NEWS 2012

04 December

Fish Counter figures for November have been added today. They make rather sorry reading - hopefully next season will be better.

01 December

Season's End

Yesterday marked the end of the migratory fishing season on our rivers. As usual the final few days of the season were washed out again due to the heavy rainfall at the start of the week. This has been the norm throughout the season and we expect this to be reflected in the catch returns when they are fully complied and supplied to the member at the AGM in February 2013. One high spot of the season was a new club record for a salmon weighing in at a splendid 31lb unless of course we receive details of a better fish in the next week when we receive the final catch returns. The committee are already busy discussing our leases with the respective riparian owners with our next meeting taking place next week. As usual we have made efforts to retain all beats and also to acquire new water for 2013 and details will be supplied to members in the normal manner at the AGM.

River Till Catch Returns

Those members that have managed to fish through November on the Till are, along with all members, required to submit their catch returns for these two beats separately, Fenton and Ford beats. Please indicate which beat you have caught your fish on and the method of how your fish were caught, ie fly or spinner, along with their weights. We need to supply these figures by the 9th December at the latest to our riparian owners so please ensure that secretary Dave Wilson is in receipt of your figures asap. You can send these through the post or send them to us via our email address.

Winter Fishing

Fishing is still available to the members throughout December and January where members can fish for rainbow trout at Thornton Steward Reservoir or Rothley Lake, ice permitting of course.

Members can also fish for grayling through these months on both the river Wear and the Ford Beat on the river Till.

Should members wish an alternative then you can also coarse fish on the Wear through the same periods.

Seasons Greetings

This is expected to be the last news item of the year so the committee take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

21 November


We are sorry for the late notification but due to the very poor weather conditions we have cancelled the working party planned for tomorrow the 22nd. We hope that members will not be affected in any arrangements they have made for this event.

06 November

Fish Counts

The fish counter for October has been updated today and the figures make for very poor reading. The Tyne numbers were 3195 and the Wear 581, yes 581. The total year to date for the Tyne stands at 21446 which is down some 52% on 2011 figures whilst the Wear figure of 8189 is down some 69%. As stated in October it looks like a poor cyclical period in terms of fish runs this season. For the Tyne in comparison to figures for 2010 the number of fish is down by some 91% whilst the Wear is the lowest figure since publication of records in 1995. It would be easy to sit and make further comparisons over previous seasons, as if the figures above were not bad enough, but I believe that we just have to accept that this has been one of those years. Heavy rain throughout most of the season from April to October put the rivers out of condition for long periods of time and coupled with the reduced number of fish running the rivers then we expect our catch returns to reflect this. Never mind there is always next year he said hopefully.

02 November


A member of the committee is hoping that a member has the following fishing rod they may wish to sell. Daiwa Whisker 12 foot double handed salmon rod. If you are able to assist then please contact us in the normal manner.

Fish Counts

The fish counts for October are still not available.

River Till

Those hardy members that will be fishing throughout the month of November are reminded to place the number of rods in your party on the dashboard of your car. Please remember that this river is now FLY ONLY for fishing.

01 November

Seasons End

Well the season has ended on our English rivers for this year and its time to clean our equipment and place in safe storage for next year. Members should have received their latest newsletter by now asking for details of their success for 2012 so please send in your returns to secretary Dave Wilson asap. Various members of the committee will be meeting with our riparian owners over the coming weeks and we do require the catch returns for these meetings.

Working party

We will be carrying out some work at Keepershield on Thursday 22nd November and believe that 6 to 8 people in total should be able to carry out the work within a couple of hours. We intend to be there for a 10.00am start and if you can assist then please contact the committee in the normal manner.

Lost and Found

One of our game angling members has found some coarse fishing equipment that was left at the car park at the top beat at Durham. If you can identify the equipment then please contact the committee and we, as always, will arrange for its safe return.

Fish Counts

The October fish counts are not available as I write but early indications seem to show that this years figures will be significantly down on previous years. I will post them in the next couple of days when they are available.



