07 December

River Wear Working Party

It was a disappointing turnout for the working party last Sunday but at least some work was carried out by the few members that did attend. Special thanks go to member Jim McLean from Northallerton who brought his own special equipment with him to assist the rest of the committee and members.

Catch Returns

Hopefully most if not all members will have returned their catch returns. If not could you please do so asap in order that we can supply our figures to the respective riparian owners. Indications show that following the dry Summer and Autumn that our returns are not as good as last year, a record year, but it seems that most of the beats on our local rivers have had the same problem. Please remember to send your catch returns to the EA as this is a legal requirement. If you have not sent us your returns as yet then you may send them to Dave Wilson via our club email.

Fish Counts

The fish count figures for the Tyne and Wear for November have been posted. The Tyne had 3304 fish for a total of 35964 whilst the Wear had 1856 for a total of 21844. Could there be any chance that our season is extended until the end of November like a lot of Scottish rivers?

Winter Fishing

Members that still wish to wet a line throughout the Winter months have several options available to them. Both Thornton Steward and Rothley are open to members for rainbow trout fishing whilst members wishing to fish the rivers for grayling can fish the Ford beat on the Till and all beats on the river Wear. Members could also try their hand at coarse fishing on the Wear as an alternative.


We do have a very significant waiting list but are able to advise that we do have several vacancies for the 2012 season and we  will be offering places to prospective new members from the start of 2012. Due to the high number on the waiting list we will be offering the vacancies to those at the top of the list first.

Seasons Greetings

As we head towards the end of the year there will be very little information to be placed on the site so on behalf of the committee we wish all our members and readers a very happy Christmas and a very successful 2012. Tight Lines all.

29 November

River Wear Working Party

Those members who will be attending the working party this Sunday, 4th December, are asked to contact Dave Wilson in order that we know how many will be attending. This is because we have two lots of planned work organised. One is to carry out repairs to the burn mouth where we have a walkway that is in danger of being swept away, and then general tree trimming. Bow saws and spades are the order of the day but any specialist tools will be appreciated and waders will be required for the walkway repair.

Catch Returns

As we enter the last two days of the season on the Till we request members to send in their completed catch returns to secretary Dave Wilson as soon as the season is over. Members are also reminded that they have a statutory duty to send in the catch returns to the EA before the end of December.

15 November

River Till

We are now half way through the last month of our salmon and sea trout fishing for this year and then it will be time to clean our equipment for 2012. Members are reminded that if they have fished the Till and caught any migratory fish then please send your catch return to secretary Dave Wilson within five days after the end of the season in order that we can supply our returns to the Tweed Commissioners.

Late Report - Fished the Till today, 16th, without any success but able to report that there are plenty of fish in the river. Bright blue sky, sun on the water, wind, what other excuses could I use for not catching anything?

River Wear - Working Party

We are already starting on our working parties and the next one is for the river Wear on Sunday 4th December. This has been timed to fall in line with the end of the season so hopefully we can expect a good turn out of members. Please meet at the car park at Durham for 10.00 am


A member has found a small fly box on the river Till. Those members that he knew were there on the day have confirmed it is not their property. If you believe the box fly box may be yours then please contact Dave Wilson and he will put you in touch with the finder.

Fish Counts

The fish counts for October have been placed on the fish counter page. The Tyne had 8777 giving a year end figure of 32660 and the Wear had 3943 giving a total of 19988. Though both sets of figures are lower than 2011, the highest year on record, they still represent a good total overall.

 2012 AGM

Though it is early days before we hold the AGM we can inform members that this will take place on Wednesday the 1st February so please make a note in your diary.

01 November

Catch Returns

Members should have received their latest newsletter along with their catch return sheets for 2011 either on Saturday or Monday. We request that members take a few moments to complete and return their catch return sheets and then return them to secretary Dave Wilson asap.


Our membership currently stands at its maximum level and we do have a waiting list. If it is your intention to resign for any reason we do ask that you contact the club and let us know.

Crag Lough

The committee thanks its members for attending the Lough last Friday to remove the boats from the water for winter storage. All boats and associated equipment is now in storage for the winter and will allow the committee to carry out a full inspection of the boats and carry out any repairs in readiness for the 2012 season.

