24 December

On behalf of the committee we wish all our members and readers of our web site a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

03 December

Well that's the salmon and sea trout season now concluded for 2010 with the Till closing on the 30 November. Thanks to those members that have already sent in their catch returns for the Till, some via our email thanks, and we ask that all catch returns be with the secretary no later than the 5th December as we have to send details to the riparian owners and also the Tweed Commissioners. Failure to comply will result in a fine for the club so if you have yet to send in your return please do so asap.

The winter stocking, winter being the operative word at present, has been cancelled for Thornton Steward reservoir due to the very bad weather conditions over the last ten days. With no sign of any abatement with the bad weather at present we would be surprised if any members were hardy enough to venture out but I'm sure somebody will be brave enough to prove me wrong.

As usual at this time of the year there is very little information to pass on to members so we will close the site down for a few weeks and the next expected news should be details of our forthcoming AGM.

26 November

Crag Lough - Working Party

Following heavy snow over the last couple of days and more expected we have, as expected, cancelled the working party for 27 November. Never mind, we will arrange again as soon as the weather improves but our thanks go to those  members who had agreed to assist in this venture.

Club Leases

The committee, having worked so hard over the last couple of weeks, are pleased to announce that all waters available to the membership in 2010 will all be available to members again in 2011.  There will be a slight change to the fishing on one beat and this will be relayed to the membership very soon. Though we are not aware of any new fishing being available at this moment in time the membership can be assured that as ever the committee will be looking throughout the close season to see if any waters become available and if we feel that if it falls into the category of water that would benefit the club and membership then we see where it leads to.

River Till

Having cancelled, probably the wrong word to use, my days fishing on Wednesday the river is currently running at 7 foot 6 inches above the gauge at Redscar bridge so the prospects between now and next Tuesday look rather bleak.

Grayling Fishing

Members that still wish to wet a line are able to fish for Grayling on the Tees, Wear and the Ford beat on the Till throughout the winter months. Should you wish to try some coarse fishing then the Wear has some excellent fishing on club waters with specimen fish waiting to  be caught.

23 November

Crag Lough - Working Party

Best laid plans as they say. It is still the intention to remove the boats from the water and place into storage this Saturday weather permitting. The current forecast is suggesting that we will receive snow over the next day or two and depending upon how much and where could affect the working party  this weekend. All plans remain the same, that is, to meet between 9.30am and 10.00am on Saturday at Crag Lough. Jerry Macbeth who is our co-ordinator for this item will be speaking to our local farmer early Friday evening for an update on the weather situation locally.  We ask those members due to attend to call Jerry on his mobile number, number in the club handbook, from around 7.30pm for an update in order to avoid any unnecessary time and travel. As always the members assistance in these matters is greatly appreciated.

River Till

Best laid plans again. Last days holiday available before the end of the season is tomorrow and all geared up to have my last day of the season and the river is unfishable. The river is up some six foot at Redscar bridge and with the continuing rain/snow expected to last for at least the next three days then the river will rise even further with the possibility that the season could be over for us all. Still, that should hopefully leave some spare time for members to complete and send in their catch returns or you may send it in via email if you have the facility. If you do choose this option then please remember to put your name and membership number on the email.

14 November

Crag Lough - Working Party

The date set to remove the boats from Crag Lough is Saturday 27th November with a meeting time between 9.30 am and 10.00am. Waders/chest waders will be required by some but not all members attending to remove the boats from there moorings to the shoreline. We hope that this can be achieved by around 10 or 12 members and those that are able to attend please contact the club via any method of communication.


The river has been out of sorts this last week high water levels and the river is currently running at just under 2 foot so please check before planning your visits over the closing weeks.

Catch Returns

We have received a good response from members returning their catch returns for this season for our English rivers but do know that some members are yet to send in their returns and we again ask that this is done asap. Members should also return their catch return forms to the EA as this is a statutory regulation and failure to do so could result in a heavy fine for the individual concerned.

07 November

Members have started to send in their catch return sheets for our English rivers but we believe that there are still a high number of members that have yet to send in their returns.  Early indications show this to have been one of our better years and this information is vital not only to the club but also our riparian owners. It assists both the club and the riparian owners in discussions when leases are up for renewal. A point to note is that our river fishing is leased from 11 different owners. So if you have not sent in your catch return sheet could you please do asap.

