Fishing reports

Members are still having success on most of our rivers for salmon and sea trout with the Tyne, Wear and Till still continuing to produce fish. The Coquet is in need of a lift to assist anglers. Pleasing to say that most fish are being caught on the fly and more importantly being returned safely to the water.

Our baliffs are reporting wet and muddy conditions in the field where cars are normally parked at Dunterley and are advising only 4-wheel drive cars park here. So please take care and park by the side of the road if you are at all concerned about ground conditions.

Fishing Reports October 2020

As we head into the final weeks of the season on our English rivers members are still being successful in their efforts to catch migratory fish despite the river levels fluctuating with some quite persistent rain. Our beats on the Till are producing quite a few sea trout, and salmon and grille, though around are proving elusive. The Coquet is yielding both salmon and sea trout and more fish are showing. The Tyne is producing salmon although not in great numbers but members are reporting more fish are now starting to show. The Wear, like our other rivers, has been fairly high but once it settled down members have had success in catching both salmon and sea trout. A few years back we had a seal on our waters which eventually headed back to sea, but another has surfaced on the river but thankfully not on our beats.

The tree felling and logging operations at Dunterley initially scheduled for the end of September have had to be postponed and, we are told, are unlikely to take place before the end of October. So please carry on using the access and parking at Dunterley as normal. If there is any change in the situation we will post a news update with access and parking details.