Seasons End

It is hoped that members had a successful end to the salmon season that ended yesterday on our English Rivers. A tale from the last day was myself, my brother and head bailiff Dave Cave fishing the Wear at Franklands. Dave had caught a 16lb salmon from the stretch and regretfully had to kill it. As this stretch seemed devoid of further fish we headed down to Low Grange. My brother, Paddy, was fishing some 50 yards below me when he hooked into a salmon. Not having a net with him I went down and landed the fish for him, a nice fresh grilse of about 6lb. Off I went back to my rod and within a minute I hooked into a salmon. Paddy comes up and gets the net at the ready when Dave shouts from upstream that he was into a biggish fish but had no net with him. Paddy, now becoming a gillie, landed my fish, 10lb, and headed off to help Dave. Eventually the salmon was landed and we all estimated that the fish was at least 20lb as it was bent up in my gye net. The fish was successfully returned to the water to live another day. Thought for the day, be prepared.

River Till

Members still have salmon fishing available for the month of November on the Till and are reminded that fishing is by fly only. Catch return sheets for this river were included in the newsletter and ask that you return this sheet to Dave Wilson within 5 days of the seasons end as it is a statutory requirement by the Tweed Commissioners.

18 October

Rothley Lake

The committee thank the six members that attended the stocking at the lake last Friday. This is the final stocking for this season and members are allowed to fish this venue all year through subject to being frozen over of course.

Crag Lough

Any members wishing to fish this venue have only until the 27 October to get their last brown trout fishing in for this season. All the boats will be removed to winter storage on the 28 October and also to carry out maintenance work. If you are available to attend on the 28 October then please contact committee member Fred Richardson.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

A member has lost a Battan Fly fishing reel, in its case, at the reservoir. If you have found it could you please contact Jim Irving and I will put you in touch with the owner.

Latest Reports

All rivers were continuing to provide members with good sport until today when the heavy rain from Sunday through to Monday put the rivers at very high levels and unfishable. Hopefully the rivers will fine down over the next day or two to allow us some fishing through the last two weeks of the season. The rain should bring in extra runs of fish which would be an added bonus. All the rain of course does affect the river banks and make them very slippy. Please be careful along the river banks, especially if your name is Dave, as you may end up taking an unwelcome bath as well as possible injury. A brief newsletter will be issued late next week along with catch return forms that are mandatory to be completed for any migratory fish that you have caught this season on club waters.

07 October

Rothley Lake

We still require a couple of volunteers to assist with the stocking at Rothley next Friday the 14th October and ask that if you can help then please contact secretary Dave Wilson.

Last Month

We are now into the last month of the season and the numbers of fish taking both the Tyne and the Wear continue to increase with 7519 taking the Tyne and 5056 taking the Wear during the month of September. 1686 Fish have taken the Tyne in October up to the 5th so it is hoped that sport can be maintained through the final few weeks of the season if the current trend continues. There will be a 12 cumecs release from Kielder until the 11th October and will then drop down to 9.3 cumecs. With it being the final few weeks of the season there will no doubt be more pressure on the river banks from members and we do ask that members work their way through the pools at a reasonable pace in order that all members have the opportunity to fish.

Contact Details

Nearer the end of the month we will be issuing a brief newsletter along with the mandatory catch return forms. It is important that you notify the club of any change to your address or contact telephone number and ask that you notify the club if you have changed either or both.

26 September

Rothley Lake

The committee are looking for assistance from several members to assist with the next stocking of the lake on Friday 14th October circ 10.30am. Please call Dave Wilson if you are able to assist. The committee are pleased that the lake has become very popular with the membership and is showing excellent catch returns for its first year.

Rod Licence

We are pleased to inform members and visitors alike that the EA have announced that the cost of our rod licence will be frozen at the current rates until March 2014.

Latest Reports

We are now heading towards the last few weeks of the season for migratory fishing on our English rivers and catch reports continue to show members being very successful on the Tyne at Hesleyside and at Keepershield, The Till, Coquet and Wear are also producing good numbers of fish so it is hoped we can all have a very successful end to the season.

16 September

River Rede

A very large tree has fallen into the Ingram Pool following the very high winds of late. Because of the very special significance this river has with wild life we ask that members make no effort to remove the tree in part or as a whole.  We have sent photographs to the EA and at this moment in time they are working on a project to decide how best to remove the tree without any danger to the  wildlife. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and hopefully it will not affect your fishing too much.