The last of our newsletters for the year was posted to members yesterday with instructions for catch returns covering English and Scottish waters so please read them carefully. Our catch returns are very important in maintaining our records so please ensure that you complete and return them asap. Members are reminded that it is also a statutory requirement to send in your catch returns to the EA.

River Reports

As we head into the final few days of the season on English rivers we know that members are having success on all our waters with some decent catches being made on the Tyne, Rede and Coquet. The Wear for some reason has appeared to be short of fish over the last few weeks, could be our current resident seal, but I did see fish moving through yesterday when I managed to get out for a few hours. The beats on the Till have shown plenty of fish this week but the river height was slightly high and the fish were running through but it is starting to drop off and expectations remain high. Please remember that it is fly only on the river Till.


Rothley Lake

Thanks to those members that assisted with the final stocking of the season at the lake last Saturday. Without their assistance it makes things that more difficult for the committee to arrange everything for the benefit of all the members so thanks again.


River Levels

Just another reminder for members to check the two links above for current river levels before setting off to fish. More heavy rain through last night and this morning has again put the rivers out of fishing order for the umpteenth time this season. Still, there is another two weeks before the seasons end.


River Rede

The owner of the main part of the beat has guests staying at the fishing lodge for the next two weeks and requests that members refrain from fishing from the top of the fishing lodge boundary down to the bottom of the Ingram pool. As always we ask our members to comply with this request from the owner. No other part of the beat is affected.

River Levels

Following the really heavy overnight rain last Thursday the rivers were again put out of fishing order on Friday but thankfully they have now settled down to a nice fishing level. We do know that there have been some really heavy runs of fish taking the Tyne system so all bodes well for the foreseeable future.


Seasons End Approaching

With the seasons end only just under three weeks away we know that a lot of members will be out on the rivers for their last chance of the season. With this in mind we do expect certain beats to attract more anglers than others and we ask that members follow the correct procedure for fishing the pools, that is, to start at the head of the pool and fish through the pool before fishing the pool again or moving to another pool. Please respect other members fishing.


Our unwanted visitor has been reported to the EA not only by the club but also members of the public walking along the river side up at Durham City.

Fish Counts

The figures for the river Tees for September, 192, have been added to the fish counter.


We will be issuing our latest newsletter to members in two weeks time. The main item will be for members to complete and return their catch returns for the season unless you will be fishing into November on the Till beats.


Seal Of No Approval

Went to fish the wear last Thursday and got a really big surprise. Ever since we have had the top beat and fished it every year I heard an almighty splash as I was walking past the bottom of the half moon pool. It was the biggest splash from a salmon I had ever seen. Whats that black thing floating where the splash was. There it was gone only to resurface some 30 yards downstream. Oh dear me, it was not a salmon but a bloody seal. What the hell a seal is doing so far upstream heaven only knows and is probably the reason we are not seeing any fish in this stretch of the river. Any legal methods known to remove it then please contact the committee.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Commiseration to a local member who was fishing the Tyne last weekend. On the fly he caught his heaviest ever salmon and struggled for over half an hour to get it to the net. As he got the fish near the river bank imagine his shock when he saw how big it was and trying not to panic stayed as calm as possible playing the monster then the unfortunate happened and the fish escaped. Guesstimated size of the fish, 35 to 40lb. Yes, gone, but certainly not forgotten and nearly a new club record. Tough luck Geoff.


Fish Counts

The September fish counts for both the Tyne and the Wear have been updated on the fish counter site with no figures yet available for the Tees. The Tyne figure of 4664 is down some 3000 on 2011 whilst the Wear count of 1237 is down by some 4000. For the Tyne to achieve last years overall figures around another 18000 fish need to enter the system whilst the corresponding figure for the Wear will need to be around 13500. As most anglers know, fish runs come in cyclical fashion through the years and it may just be that this year is the low year in that cycle. Tight lines hopefully for the last month.