We mentioned that there was some fishing rights for sale on the river Coquet. This turns out to be the stretch that the club originally leased in the mid nineties known as Felton Park. Whilst we would dearly love to have this fishing back within the club the guide price of  £600K and is more than likely out of the range of most fishing clubs that sadly includes Felling.

The season has ended at Crag Lough and we intend to take the boats off the Lough for cleaning and then placing into storage until the 2011 season. We will be having a working party for this but do not have a date set for this though it will be in November. Any members that can assist in this working party are asked to contact the club.

The fishing on the Till this week has been mixed with high winds and high waters affecting fishing and as always members are asked to check river levels before travelling.

Those members that wish to keep their fly casting skills at their peak can do so by fishing for grayling on the Wear, the Ford Beat on the Till and the Wycliffe stretch on the Tees.

31 October

Well, that's the end of the season in England for 2010. Reports throughout the season indicate that it has been a relatively good season despite low river levels throughout the summer months but some good river levels in September and October. This has helped both the fish navigate the river systems and the angler in their effort to land a fish or two. Members should have received their latest newsletter and catch return sheets posted last week and we ask that you submit your catch returns for our English beats asap to secretary Dave Wilson. There is still  salmon and sea trout river fishing available to members on both our beats on the Till at Fenton and Ford, fly only till the seasons end, 30 November.

Over the last couple of days of the season members reported to have continued success on all rivers to both fly and spinner. On the Wear on Friday I had just arrived at the river where a member was playing a fish and safely netted the 10lb salmon for him. Ten minutes later I caught and returned a salmon of 10lb from a couple of pools below him. Later in the day I netted a cracking 17lb salmon from our other beat at Low Grange for another member who had caught and released two salmon, 7lb and 8lb, from our Coquet stretch the day before.

We have a full membership at the moment but do expect, as usual, that the odd member does leave the club. If it is your intention to leave the club we do ask that you contact our membership secretary with your resignation as this will greatly assist him in introducing new members to the club as we do have a healthy waiting list for season 2011.

As always it is important that members and anglers alike clean down their fishing equipment in preparation for 2011.

28 October

Well, only 3 days left before the season ends on our English waters and members again appear to be doing very well this last week with reports being received that members are having success on all our waters and long may it continue. I have only managed to get out twice this week but  have had success on both days on my visits to the Wear with 3 salmon on Tuesday and a further salmon and grilse today both very new and very clean fish. There is heavy rain forecast for the region tomorrow and it all depends on how heavy and how long it rains as it could make it a good end to the season or it could make the rivers unfishable, fingers crossed for the first option.

For the trout angler the brown trout fishing ends on Crag Lough after Sunday so this is your last chance to fish this wonderful location this season. Apart from some memorable days fishing members have enjoyed the spectacle of the ospreys flying above the Lough and hopefully they will return in their glory in 2011 to provide more exciting sights.

Whilst the season is drawing to a close, with the exception of the Till, the committee are, as always,  busy preparing for next year. Our stocking policy for 2011 has been agreed by the committee and our figures submitted to our preferred fish supplier. Some leases are up for revue and advanced discussions with riparian owners show that all current waters will be available for members in 2011, we are merely looking at dotting the i's and crossing the t's. The committee as ever are always on the lookout for new waters to add to our portfolio for the benefit of the membership and the committee are aware of fishing rights becoming available on the river Coquet. We have asked for details to be sent to the club, which should arrive early next week as details are still being printed with the publishers, and wait to see what the guide price figure is and if we are in a position to submit an offer.

The latest newsletter with catch return sheets, separate sheet for the Till and separate sheet for English waters,  have been posted to members today to fall in line with the end of the season in England. We ask that members complete and return their respective sheets within the time scale supplied.