Current Fishing Updates

Members are continuing to have success on all local rivers from the Till down to the Wear. Best fish that I know of this week are a 15lb salmon from the Till on Tuesday whilst I had a lovely 14lb salmon from the Wear on Thursday. There are reports that a 30lb salmon has been taken from the Wear within the last seven days downstream of the fish pass/counter although I don't know how far down river this is. There were reports that a sea trout of just over 17lb had been caught on the Wear but having spoken to the angler in question it has now been confirmed that this fish was in fact a salmon. It is pleasing to see that the Coquet had a rise of just over a foot earlier this week following its recent lack of water and hopefully this will improve fishing prospects.


A member has found a set of scales at the top car park on the Wear. If you believe they are yours then please contact the club and we will put you in touch with the finder.

11 September

Members have had a mixed time on the rivers over the last 9 to 10 days with the rivers up and down like a  yoyo. The Wear was fishable on Monday then unfishable on Tuesday and since then then has been at a height that has seen the fish mainly running through the system upstream. This therefore had an affect on catches with only the odd fish being landed. Outlook for the coming week looks good though but will depend upon how much rain we receive tonight.

The Tyne was up over 5 feet in the middle of the week but members were able to fish our waters above Bellingham with some success. Now that the river has settled down again to a good fishing height members are able to fish all waters again and some fish are being caught. Members are informed that catch return sheets have now been placed in the three fishing huts and should be completed every day they fish.

The Coquet for some reason was not affected by the heavy rains early last week and remains very low. With the fish counter out of operation for the unforeseeable future we do not know what stocks are getting into the system and hope that the fish deaths mentioned on a previous update below are the last we hear of.

5771 fish took the Tyne system in August and 3474 took the Wear. The figures for the Tyne are down on 2010 for the same period by approximately 50%, but 2010 was a truly exceptional year,  the figure for the Wear is up on the same month last year and both sets of figures remain very healthy and long may they continue.

We are pleased to  have received good reports from the membership about the assistance the link to the digital cameras above supply for the Tyne and Wear.

Just another reminder that the Till will be fly only from 15th September.

Members will be receiving a brief newsletter this week .

01 September

River Liddle

On our notices page we had that there was no Sunday fishing on our stretch of the river Liddle. Following discussions with the EA it appears that the information we supplied to members was in fact incorrect and Sunday fishing is allowed. We apologise for this error and advise members that they are permitted to fish this river on a Sunday. The notices page has been corrected and advise all other information is correct.

Current Fishing Reports

We are able to advise that most of our rivers are still producing some good catches of both salmon and sea trout. Having visited the Wear this afternoon for a few hours I was pleased to see so many fish showing on our stretches. Catching them was another thing though. Our fellow anglers on the opposite bank reported a 17lb salmon being caught on Tuesday. A member caught a lovely 9lb salmon from Keepershield along with other members also being successful on this beat. Bellingham is also producing some lovely fish with one member catching a superb salmon of 16lb and losing another two. Best fish from the Coquet that I know of lately was a bar of silver 14.5lb salmon.

Latest news from the EA is that the Wear is now one of the cleanest rivers in the country following extensive efforts to reduce pollution. They also go on to say that the Wear is the second best salmon river in the country after the Tyne with over 1000 caught in 2010. It would be nice to say the same for the Coquet but latest information is that over 200 dead fish have been found in the estuary

As we head into the last couple of months of the migratory season we do ask, not that we need to, that you are selective with the number of fish that you kill.

For those members that will be fishing the river Till you are reminded that from the 15th of September the fishing method is FLY only.

14 August

Good week, Bad week, Good week

The last week has saw some very good catches of both salmon and sea trout being caught on all our local rivers. This was then spoiled by heavy rain that put all our rivers into spate conditions. The rivers have now settled down again and even better catches of salmon and sea trout are now being caught on all rivers. No luck myself although I did lose a good salmon on the Wear last Tuesday morning. Tight lines, but not for long. One member caught 2 salmon this morning on the Tyne within their first half hour, like buses, they all come at once.


A member has found a box of fishing lures on this stretch today. Should you be the unlucky person who lost them then please contact secretary Dave Wilson who will put you in touch with finder

04 August

Fish Counts

The latest fish counts for both Tyne and Wear for July have been placed on the fish count link. Both counts are down for the same month in 2010 but still healthy.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

Both members and day ticket visitors are enjoying continued success at the reservoir, and hopefully helped by the additional summer stockings to help overcome the "Dog days" of summer. The fish per rod per day for the whole of 2011 stands at a very healthy 3.56.

Crag Lough

Similar to Thornton Steward Reservoir the Lough is providing even better returns for  the members with the rod average per day standing at 5.4 which is an excellent figure for brown trout fishing.