Crag Lough

As there has been little booking of the boats on Crag Lough the committee have decided that we will close this venue as from today. We apologise if any member had any intention to fish over the next few weeks but we believe that following all the repairs that needed to be carried out last year following the severe weather we hope that an early start this year will mean less work to carry out. The boats will be removed from the Lough tomorrow and whilst we have enough people to carry out the work to remove the boats to winter storage for repairs any extra assistance is always appreciated.

Rothley Lake

The next stocking of this lake will take place on Saturday 13 October between 11.00 and 12.00am and we require a few members to help with the stocking. If you can assist then please contact Fred or Dave either by phone or through the club web site.

Wild Brown Trout Season

All members should know that the season for wild brown trout fishing on the rivers ended yesterday so any fish caught accidently should be returned safely back to the river.

Jungle Drums Beating

We have no control over what members say to each other whilst out fishing but it is amazing what comes back to the committee about this, that and the other. Suffice to say that no news is good news. One item of topic that has been talked about and which we have received enquiries about is which river the 31lb salmon was caught on, well, if members look at page 37 of their club handbook the answer will be revealed.

Working Parties – Close Season

The committee are in the process of drawing up a list of items that need to be carried out on some of the river banks and we will be carrying out work on the Wear and the Tyne at Keepershield. If you believe that there is work that needs to be carried out that will assist members with their fishing then please submit you proposal/s to the committee.

Fish Counts

As we head into the last full month for migratory fish on English rivers we do not have the September figures available at present but they will be placed on the web site when they are received.


River Rede

We apologise for the late posting of this item but the information has only been received early Friday evening. Would any member/s fishing this river over this weekend please keep clear of the Ingram pool due to the owner having guests staying in the fishing lodge. As always your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Latest Reports

Following the really heavy rains earlier this week that put the rivers out of fishing condition yet again with some very high river levels we are pleased to report that all rivers in the region are now fishable. Tight lines.


River Rede

Several members have been advised over the weekend that they were not allowed to fish this beat as there were visiting anglers on the water. We have received apologies form the owner about this problem that was caused by an over zealous gillie who has been spoken to about his actions. Please be advised that any bar on members fishing this beat, should it ever happen, will be placed on this news page.

Latest Reports

As stated last week members are having much more success catching salmon of late. One member landing 4 salmon in a day with fish up to 10lb with three of them safely returned to the water. Over two days one member had fish of 15lb and 17lb. Best news of all is that the current club record for a salmon, 28lb, has been broken last week with a superb fish of 31lb. Despite the members best efforts to return the fish safely to the river his efforts were sadly futile as the fish died. Current prospects are looking very good with rain forecast for the next 36 hours and this should bring more fresh fish into the rivers.

Not What you Expect

A member whilst fishing a pool on one of our beats on a river and caught a salmon whilst an angler on the opposite bank, not our club stretch, caught a sea trout. The sea trout was hauled onto the bank side, released from the spinner and then kicked several times to get it back into the water. Our member complained to the angler whose comment was “it’s only a sea trout”. Not the thing I would expect to see or hear from another angler.

Lost And Found

A landing net has been found at Thornton Steward reservoir on Sunday 23 September. If you have lost this net please contact us and we will look to see if it can be safely returned.


River Till

Members are reminded that from the 15th September this river is now fly only until the end of the season.

Latest River Updates

Despite the numbers of fish running our local rivers being slightly down to previous years we are able to report that members are still having success on all rivers from the Till down to the Wear with fish spread out well throughout the systems. Previous months have seen mainly sea trout being brought to the net but during the last few weeks there has been an increase in the number of salmon being caught.

Hardy and Greys Fishing

A further reminder to members about the open day this Saturday 22 September at Alnwick.


The fish count figures for August have been added to the table. Figures for the corresponding years are down but still healthy.



A brief newsletter was posted to members yesterday, 23rd August, along with two pages for your constitution book that need to be replaced. As always, if there is anything you do not understand within the constitution then please contact the committee at any time.

