We have had problems with non members trying to access the car park at Fenton. Members need to be aware of this and should under no circumstances divulge the lock code to non FFFC members. Thank you.

Sporadic Catches

Recent catches on the river's have been slow of late due to the low river levels with members having to work long and hard for any success. Best fish that I have heard of is a 12lb salmon from our Tyne beats and safely returned to the water. Heavy rain over the last two days has brought some much needed water into the rivers and should be ideal from tomorrow onwards for the coming week.

Could members please remember to close and lock the Car Park Entrance gate both on entering and leaving the car park. We have had reports that the gate has been left open at least twice in the last month. Thank you.

Members should be aware that the owner of Rothley Lake is having a large family event this coming weekend, Saturday August 15th and Sunday August 16th, and will be using the lake for swimming and boating. So it may be advisable to try and avoid fishing there over that period if possible.