Rothley Lake

Unlike the above still waters we do not have a rod average for Rothley but do know that good days are being had by the members. Members should note that we have now placed a couple of warning signs at the lake to remind them that some parts of the lake are very soft underfoot. Thanks to those members that have contacted us to assist with the stocking on 13 August .

31 July

Rothley Lake

We are looking for a couple of members to assist with the next stocking of the lake for Saturday 13th August at around 11.00 am. If any members are able to offer their assistance could they please contact committee member Fred Richardson by phone, number as usual in members club handbook.

Current Updates on Fishing

With the increased runs of migratory fish on the Tyne system members are continuing with their success on our stretches. Mainly sea trout are being caught at the moment with the odd salmon being landed. There is a current continuous release of water from Kielder at the moment and this should assist fish on their upward journey to our stretches.

The Wear is also providing some good sea tout sport to the fly but mostly at night with fish up to 7lbs being landed. As usual we are pleased to report that members are being very selective in the fish they kill and therefore catch and release is still being practiced.

26 July


In a further effort to assist members, you can check the river levels of the Tyne and Wear by looking at This supplies hourly updates of the river levels. The Tyne cam shows the river at Haughton Castle which is the beat below our Keepershield beat and the Wear cam shows the river at Durham city above our waters.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

A member has found a trout landing net at the reservoir and if you are the rightful owner then please contact the committee and we will put you in touch with the finder.

River Till

Several members of  the committee have received calls from various members regarding  worm fishing on the river and the method of fishing any pool. This has been resolved by the committee and should not be a problem to members in the future but members are reminded that the fishing of pools is clearly covered in the club constitution on page 12. Members are reminded that they must read the constitution and abide by the rules provided. If in any doubt about any section then please contact the committee who will be only to willing to assist.

03 July

Fish Counts

The latest fish counts for the Tyne and Wear have been updated though we are still waiting for the figures for June for the Tyne. The counts for both rivers are up on the same period for 2010 and prospects, according to the EA, look bright for the future. The EA have advised that due to lack of funding they are unable to provide any counts for the river Coquet for the foreseeable future. The biggest sea trout caught on club waters to date this year has been caught on the Wear and weighed in at a very healthy 9lbs.


A member has reported losing the top section of his salmon fly rod whilst going to fish this beat. Despite looking up and down the beat some four times he has not been able to find it. Should you come across it then please contact the committee and we will put you in contact with the rightful owner.

27 June


Assistance for the stocking this Saturday is actually at Crag Lough and not Rothley Lake. Apologies to any member that has contacted Fred Richardson about this item but assistance will still be needed for Crag Lough.

Pictures and Video Website

We are pleased to advise that our web site videos are now up and running again following a technical problem with our providers. This has taken a few days to resolve with our web streaming hosts but it is now back on line.

25 June

Rothley Lake

We are carrying out the next stocking at the lake next Saturday between 11 and 11.30am and need a couple of members to assist with the stocking. If you can help could you telephone committee member Fred Richardson, number in club constitution. As expected the lake is proving very popular and is providing excellent sport for the members.

General Info.

Hopefully all members received and have updated their club constitution last week. The club constitution is set of rules and guidance on fishing club waters decided by the committee but more generally by the riparian owners and members must read and follow all instructions supplied.

Members are continuing to have some good sport on the river scene with salmon and sea trout still being caught on all waters.  Catches have increased of late with heavy rains bringing in better runs of fish lately.

22 June


We apologise that members and visitors are unable to view our videos of club waters at this moment in time. We have contacted our web streaming hosts about this problem and are awaiting a reply. It is hoped that the videos will be available again shortly. Depending on time it is hoped to visit more waters and take pictures so we can place more videos on the site.

Questions Page

We have received a request from a member about the possibility of placing a Frequently Asked Questions page on our site. The committee are looking into this and will advise shortly on the outcome. This would depend on the number of questions that are received from the members.

Fish Counters

The fish counters have been updated as near as possible with the latest information from the E.A.

17 June

Newsletter and Club Constitution

A brief newsletter will be issued to members in the next day or two that will also include 11 pages that need to be changed in the members Club Constitution. Instructions have been included in the newsletter about how the changes need to be made. Members have been asking about fishing on the Tyne for September and October on the Mill beat. We have included the outcome of discussions with Hesleyside Sporting in the newsletter. Those members that have caught any migratory fish on the Till up till the end of June will be required to complete and return the catch return sheet that will also be in the newsletter. This is a legal requirement for the club to supply to the River Tweed Commissioners so please take the time to complete and return the form to secretary Dave Wilson.