Crag Lough

The boats at the Lough have all had new covers fitted this week. There still appears to be a bit confusion about how to unlock and lock the boats as well as reporting any damage that has occurred and we will be supplying a to-do list in the near future that will be placed in your hand book. A fish filleting knife has been found in one of the boats, if you are the owner then please contact the committee and we will arrange its safe return.

Hardy and Greys Fishing

As part of our association with Hardys we are only to pleased to advise that they will be holding an open day on 22nd September. Some of the activities on offer will be a fly casting clinic, fly tying, demonstrations and a factory tour along with other activities.


Latest Reports

The heavy rain week in week out is keeping our local rivers topped up nicely though it is putting them out of bounds for good fishing for the odd day or two until they settle down into fine fishing order. The latest rains came last Friday and again yesterday and weather forecasts for the next few days are fine so the rivers should fish well as some very good runs of fish are taking all the rivers.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

As part of our commitment to introduce young anglers into our sport and our association with local clubs we are again holding a junior competition for Hirst Park Trout Ticklers this Saturday at the reservoir. A lot of them will only have fished on the odd occasion, if at all, and we ask that our regular visitors to the reservoir for their assistance on this day. A member of the committee will be at the reservoir on the day should you have any queries.


Sad News

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of our President James, (Jim) L Hardy late in July. The thoughts of the committee and members are with the family at this moment in time. Most anglers within the region will know that Jim was a very avid angler and loved nothing more than fishing his beloved river Coquet. The club were delighted to have him as our President for over 25 years and will have a hard task in finding a suitable replacement.

Latest River Reports

Following the very heavy rain last weekend the rivers settled down into prime fishing conditions from Wednesday and some good catches of fish were made mostly of sea trout. The warm weather last week did make fishing difficult through the day but once the sun was off the river anglers were able to entice one or two fish to the net. The fish count for July for the Tyne is now available, 4111, on the fish counter page.

Rothley Lake.

Thanks to those members that assisted with the stocking of the lake yesterday and as always your assistance is really appreciated.


River Updates

Following the high levels of rain throughout July some very good runs of fish have entered our main rivers. All our beats have been producing fish to both the fly and spinner over the last two weeks after the rivers settled into fine fishing order. The two best reported salmon in July both came from the same river on the same day, see page 37 of club handbook for details. In the morning I landed my best ever salmon at 18lb, absolutely in mint condition and straight off the tide, and later the same day another member landed an equally similar conditioned fish weighing in at 15lb some half a mile down stream.

During July, though not caught on our beat of the Coquet, an angler landed a superb sea trout at just over 20lb. The current river levels are just above summer level and most of the rivers are crystal clear making fishing that slightly bit harder to locate and catch fish. Rain is forecast over the weekend and hopefully enough will fall to raise the river levels and bring more fish into the river systems.

Rothley Lake

We are stocking the lake on Saturday 11th August at around 11.00am and ask if any members are able to assist the committee then please meet at the lake. As usual your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Trout Scene

Crag Lough is fishing absolutely fantastic at the moment with fish coming to the net to both wet and dry flies. Don’t be surprised if you catch a larger fish than normal size following our last stocking. All boats are available for booking through committee member Jerry Macbeth.

Rothley is also fishing very well with early morning and late evening seeming to be the best time to bring fish to the net.

Following the continuation of our increased summer stocking policy for Thornton Steward reservoir we are again able to say that the reservoir is fishing above its normal fish per rod per day average of 3.9.

The brown trout fishing on the river Rede was badly affected with all the heavy rain but now that the river has settled down our trout angling members are having some good sport. If members are fishing for salmon and sea trout and you accidently catch a brown trout we kindly request that the fish are returned to the water unharmed for the benefit of the trout fishers within the club.