25 October

Well I asked for some rain and we got some over the weekend. This has put a good head of water in the rivers and they should all start producing more fish from today towards the seasons end. The only possible exception being the Till as it is currently running at over 15 inches so check rivers levels whenever possible. Speaking of the Till the committee have had quite a few enquiries about this river from members of late so here is a brief summary. The club has two beats on the river, the Fenton beat and the Ford beat. We have had access to the Fenton beat for a few years now whilst we have only had the Ford beat from Ford and Etal estates since earlier this year. Unlike our English rivers the Till is governed by Scottish law. Two of the main laws are the fishing season and the method of fishing. Fishing is allowed from 1st February to 30th November. Another main law is when FLY fishing only is allowed. This is from 1st February to 15th February and then from 15th September to 30th November, dates inclusive, which means that currently Fly only is allowed at present to the seasons end. These rules are in your club handbook which should be read by all members before setting out to fish any club water.

Members have varying success on the Till when fly fishing, some good and some bad, and we have been asked if we could supply some assistance on the types of flies that should be used. This is not easily answered as river conditions, high and slightly coloured or low and crystal clear, play a major part on an anglers choice and size of fly. The following flies should give members a good selection to choose from. Salmon flies are, Allys shrimp, Cascade Shrimp, Jock Scott, Thunder and Lightening, Stoats tail, Munro's killer and the Garry. Sea Trout flies are Bloody butcher, Alexandra, Silver stoat, Teal blue and silver, Mallard and claret, Blue duster, Grey duster, Black doctor, Black pennell, Blae and black, Blue charm, Collie dog and Dunkeld. The list is endless and really is a members choice of favourite flies in their box but hopefully this will assist members if they next go flyfishing on the Till in the next few weeks. I know we will have missed off someone's personal favourite fly so we a wait contact.

20 October

The latest fish count figures for the river Wear for September, 6431, have been published by the EA and are on the fish counter page. This figure is the highest for any September since the installation of the counter in 1994. Whilst this is good news and without trying to be negative the figure for August was the third lowest since the records began. On the plus side the current total of 17728 could be the best for the last seven years, only the figure of 18957 in 2008 currently betters this figure.

Members are again having success on all the rivers though the catches have dropped off slightly on the rivers Wear and Coquet. A  good 24 hours of rain would really put the rivers into fine fettle for the last week of the season so fingers crossed especially as I have the week off and look forward to seeing members on the rivers.

17 October

Members are still having success on all our rivers despite river levels starting to drop. The Till is the exception keeping a good 9 to 11 inches above summer level and members have been rewarded with fresh sea liced fish on both the Fenton and Ford beats.  Some high tides towards the end of last week also helped to bring fresh fish into the river systems. Fish reported to be over 30lb, both clean and coloured, have been seen passing through the Keepershield beat and could give some angler/s a tough time on the hands should they be lucky enough to get one on the end of their line fishing further upriver at Bellingham or on the Rede, and hopefully they have a big landing net or another angler present to help them land it. It is also pleasing to hear of  a lot of members operating catch and release of both coloured and clean hen fish at this time of the season because they are after all the future for our rivers.

There is only two weeks of the season left on our English rivers so we expect pressure to be high on all beats and ask that members be tolerant with both fellow members and also anglers on the opposite sides of the rivers, you never know, they could be a future riparian owner of club water. I know it is October but It is really surprising how quick the nights are starting to cut in and remind members to be extra careful when walking along the river banks.

The second last members newsletter of the year is currently being produced along with separate catch return sheets for our English rivers, where the fishing ends on 31 October, and the Till system which ends on 30 November and this will be sent to members around the 28th or 29 October.

08 October

The latest fish count figures from the Tyne for September have just been released and show that 11458 fish took the system. This takes this years figure to 35352 to date which is currently some 50% higher than 2009 and some 20% higher than 2008. The only problem is trying to catch them but the river system has been in really good shape this week. No figures have been published as yet for September for the Wear.

Members are catching some good fish, a lot of them clean, from all our rivers from the Till down to the Wear on both the fly and the spinner. Fishing the Wear on Wednesday on the Frankland beat I caught and returned a lovely clean salmon of 10lbs and kept a 4lb sea trout whilst a couple of fish around the 14lb mark were also caught by other members. Only having a couple of free hours today I returned to the Wear this morning and was rewarded with a fresh run salmon of 13lbs still bearing long tailed sea lice ( Picture on Welcome Page - click to enlarge ) and then caught and released a 5lb grilse. Whilst the Frankland stretch is not the easiest to fish for the members due to the nature of the banks and lack of fly fishing water available the committee believe that it could produce more fish than our other rivers if more members paid a visit.