Rothley Lake

Congratulations to junior member Thomas Jones who fished both Crag Lough and then Rothley lake last weekend with his father Tom, no not that Tom Jones, and successfully landed two rainbow trout. Theses were the first fish Thomas has caught on club waters and was so delighted he sent a letter of thanks to the club for a great day on Rothley as apart from catching his fish he actually saw us stocking the lake on the same day. Hopefully we will be able to post a picture of Thomas with his fish.

02 June

North Tyne Fishing

All members should have received their newsletter advising them about which beats we have secured at Bellingham. Due to the constraints put upon the club about how many beats we could bid for then the committee were very pleased with the outcome and hopefully the membership will be also. On the three beats we have there is a fishing hut on each beat. A new requirement by Hesleyside Sporting is that members must complete the catch return log book on the beat/s they have fished each individual day they fish the river. This is to allow the owners quicker access to catch returns on a more regular basis. The club will still require a full completed catch return sheet at the end of the season.

The driest Spring since records began some 400 years ago is having an effect on the number of spring fish running the rivers and we can only hope that predictions that this is going to be a very warm and dry summer are way off the mark. Nevertheless we still expect the summer runs of grilse and sea trout to start entering in numbers fairly shortly. This however has not stopped members catching both salmon and sea trout on the Till, Tyne, Coquet and Wear with salmon having also been seen on the Rede but not caught to our knowledge.

Congratulations go to member Andy Smith who has now caught his first ever sea trout whilst night fishing the Till. Whilst Andy is delighted at his prowess he offers his sincere thanks to fellow member Brian Bourner who has helped him with his knowledge of sea trout fishing and Andy is looking to put his new found skills to the test in the future. The committee are pleased that fellow members are only to willing to assist a new acquaintance. 

Still Waters

Our three still water fisheries are fishing very well following recent stockings with Thornton Steward running at an impressive 4.35 fish per rod per day and Rothley lake running at 4.85. Our thanks to those members that attended one or indeed both stockings on 21st May.

15 May


We are carrying out two stockings this Saturday, 21st May, meeting at Crag Lough for 10.30am then going to the second venue from the Lough. This should take about 2 to 3 hours in total and ask if any members that are able to assist in the stockings to contact us via the normal channels.


The deferred newsletter will be issued this week advising members the outcome of the Tyne Fishing at Hesleyside.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

We have been advised today by the "Thornton Steward  Parish Meeting" that plans have been submitted for Wind - Powered Energy Generation at Thornton Steward Reservoir. It is very early in the planning submission for the installation of wind turbines but obviously we will be against such proposals at this area of natural beauty that provides recreation not only for our club members and visiting anglers but also the wider range of  visitors to the reservoir especially the wild life..

12 May

River Coquet - Morwick Bank Fishing

We have been advised today that our offer for the above fishing has not been successful and the fishing has been secured by another party. The committee are disappointed not to have acquired this beat as it would have provided access to early salmon fishing but we will continue to look for additional good fishing water/s for the membership.

08 May


The committee apologise for not issuing the newsletter this week as originally planned. We do hope to issue the newsletter within the next 7 days and thank the membership for their patience regarding news on the fishing at Hesleyside on the North Tyne.

River Wear

Some further excellent work has been carried out on the top waters by 4 or 5 members over the last few weeks and this will greatly improve the fly fishing for members. Special thanks goes to coarse fishing member Jim Quartermain for the instillation of a couple of fishing platforms on these beats. It is nice to see both sections of the club trying to improve the access that will benefit both the coarse and game fishing sections of the club.

Rothley Lake and Crag Lough

The committee are pleased to confirm that both these trout fisheries opened as planned on 1st May. Members have already contacted the committee about how well both venues are already fishing. Just a point about safety on Rothley Lake is to ask members to be vigilant along a small section of the bank as this is very peaty and soft and we do not wish members to end up with that sinking feeling.

River Garry

Congratulations to member John Pape who caught and safely returned a super 8lb salmon on his visit last week. The fish was caught on a Highlander Cascade needle tube fly. John also caught several pike to 12lb on a size 12 double tippet shrimp fly.