Poachers/Illegal Fishermen

Whilst fishing the Wear today I came across 5 foreigners, either Polish or Slovaks, who where fishing illegally for coarse fish as they had been told the stretch was free between the two bridges. After being informed that the two bridges were further upstream and the free fishing was on the opposite bank they ceased their fishing. Whilst I was quite happy dealing with this situation on my own we do remind all members to be very careful in situations like this and state that you should not confront these type of people if you feel you may be threatened.

Fish Counts

The July fish counts for the Wear and the Tees have been updated but no figures for the Tyne are yet available. These will be posted when available.


River Levels

Well, here we go again, torrential rain over the last 24 hours has again put all our rivers out of order yet again for the weekend. The rain is expected to continue through the night locally, Durham area, before heading towards Northumberland and affecting the Tyne, Coquet and Till. A flood warning has been put out for the river Coquet. When will it all end? Please check the above links for guidance on river levels before setting of to fish. Thankfully we have our three still waters available to provide some good trout fishing.

Fish Counts

The latest fish counts have been placed on the site with 2281 fish for the Tyne, which is reasonable, but the Wear only had 698 fish. The figure for the Wear is the lowest June figure since 1996 when only 149 fish took the fish pass.


River Till

Members that have fished this river, either Fenton or Ford Beats, since February and have caught either salmon or sea trout are reminded that we are required by the Tweed Commissioners to submit half yearly catch return figures to them by the 13th July. If you have not already done so can you please ensure that you send your catch return figures to secretary Dave Wilson asap. Nil returns are not required.

Whilst fishing the Fenton beat on Wednesday 27th June a member either left or lost his Sharps folding Seaforth sea trout net on the beat. If any other member has found this item could you please contact us and we will put you in touch with the rightful owner and as always your assistance is appreciated.

All members should know that if they catch any salmon/grilse after the 30th June, 16th June English rivers, they are now entitled to retain the fish rather than return them to the water unharmed.


Latest Stockings

Thanks to the 8 members that assisted with the stockings of the Lough and the river on 30th June. Having such a good turn out made it that much easier for all concerned and members will be delighted by the quality of the brown trout supplied considering that the fish farm was decimated by otters last month. Thanks again to all helpers for your assistance.

River Updates

Again, just as the rivers were coming into good order in the middle of last week we were hit by a Cell Thunderstorm that is more associated with Tornado alley in America. The dramatic effect on the rivers was incredible in such a short space of time and all rivers were again put into severe spate conditions with the rivers running between 4 and 10 feet above summer level in a matter of hours. Nevertheless this is bringing more summer runs of fish into the rivers and the fishing should be back in fine order as I write. Prior to the rain some good sport was being had on all rivers with the Coquet fishing better than it has over the last few years and long may it continue. The above two links to the latest river heights are proving to be of great assistance to the members when looking to go fishing.

Fish Counters

Following a request by several members earlier in the year that we add the river Tees to the fish counter we are pleased to advise that this is now on the website. Runs of fish though pale into insignificance compared to our other rivers.

22 June

River Wear

Did any of our female members, senior or junior, along with a male member fish the river Wear on Tuesday this week? They apparently caught 4 sea trout, 3 returned, down in the woods. If you believe it was you could you please contact head bailiff Dave Cave.

General River Fishing Updates

Well, the rains come and puts the rivers in spate conditions over the weekends, the rivers fine down and leaves them in excellent fishing order for a few midweek days and members start catching fish. Some superb salmon and sea trout have been caught over the last couple of weeks from the Tyne, Till, Coquet and Wear. Then the rains come back again and put the rivers out of condition for the weekends again and then settle down into fine fishing conditions. The rivers in excellent order Monday through to Thursday this week and what happened yesterday, poured down all day and put the rivers out of order, more rain forecast for today, Saturday and Sunday. Global warming, summer has arrived, jet stream stuck, take your pick and send your entries to “It’s a Washout”


All members appear to have received their recent short newsletter over the last week. Thanks to those members that have contacted us to assist with the stockings for next Saturday 30th June, your assistance is greatly appreciated as it helps maintain the super brown trout fishing on Crag Lough and the river Rede.

