Amid the gloom of current Coronavirus crisis we are pleased to report that the EA have just published their decision with regards their recently held consultation on potentially extending the sea trout off-shore netting season. And the decision is ……… NO EXTENSION. So the sea trout netting season remains as specified in the 2019 bye-laws which, for District 1, the North East Coast , is from March 26th to May 31st. Full details of this decision can be found here:


Because of the Corionovirus Yorkshire Water have closed access to Thornton Steward Reservoir whilst Ford & Etal have closed their estate. Both from Tuesday, March 23rd, for the forseeable future.

The Government directive issued at 8.00pm on Monday, March23rd, is clear and unambiguous: LOCKDOWN MEANS NO FISHING at all. 

The directive is clear  - we can't leave our homes for ANYTHING other than the  following purposes:

To help our bailiffs at Thornton Steward maintain "social distancing" and follow Coronavirus/Covid-19 government advice they will no longer be checking day tickets at the waterside. Instead we are asking all day tickets holders to display their day tickets in their car windscreens so a numbers check can be conducted from the car park. For this to work it is important that all our club members fishing at Thornton Steward remember to display their FFFC badge along with the number of people fishing in their car windscreeens. Please follow government advice and always maintain a distance of at least 2m from each other. Thank you. 

Club Waters

All club waters, both river and stillwaters, are open for members as usual. Stockings of still waters are still going ahead as per our agreed stocking programmes. We do ask members though to use a common sense approach when fishing and to keep a reasonable distance from other anglers. Several committee members, club members and the general public are fishing Thornton Steward reservoir on a fairly regular basis and it is fishing very well.


We are trialing an online booking system for Crag Lough.  You will need to have forum access and you can either follow this LINK or use the link in the Crag Lough fishery description page.

Please make every attempt to use the online booking system however if all else fails there are additional ways to book listed in that forum thread.

That thread is locked so no replys can be posted but I have started a feedback thread so please feel free to leave a message letting us know what you think of the new system and if there are any improvements you could suggest. 

Now open to Day Ticket Holders

The year is progressing and members should be aware that Thornton Steward Reservoir opened to Day Ticket holders on March 1st. You will be interested to hear that  Day Tickets in 2020 are avaialble to the general public from 5 outlets:

1. Gilslan Sports. 2 High Street, Leyburn, Monday to Saturday

2. Constable Burton Caravan Park (open 7 days a week from 17th March)

3. The Weighouse, 8A Market Place, Bedale, DL8 1FQ, Monday to Saturday

4. Caravan and Motorhome Club, Lower Wensleydale, Harmby, Leyburn, DL8 5NU 

5. Akebar Park, Leyburn, DL8 5LY (open 7 days a week).