-     1st February to 31st October
Migratory Trout     
-     3rd April to 31st October
Brown Trout     
-     22nd March to 30th September
Coarse Fish (includes Grayling)     
-     16th June to 14th March

Thornton Steward Reservoir  

Day Tickets available to members of the public.     
- 1st March until 30th November

Open All Year for Members ( Different rules apply -see below)

Fishing from the Dam Wall.
Yorkshire Water have agreed that anglers may fish from the dam wall. However, if problems,safety issues, or complaints arise Yorkshire Water reserve the right to withdraw their consent. It is imperative that anglers do not attempt to enter the reservoir other than through the car park at the southern end and then walk to the dam.

Winter Rules  for Members ( 1st December until Late February)

Yorkshire Water have agreed that the Reservoir may  remain open to members over  the winter. There will be one stocking of the water so, in order to preserve stocks, only two(2) fish per visit may be taken - however the Committee would like to see the majority of fish released after capture. In order to reduce the theft of fish, will  members fishing, ensure that they carry their membership card and query any other angler whom they do not recognise?  Genuine members will have no objections to showing their cards.