Still Waters

Our three Stillwater venues are still fishing really well. Thornton Steward has a current fish per rod per day of 3.39, with the heaviest fish this season being caught by local member G. Stevenson weighing in at 10lbs. Rothley lake is running at a rod average of 2.86 fish per day whilst Crag Lough outshines them all at a cracking 7.23.

08 June


Members will receive a brief newsletter within the next ten days mainly as a reminder about half yearly catch returns for the River Till.

Current Fishing

All our main rivers are still producing both salmon and sea trout to some good sizes and we are awaiting the summer runs of both grilse and sea trout. Members that intend to fish over the coming weekend should check river levels before setting off, especially those members that have a fair distance to travel. The web cams on the news page offer a good indication of how the rivers look at the present moment in time and just having checked them before posting this item and the Coquet is already looking out of fishing order.

06 June

Rothley Stocking

Thanks for those members prepared to assist with the stocking this Saturday. One or two more would be ideal.

Fish Counts

We are unable to list the fish counts for our rivers for May as I am having problems accessing the EA’s site. Figures will be updated when available to me. It is hoped that we will be able to add the river Tees to the system. ( Figures now updated 7June)

River Coquet

Anglers are being asked to report any sighting of spawning Lampreys on the river to head EA Bailiff Willie Farndale on tel no. 01669 620984.



Thanks to those few members that attended the stocking for Crag Lough and the river Rede. Due to the poor turnout of assistance it took a lot longer than planned to stock both venues but all was achieved in the end. We are stocking Rothley lake on Saturday 9th June, approximately 11.30am, and ask if you can assist then please contact us in the normal manner.

17 May


We are stocking both Crag Lough and the River Rede this Saturday and still require further assistance from members to make up ample numbers. If you can help please contact us asap. The first stocking is at Crag Lough for 10.30am then over to the river.

10 May

River Updates

It was my intention to report that the biggest salmon caught on club waters this season was caught on 1st May weighing in at 13lb and still bearing long tailed sea lice. This has however been eclipsed on 5th May by a super fish weighing in at 16lb with both fish safely returned to the water. Members are reminded that all salmon caught on the Till up to the end of June must be returned to the water whilst the date for English rivers is the 16 June. Heaviest sea trout reported to date weighs in at 8lb again bearing sea lice. Members are catching fish on most of our beats and remind you that with the current amount of rain falling and indeed expected that you should, where possible, check river levels before setting off on any long journey to avoid a wasted journey..

A reminder for members fishing the Till is that there is a ten rod limit on the Fenton beat and if this number of members are fishing upon your arrival we request that you fish the Ford beat.

Stillwater Fisheries

Thornton Steward is also continuing to fish well with the average catch still above 3 at 3.76 fish per rod per day.

Rothley Lake is also continuing to fish well with the rod average at 2.56 fish per rod per day.

Crag Lough has only just opened last week but early reports from members is that they are having exceptional fishing with catches running up to 8 and 9 fish per angler. Members are reminded that this venue MUST be booked in advance through Jerry Macbeth.

Crag Lough and River Rede

We are stocking the above waters on Saturday 19 May and ask if any members will be able to assist in one or both of the stockings. We require around 6 members for both and ask if you are able to assist the club then please contact us in the normal manner. Your assistance as always will be greatly appreciated.

Northumberland County Blind Association

The above association will be holding an open angling contest at Fontburn Reservoir on Friday 27 July to raise funds. All proceeds from the day will go directly to the association and ask that you may wish to consider entering their competition.

01 May

Crag Lough

Members are reminded that the fishing for the Lough must be booked in advance through committee member Jerry Macbeth. An early season stocking has already taken place and the boats have been overhauled and placed on the Lough ready for use. We appreciate that members don’t like to kill brown trout but we do ask that you do kill some of your catch as this will assist in future stocking programmes and also the long term fishing on this venue. Should you happen to cause any damage to your boat when fishing would you please report this to the committee asap so that future members are not disappointed.