River levels

The river levels are still low after weeks of drought conditions. We have had some very heavy downpours over the last 24 hours but not enough to lift the rivers to get fish moving

28 April

The committee would like to offer their sincere thanks to the members that attended last Saturdays stocking at Crag Lough and   thanks in advance to those members that will be at Rothley Lake this Saturday for the stocking. Through the members assistance we are able to confirm that both venues will be open to members from the 1st May for trout fishing.

A newsletter will be issued next week to the membership and due to its content no information will be provided on this site until we believe that all members will have received their letter.

All we need now is some rain for the rivers to get the salmon and sea trout moving in to provide the sport we are looking for.

Following the Salmon and Trout Association junior tuition day held at Thornton Steward reservoir  we have received a letter of thanks from the STA  for providing this venue free of charge and also offering their sincere thanks to  club members Barry Gibson and Fred Richardson for their assistance throughout the day. Our thanks also goes to the membership that fish this venue regularly for their patience on the day. Below are two pictures, one of the group and their instructors and one of the only successful angler on the day. Congratulations! (Click on image to enlarge.)


14 April

Stocking of Crag Lough and Rothley lake

We arestocking Crag Lough on 23rd April, yes Easter Saturday, at 11.30am and are looking for 6 to 8 volunteers to assist and stocking Rothley Lake on 30th April at 10.30 and need 3 to 4 volunteers to assist. If you can help then please contact secretary Dave Wilson. As always your help is greatly appreciated.

10 April

River Wear - Frankland Stretch

On the 8th April one of our riparian owners, Mr Clark, noticed a vehicle parked late at night. The vehicle was approached and sped of at high speed chased by Mr Clark. The vehicle ended up going through red lights and the pursuit ended for safety reasons. As this is the lambing season it is not known if this was an attempt at rustling but in order that Mr Clark knows if any members are night fishing then for the time being he would like to be informed. If you intend to night fish would you please call head bailiff Dave Cave and he will supply you with Mr Clark's telephone number so he may be advised. As always your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

07 April

North Tyne

We are still waiting to hear from the estate regarding our offer but do expect to be able to write to the membership within the next two weeks with the outcome. In today's local paper there is a report about Hexham council looking at ideas about installing turbines in the river, below the main bridge, to generate electricity. It is early days in their deliberations but I am sure there will be a lot of concerns raised by the angling fraternity about such an idea.

River Coquet

The committee have submitted what we believe to be a very good offer for the fishing rights at Morwick Bank. No closing date was given but we were requested by the Estates Department to submit our offer asap and this was submitted last Saturday. Hopefully we will be able to inform the members via our next newsletter about the outcome.

Assistance Required

As members will know the committee carry out a lot of work themselves throughout the year on stockings, bank repairs, boat repairs etc. etc. but do also receive a limited amount of assistance from the members in this essential work. We are asking if members that can support the committee on any of these working parties to contact the committee with their details. The idea is to form a register that we can hold and have immediate access to that will allow the committee to contact members about their availability without having to post continuing requests on the site or in news letters. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

22 March

North Tyne

We can advise members that we have now submitted our offer for the fishing rights on the North Tyne and will keep our fingers crossed for some good news.

River Coquet

Following the visit by three committee members to view a stretch of fishing on the Coquet we can advise that we are in the process of submitting an offer and this should be completed by next week. To date we do not know of any closing date for offers and are trying to contact the estate in question.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

Just a reminder for members that on the 16th April we have given permission for the Salmon and Trout Association to hold a days tuition in fly casting and fly fishing for young people between the ages of 10 and 16 years of age on the reservoir.

08 March

North Tyne

Just a brief update for the membership on this item. Since the AGM the committee have met every week for the last 5 weeks as well as constant emails and phone calls to each other daily with the intention of seeing which direction we go with this. We are pleased to say that we have now reached full agreement between us on our plan of action and we are now in the process of us formulating our tender document for submission. All invited parties have until 1st April, originally 28 February, to submit their offer/s so regretfully there is still a few weeks to go before we know the final outcome. We can advise that the committee firmly believe our tender document will not be bettered by any other person or persons and that our financial offers are very realistic.


Last week we reported a member catching the first sea trout from club waters. We are able to advise that the first salmon has been caught by a member today. The fish was a lovely fresh run 9lb salmon caught on a home made fly that took 20 minutes to land. The fish was safely returned unharmed along with three well mended kelts caught on a blue charm. Current river level is 1 foot 3 inches on the Redscar  bridge marker and with further rain expected this week there is the hope more fish make take the system.

New Water

Three committee members are to view a stretch of fishing this Thursday and subject to their approval that this stretch falls in line with our brief to provide good quality fishing then we will be submitting an offer.