It is appreciated that most members follow the correct practice when starting to fish a salmon pool by starting at the top especially when there is another angler already fishing through a pool. We do however still have the odd member going into a pool below another angler who is already fishing.  The angler already fishing in question this time was a member of the committee who was some three quarters of the way through the pool. We are not here to castigate any individual member but do ask again that members read page 12 of the club constitution and the advice given on fishing a pool. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated not only by the committee but also fellow members.

 05 October

Heavy rain last Friday put our rivers into spate conditions on Saturday but then became fishable on Sunday and members had some considerable success on both the fly and spinner. Not for long though as very heavy rain on Sunday put the rivers into spate conditions again on Monday. Not to be daunted, as I had already booked the day off work, I fished above Bellingham and was rewarded with a fresh run bar of silver 9lb salmon. Due to almost totally swallowing my flying C the fish unfortunately had to be dispatched. The rivers should fish really well over the next few days with fish continually entering all the rivers so good luck to those members who can fish mid week.

Off work again today but visiting Rothley Lake with two fellow committee members. This is all part of the committee's planning process for next years stockings policy for all still waters and is time consuming but all for the benefit of the members in the long term. Yes, that's right, planning for next year already and this years fishing is still to finish.

Those members that read the fishing reports in the October issue of Trout and Salmon should not believe all they read. This is the only comment the committee have on press reports as they are not, and never have been, supplied by the committee to any external organisation about catches on our waters. We only occasionally report random fish catches on this web site to try and assist those members that live out of the area in helping them decide where they will fish next when they have an opportunity to do so as some do have a long way to travel.

Better late than never but just a reminder, not that it should be necessary, to advise members that the season for brown trout fishing ended on the 30 September on all our rivers.

As always we are looking for pictures of your angling prowess so that we can enlarge the library so send them in to us and we will see if they are suitable for publishing.

01 October

Members are having a good week on most of our rivers with the rain helping to maintain a steady flow to the rivers which is really assisting the fish running the rivers. This in turn obviously assists the members and some further good fish have been caught with fish again up to the 15lb mark. We have however had some really heavy rain in the north east today so please check, where possible, the river levels before making your journey.

We are continuing with our lost and found items, seems to be a regular item lately, the member who lost his wading staff at Thornton Steward Reservoir has had it safely returned and offers his sincere thanks to the club in returning it to the rightful owner. We do report the loss however of another landing net this time at Keepershield. This fell into the river and may be lying at the bottom and could be caught by a member whilst fishing, on the other hand with today's rain it could be out at sea by now. If found please contact the committee and we will return it to the owner. The unlucky member also caught two salmon and landed them without his net so he may not want it back.

We will be issuing a newsletter at the latter end of the month asking members to supply us with their catch returns for the year so please keep your records handy.

29 September

In our news item of 26 September we stated that the River Tweed Commissioners had stated that "all fish" must be returned to the river etc etc in 2011 up to the end of June. This was the information supplied to our club direct from the RTC. Following  a question from a member on 27 September asking if this included sea trout we contacted the RTC and asked that specific question. They have checked their literature and have apologised having confirmed that it is only salmon that are affected by the conservation methods brought in place in 2010. Whilst we apologise to the member in question and indeed all members and readers for this poor information it was the actual information supplied to the club. The pleasing aspect is that it does show that members read the news section of the site and do indeed, quite correctly, ask questions to the committee about what is published.

Just to remind members that they do need to check river levels at this moment in time due to persistent rain that we are experiencing at this time. Rather a check than a wasted journey.