Rothley Lake

This venue appears to have become a very favourite venue for members and we have also carried out the first stocking of the year. Thanks to the members that have assisted the committee in both the stockings and the repair and re-floating of the boats, as always your assistance is greatly appreciated

River Scene

Following the very heavy rain that the whole country has had over the past few weeks, the wettest April on record, we can advise that our local rivers have now started to recede in river height and migratory fish have been seen and caught. Best recorded salmon to date is 8lbs and best sea trout is a superb 10lb.

11 April

Lack of rain affecting the whole of the country is also affecting the early season runs of fish into our local rivers. The Coquet has just had its first salmon of the season caught down at Mickley, some miles below our stretch. Normally the first fish is caught in February down on the tidal stretch so we are some two months late with the first salmon of the season on the river. The lack of a fish count on the river does little to help us keep members informed of the chances of catching a fish.

The fish count has been updated for the Tyne and shows that 144 fish took the Riding Mill pass in March. This is the highest number in the last 17 years for the early part of the season and is only bettered by the 145 that took the pass in January 2004. The Riding Mill pass is generally considered to be a barrier for fish early in the season due to the low temperature of the water but lack of snow and some mild weather has helped to overcome this problem and it is hoped that increased numbers of fish will start entering the system and also the North Tyne.

Following the meeting with Paul Frear, EA, about the very large tree that has fallen into the river Wear we have been advised that in the interest of safety we should not do anything with it. A further meeting will be held with the Forestry Commission as the woodland is owned by them and we will advise of this item later. 9 Fish have taken the fish pass at Durham in February but no figures are available for March as I write.

Thornton Steward Reservoir is fishing well with anglers averaging 3.28 fish per rod per day for the season since 1st March. Stockings for Crag Lough, River Rede and Rothley Lake are arranged for the near future and we are well in line to have the boats for Crag Lough fully refurbished for the start of the season which is 1st May.

For those readers that did not notice but the fish caught on the Wear in the last news item of 1st April was in fact our April Fool. Congratulations to those who noticed but as late as last Sunday we have been asked where the Frail Pool, (April Fool) is on the river.

01 April

An 2012-2013 EA licence is required from today: Please ensure that you are in possession of a valid licence before fishing any club water

North Tyne
2 New stiles have been erected in the show ground at Bellingham. These have been situated where we believe members will have the easiest access to the river.

First Fish
Overseas member Olaf Proil has paid his first visit to club waters and with his first cast in the Frail Pool on the Wear caught a superb 20lb salmon. Congratulations, we have never seen this happening so early in the season on this river before.

Staying with the Wear, 2 committee members met with Paul Frear from the EA last Wednesday to look at a fallen tree that is giving concern. The tree is at least five foot in diameter and weighs approximately 20 ton. We believe this may cause disruption to members fishing and indeed spoil one or more pools if it ever gets moved by a spate and could even cause damage to the viaduct at the bottom of the beat. We will advise of the outcome of the meeting shortly as we may need some, or maybe a lot of, assistance with this project.

14 March

Following some slight computer problems we are pleased to say we are back on line. Just to confirm that the club had been in discussions for two still waters and a section of river fishing in February and early March. The Stillwater in the north of the reason would have needed to be operated as a separate entity to the actual club and as this is not what we are about we withdrew from discussions. The Stillwater in the south of the region is a reservoir that is actually up for sale. Due to the potential unknown costs of dam inspections and the overall upkeep of the reservoir we again withdrew from discussions.

The committee believed that the section of river fishing in the north of the region would have been too costly in comparison to its potential and again we reluctantly withdrew from negotiations although on good terms with the owner should things change in the future.

