Fish Legal has launched a campaign to stop the Government’s move to scrap the Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) and access to water company environmental information. An overview can be found here: but, in short, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 are on the list of 1,781 pieces of legislation currently being reviewed for repeal/retention as part of the Retained EU Law bill. It would be a disaster for the campaign for transparency led by Fish Legal if the EIRs were scrapped. We must not lose access to environmental information held by privatised water companies, a right that was secured by Fish Legal after a six year battle through the courts.

FFFC members can help add weight to this campaign by signing the Fish Legal on-line petition at . To force a debate in Parliament the petition needs 100,000 signatures, or to force a response from the Government 10,000 signatures. So, please help Fish Legal’s campaign to keep our right to access this important data by signing the petition now. Thank you.

If you also want to help Fish Legal raise funds to support the campaign you can do so at