26 September

River levels keep fluctuating week by week, low one week, high the next. Members have had mixed fortunes on the rivers but fish are still being caught in both low and high water. Sea trout seem to be the main fish being caught on all our rivers but salmon are also being enticed onto the bank with some good clean fish up to 15lbs both by spinner, bait and the fly. We are now heading into the final few weeks of the season on our English rivers and we expect there to be a lot of pressure on all the beats from members trying to get their last days of fishing in before the seasons end. We ask that members act correctly when fishing a pool when other members are there and move through the pools every couple of casts. Please read Fishing Pools on page 12 of your club constitution.

The River Tweed Commissioners have outlined their plans for the Tweed system, Till included, for 2011 and all fish caught before the end of June must be returned safely to the water unharmed. Any fish that ere unable to be be returned due to being badly damaged or have died MUST be handed to the estate. We are not aware of the RTC altering fishing methods , ie, fly only until the end of June or spinning only allowed when the river is at a certain height but we do expect some news on this in October.

A member has handed in a landing net found on the Till last Tuesday. Should you have lost one please then please contact the committee with details and we will endeavour to return it to the rightful owner.

16 September

The heavy rains at the end of last week brought some much needed fresh water into the rivers and with it more angling success for our members. Salmon and sea trout have been caught in good numbers on the Till, Tyne, Coquet and the Wear with some sizeable fish being landed on both the Tyne and Wear. Without disclosing the whereabouts we are able to inform members that within the last week three salmon over 20lbs have been caught by three individual members. This news should hopefully excite members and set the minds thinking as which will be the best river/s to fish.

The trout fishers are also continuing to do well at both Crag Lough and Thornton Steward reservoir with the rod average still staying at over three fish per rod per day.

Members have a habit of losing and finding various items of fishing tackle. A member has left a wading stick in the car park at Thornton Steward Reservoir on 14 September and is hopeful that this has been safely rescued by a club member. Out on the Hesleyside beat a member has found a landing net. On the Coquet a members has lost a holdall with his ham sandwiches in. Should you be in possession of or the owner of any of these three items then please contact the committee so they be be returned to the rightful owner. The ham sandwiches can be thrown away unless already eaten.

The fish counts have been updated for the Tyne and Wear to the end of August and members can see current figures on the relevant page.

The link above for river levels continues to operate correctly so members can check levels before setting off to fish.

12 September

First day back from my holiday and trying to get up to speed with the rest of the committee over events from  the last two weeks so will hopefully add further updates later this week.

It appears all members received their new constitution as we have not had one enquiry from any member over this item. Most, if not all, members should have read and understand the rules for the certain beats and your attention is drawn to the following two items, North Tyne, page 33 Notes , 1, Hesleyside beat F to G, no fishing this beat after midnight on the 14 September. River Till. page 45, rule 15, iv, fly fishing only from 15 September until the seasons end. Members assistance in these rules will be appreciated by both the club and the respective riparian owners.

24 August

For those members wishing to book Crag Lough, we can advise that Jerry Macbeth has returned for his holiday and is again available to take future bookings.

The release from Kielder has assisted members in their quest for salmon and sea trout and our beats on the North Tyne have been producing quite a few fish over the last couple of days with Keepershield being fairly productive on the 23 August. Heavy rain on the 23 August put an extra foot in the river today and the fish I saw at the top pool on Keepershield were running through in high numbers.  Not to be deterred my brother and I set off  to the beats above Bellingham where the water was not as high. Second cast in the boat pool and into a lovely salmon about 12 to 13lb, safely returned as it escaped. Brother fishing the Ridings and he too returned a 10lb salmon, same method. Met two of my fellow committee members fishing the Charlton pool and one had safely landed a 7lb salmon caught on a cascade double, lost another, but caught a beautiful 3.5lb sea trout, on an Ally shrimp, described as a bar of silver. No further rain today so the river should fish really well tomorrow. My last fishing for a few weeks as I am off on my summer jols to France for a couple of weeks so no updates will be posted until my return.

22 August

We can confirm that the old club constitution, 2005, has been updated, 2010, and has been sent to members at the back end of last week via Royal Mail. We know some members have already received their copies having had emails and verbal confirmation of receipt. We do not expect any problems with members receiving their copy though some may have to collect from their respective sorting office.

On the fishing scene we can report that members are catching migratory fish on all our local rivers from the Till down to the Wear.

