A member has lost his greys sunglasses whilst fishing the river Coquet. If you by chance find them you can contact the member via the members forum.

The club allows the facility for members to invite guests onto some of the clubs waters, where rod numbers or leasing agreements allow, and the guidelines on obtaining a guest permit is on page 13 of the handbook.

The on-line booking system for boats on Crag Lough is now active. Full deatils at

Please be aware of the Covid-19 restrictions when making a booking. These are:

1. Members booking boats are responsible for sanitising the boats, oars, covers etc. both BEFORE and AFTER use and MUST take their own sanitising fluid/spray, cloths, gloves etc. in order to do this. 

Coming to the net

The rains are now starting to bring more fish into our rivers and members are having some long needed time on the rivers. Fresh run salmon are being caught along with sea trout that are still bearing sea lice. The Tyne, Wear and Till beats are producing fish but we wait to hear about the Coquet. It is believed and hoped that the Covid 19 will bring some good news. With the shops being closed for such a long period those netsmen fishing for sea trout have not really had a market to sell to and with lockdown being in place neither the opportunity to actually go fishing like the rest of us. With the decline in sea trout numbers entering the rivers over the past few years then maybe, just maybe, more will enter the rivers to spawn for the future.