It is still quite early to be expecting any migratory fish on club waters at this time of the year although fish have taken the pass on the Wear in January though we believe these to be late fish from last year. Some fish have taken the pass at Riding Mill, generally a barrier to fish with the cold water, but some fish have already gone through the fish counter and the numbers are higher than in many previous years. The first fish of the season has still to be caught on the Coquet as I write. Rumours abound on this river as to what it has in store for future years in terms of the number of fish that will take the river although our catch records have gone up over the last two years.

The first stockings of Thornton Steward have already taken place and members are having some excellent days of late with the generally mild weather.

Preparation has already begun on the maintenance and cleaning of the boats for Crag Lough and they should be in tip top condition when the season starts on 1st May.

Stocking dates are already arranged for the Lough and the River Rede with brown trout and should you be able to assist then please contact Fred Richardson through the club email site.

03 March

In recent years we have hosted visits from Hirst Park Trout Ticklers at Thonton Steward Reservoir. In order to publicise what they are doing to encourage young people in the art of fly fishing we are happy to accede to their request for a link to their site. (See "Links page")

21 February

Reminder of how cold it was early in February. This is a picture, sent by a member, of frozen Rothley East Shield Lake. (click to enlarge)

2 February


We are pleased to say that the 28th AGM went very well last night and was well attended by 42 members. A brief scenario follows, but full details will be issued to all members in a newsletter shortly.

Reports were submitted by myself about events over the last year followed by reports from Head Bailiff Dave Cave, membership Secretary Brian Tindle and Assistant Treasurer Dave Charlton. There were no main issues to advise the membership about, membership is at a healthy level and club finances are also healthy and hopefully this will allow us to compete for any waters that become available.

No new waters have been acquired of late, which is disappointing, but the club refused the offer of a small still water due to its size and close proximity to a housing estate in October 2011. We are currently looking at two other still waters, one in Northumberland and one in Durham, but it is early days in our discussions with both owners and agents that only started in January 2012.

The committee, as always, reviewed all its fishing waters last year and we have dropped two of the waters from last year. They are the stretches on the rivers Garry and Liddell. The decisions were taken purely on the fact that due to the lack of members fishing these beats over the last two years it was not cost effective for the club.

Catch returns were submitted to the members present and a copy will be issued to all members with the next newsletter. We can advise that members caught in excess of 300 for both salmon and sea trout throughout the season. Though slightly down from 2010 we are pleased with the figures due to the dry Spring and Autumn.

As usual a buffet was provided half way through the evening, very nice it was too, and not a drop was left. Our thanks to the Stewardess of the Golf Club, Lyn, for such a delight.

After the meeting concluded it gave the members, both new and old, the opportunity to chat to each other as well as the committee and it is very pleasing to hear from them how well they believe the club is operated, how approachable everyone is and the format in which the club operates.

No nominations were received for committee so you have us all again for the next twelve months and we look forward to seeing you on the rivers or still waters throughout the coming year.

30 January


Just a final reminder to members that the 28th AGM takes place this Wednesday, 1st February, at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00pm in the lounge. The club house will be open from 7.00pm and no snow is predicted so hopefully we will have a good turnout of members. As usual a hot and cold buffet will be provided sometime during the evenings deliberations.

River Till

The season starts on this river again this Wednesday, 1st February, and members are advised that it is fly only until the 15th February. Wrap up warm as low temperatures are expected. As usual we do not expect many salmon to be in the system but sea trout should be around although in small numbers.

04 January 2012

Here we go on another year and the committee wish all our members a Happy New Year and tighter lines than 2011.


Members are reminded that the AGM will take place on 1st February at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00pm prompt and as usual a buffet will be provided. Full details of the evenings agenda and previous minutes will be sent to members within the next 7 days along with your membership sticker for 2012. Full catch return details will be provided to members that attend but we are able to report that the heaviest salmon caught on club waters last year weighed in at an excellent 23.5lbs.

Please make every effort to attend the AGM because it is your chance to have your say.

Rothley Lake

Following the very high winds of late several trees have fallen over at the lake last week and members should take extra care when fishing this water until such times as we can make them s