Thornton Steward

The season opened on the 1st March following a large stocking of 2lb average rainbows and some good bags have been had already. Fish of 5lb and 3.5lb have already been brought to the net so we hope this augers well for another good season.

03 March

Most if not all members will have received their first newsletter of the year within the last few days. As always some good news and some, well, not bad news as no decision has yet been made following our meeting with Hesleyside Sporting over the fishing for the next five years. Members can be assured that the committee are spending a lot of time and effort on this project and do hope to provide some good news in early April. Members may still fish all the beats at this moment in time especially as there are some lovely wild brown trout in the river, start date 22nd March. As always any member can contact the club through our email or by phone if you wish to discuss any topic.

River Wear

We are pleased to report that the work to arrest the bank erosion on the Frankland Farm beat was successfully completed on the 2nd March. Probably due to the late nature of placing this item on the website and being too late to put in the newsletter we only had three members attend this exercise along with Paul Freere from the EA and Stephen, no surname sorry, from the Wear Trust. However they managed to complete the work in six hours instead of the expected three and our eternal thanks go to head Bailiff Dave Cave and members, and bailiffs, Alan Horner and Ken Swaddle.  As we always say, so many of us benefit from the work of so  few.

River Till

Whilst still early in the season we are able to report that the first sea trout has been caught last Monday and it was a superb five pound bar of silver fresh off the tides.

Rod Licenses

Members will have, or should have, received a renewal notice from the EA about renewing your licence as from the 1st April. The good news is they are holding their prices as for 2010.

24 February


The first  newsletter of 2011 will be posted out to members  next week.

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for some volunteers for the 2 March at the Franklands stretch on the river Wear. There has been some bank erosion, approximately 90 yards, that we intend to try and arrest further. With the agreement and assistance of the EA we intend to peg the bank by planting willows. Paul Freare from the agency will be on hand to show members how to do this correctly in order to protect the bank from further erosion in future years. We have 4 members attending at the moment and the willows need to be cut further down river then transported, that's carried, back to affected area then planted. We know this is short notice but as usual we hope to see more members in attendance. Please met at the Franklands car park for 10.00am.

06 February

I am pleased to report that the first salmon of the season have been caught and safely returned on the Tyne and the Coquet.  The fish have been caught at the bottom end of the system, as is the norm, so whilst this is encouraging news please remember that our fishing beats are higher up on both rivers and will not have fresh fish in them at this moment in time.

04 February

AGM 2011 brief report

24 hours late with the update from the AGM but these things do happen. We were pleased that we had an excellent turn out of 42 members for the evening and most if not all had a say on the evenings agenda. The previous minutes, 2010, were accepted as read and passed by the members present and there were no matters arising. Then followed the reports from myself on the events of 2010, Brian Tindle on current membership figures and trends, Dave Cave on the bailiffing of club waters and finally Jerry Macbeth on the first season of Crag Lough and the coarse section on the Wear . With Jerry taking over the reins as treasurer the coarse section will be run in future by Dave Cave.

Jerry, now treasurer following the resignation of Bob Bowmaker for personal matters, supplied the members with our current financial situation. Our statement shows we are down on last years balance. However the members were advised of the reasons behind this and accepted that we are still in a sound financial situation.

Members present were supplied with details of the catch returns for club waters in 2010. The figures showed that 2010 was the best ever season in the clubs history. This falls in lines with the second highest numbers of fish running our local rivers, the Tyne and Wear, since official records were started.

There will be a slight change to two club rules in 2011. The foresight of having a new club constitution in A5 folder format last season will mean that we no longer have to do a full re-print of the constitution in the future. Members will be advised of these changes in a newsletter that will follow in the near future but they concern improvements to the fishing on the Ford beat on the Till and on the policy for disabled anglers following the Equalities Act 2010.

The committee proposal to increase fees in 2012 was put to the membership and following a fairly lengthy debate between the committee and the members it was carried without any objections.

The committee recommendations for stocking in 2011 were accepted by the membership. During the earlier report from Jerry on Crag Lough the members were advised that if all the brown trout we have stocked in Crag Lough are continually returned to the water unharmed then we may have to look at future stockings if this trend continues but we do know that anglers have a great respect for brown trout.

The two trophies for the year were presented to a) Barry Gibson for catching the biggest sea trout on a fly, 10.25lbs, from the Till and to b) Geoff Horrill for the heaviest salmon at 19lb from the North Tyne. A free members prize draw then took place with  prizes ranging from trout rods to landing nets.

