Sad loss

Regretfully we have to announce the sad death of member George Hawes last Monday after a major heart attack. George had been in poor health for the last few years but it did not stop him from fishing his dream water at Thornton Steward Reservoir. Doing the catch returns throughout the season for TSR it has to be said he knew how to fish the water and all fish returned. At this sad time the committee and also the members we offer our deepest sympathy to his wife and family . RIP.

Members may be interested in accessing and reading The Northern Rivers Angling Association (NRAA) website. NRAA operate a very informative web site on game fishing in general and game fishing in the North East in particular. The NRAA website can be found at:

The NRAA site also links into, and gives access to, the Northumbrian Game Fishing Association (NGFA) Website and the Wear Anglers Association (WAA) Website, both worth a look. The WAA also operate a Facebook page “The Wear Anglers Association” at 

These are now in the links section on the website.

As many of you will know last year saw trials of modified T-nets of the Northumberland coast and modified J-nets of the Yorkshire coast. The aim of the modified nets was to allow them to catch sea trout but not salmon. These trials were "successful" particularly the modified T-nets. Consequently the EA have now launched a Consultation into the Potential Expansion of the Sea Trout Netting season. The EA are considering four options:

Help is required  at The Jack Charlton Disabled Angler Association Trout Cups events this year. These events will be held on the 3rd June at Kielder and on 12th August at Sweethope;  these two events are for adults. An event for children will be held on Sunday 12th July at Sharpley. Help is required in number of ways, for example boat handling. Anyone able to help could you please contact the Secretary in the first instance.  Thank you.

Also if you are aware of any disabled anglers who would like to take part again please contact the Secretary in the first instance.

January 2020 Newsletter

Just to advise members that our first newsletter of the year will be with you in a day or two. It is mainly concerning the AGM in February but also a notice regarding The Start fishing On the river Tweed. We look forward, as usual, to a good turnout at our AGM. Again thanks for your catch returns and the survey, which will provide some interesting points at the AGM.