All club bailiffs gave an invaluable service to the club and the membership last  year for protecting our fishing and will continue in their duties this coming season. The thanks of the committee on behalf of the membership were extended to the club bailiffs.

The committee thanked Gerald Farnell for his services in auditing the club accounts and Gerald is prepared to continue with this position on behalf of the membership.

As stated earlier, Bob Bowmaker has had to leave the committee following 25 years of outstanding service and the membership accepted the committee proposal that  Bob be given honorary membership. It has to be clarified that other proposals for honorary membership for outstanding service have been received in the past but these have been rejected by the committee before even going to the membership at any AGM.

There were no suggestions for any working parties for this coming year but again the committee extended its gratitude to those members that have assisted in the improvements made in 2010.

Under any other business the members were advised that following the death of Major Charlton of Hesleyside Hall in October 2010 there has now been a change to the beat formations on the North Tyne fishing. This was only disclosed to the three members of the committee who attended a meeting with the estate manager on Tuesday 31 January. It is believed that this may have some impact for our fishing in 2011 but as I write we are still awaiting documents from the estate before we can advise the membership of any full and finalised details.  There being no further business the evenings AGM was concluded.

On behalf of the committee and the members present we wish to offer our thanks to club stewardess Lyn Whitfield for providing another marvellous buffet for the members.

30 January

Just a couple of reminders for members.

The AGM is this coming Wednesday, 2 February, at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00 prompt. The clubhouse will be open from 7.00. pm. The weather reports are good and we do not expect snow like last year.

Those members that like to fish the River Garry are reminded that this beat needs to be booked in advance and at the time of writing the weeks from 18 April to 7 May 2011 are fully booked. Members need to contact myself through the clubs website or via phone.

18 January

River Till

Head Bailiff Dave Cave and a fellow member were due to walk the river Till from Doddington down to Redscar today as part of the Tweed Commissioners bird count of cormorants. Regretfully this was cancelled for safety reasons due to the high water level of the river. This has now been rescheduled for the 25th January and Dave is looking for a member to assist him, safety in numbers. If any member is available to give up several hours for  the day and you would like a long walk then Dave would be welcome of the company and ask that you either contact us through the website or contact Dave direct, phone number in your constitution.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

The cancelled winter stocking for the reservoir has now been rescheduled and the stocking will be carried out within the next ten days. Tight lines. Rothley lake unfortunately is still like a solid block of ice at the moment.


Several more apologies received by Dave Wilson, people going to places like the carribbean, some going skiing, could have done that here in December.

13 January

For those members that like to wet their lines for the odd trout we are pleased to advise that  today Thornton Steward reservoir is fishable again and plenty fish were seen rising by a committee member whilst carrying out modifications to the notice board.

The final fish counts supplied by the E.A. for 2010 for the Tyne and Wear have been updated on the fish counts page. The Tyne total of 45602 is more than double the figures for 2009, 22374, whilst the Wear also showed a vast improvement from 11811 in 2009 to 20930 in 2010. No wonder members appear to have had a good season on both river systems.

We have had the first confirmation from a member that he has received his newsletter and membership sticker for 2011 but then puts in his apologies for the AGM, would you believe it he's going fishing in Scotland lucky blighter.

11 January

Welcome to the new year and the start of our news items for 2011. For previous years news please go to the main site for past news pages.

Our first newsletter of the year will be on its way to our members as I write. On the front page of the letter is your membership sticker for 2011 and none are missing as they were all checked prior to being sealed in their envelopes. The main item is our AGM to be held on Wednesday 2nd February at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00pm prompt. The clubhouse will be open from 7.00pm and hopefully the weather will be kind to us again. In your newsletter are the minutes from the 2010 AGM with the agenda for the evening. Any member wishing to submit a proposal for discussion to the committee must send it to secretary Dave Wilson to arrive at least 7 days prior to the AGM in order for it to be placed under any other business, Dave's address is on the letter. Members will be supplied with the clubs Financial statement and 2010 catch return figures which make good reading. As usual there will be a buffet to be taken at a relevant point during the meeting which is worth attending for in its own right.

Members are allowed to keep their hand in on the rivers Wear, Tees and Till, Ford Beat only, for grayling fishing but you are advised to check river levels and weather conditions before travelling. Thornton Steward reservoir and Rothley Lake are frozen solid at the moment so trout fishing is all but abandoned for the time being.