On Thornton Steward Reservoir both members and day ticket anglers are having some excellent days trout fishing and we can only put this down to good anglers and hopefully a little help of additional stockings throughout the dog days of summer. Current rod average for the whole of the season stands at 3.35 fish per rod per day. It is again pleasing to report that both members and day ticket anglers are operating catch and release.

17 August

Crag Lough

Committee member Jerry Macbeth is on a well deserved holiday this week and any member wishing to book Crag Lough should either contact Jim Irving or send an email to  the clubs address.

13 August


Due to a slight delay with the printers the newsletter and club constitution will not be issued until next week, better late than never.

River levels

Heavy rain throughout the day has started to filter its way into the rivers and levels have started to increase from around tea time today. It is possible that the rivers may end up in a spate condition and in order to avoid a wasted journey over the weekend please check the link at the top of the page to obtain information of  river heights for our fishing.

08 August


A  brief members newsletter will be issued on Thursday this week together with the new club constitution in A5 folder format. Members should not have problems with their post like they had in 2009 when the anniversary club badge was issued. Members may have to collect it from their respective sorting office if is is not placed through their letterbox but you should receive a card stating there is a package to be collected. If any member does not receive their constitution a replacement will not be issued until/if it is returned to the club by the post office. Should you have moved address lately then please contact us with new details.

General news

The fish counts have been updated as well as possible with the data from the EA. The counts for July for the Tyne show a very good count of 9240 fish entering the system.

Members are still enticing fish from the rivers despite the low levels. The Tyne has had a high  release from Kielder of late and this has certainly helped the fish move through the system. One local member had a 9lb salmon and 4 sea trout from the Keepershield then later in the week he had a 14lb salmon from the Wear beat at Frankland farm despite a low river level.

The clubs website is fully up to date with  some new pictures added so please take some time to view.

28 July

River levels are starting to drop again but members are still catching fish on all local rivers with one member having 4 sea trout last Thursday, returning 2, on the Wear. The latest fish counts for the Tyne and Wear have been updated with much improved figures than previous months. It looks like the counts for the Coquet are, shall we say, out for the count.

22 July


We are able to report that the potential poaching incident at the Keepershield beat has been resolved and confirm that it was a current members who was fishing. It is pleasing to know however that members do report these items to  the committee.

21 July


A female member has reported talking to an angler on the Keepershield beat last week who stated they were a member of the club. The angler in question had caught 3 sea trout. It may be that this angler is not a current member but an ex-member. We do ask that if you have any doubts about any angler that, if you feel comfortable with it, ask the person to produce their membership card. We believe that if they are a genuine member then they will have no problem producing their card.

River Levels

We have contacted the EA about the link for the River levels not operating and can report that the link is now fully operational having tried it before this report was published.

20 July

The heavy rains needed for our local rivers eventually arrived last week and sent the rivers into spate. The good news was that it started the fish running and reports have been received from members showing their prowess on the Tyne, Wear and the Till, nothing heard for the Coquet as yet. Both salmon and sea trout, bearing sea lice, have been caught on our stretches so hopefully the season has started at last.

The EA site for river levels is still "undergoing maintenance" as I write, and has been, since the link was put on so we will contact them for an update. This is essential for members that travel a fair distance to fish club waters and as we have again had some very heavy rain yesterday and are receiving severe weather warnings tonight then trips could be wasted.

11 July

River Levels

The Environmental Agency have provided the link above show levels for our local rivers to be updated daily . Hopefully this will assist members in planning their fishing journeys. Tried it today it only to find the site is undergoing maintenance, would you believe it?


Keepershield Beat

The problem with the access to the parking on this stretch has now been resolved and members should have free access to the parking. Some members have mentioned to the committee about some blue pipes suspended in the air and crossing the river on the Long rack pool. We are aware of this problem and it is associated with a major burst water main at Keepershield Farm. The water company have said it should not take long to rectify the problem so we are in their hands. The latest report about this came in yesterday from a member trying out a new fly rod, must be pretty good as he caught a lovely 6lb sea trout after half a dozen casts.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

The committee, wherever possible, runs the club for its members but from time to time we do need the members assistance in various things like bank clearing, stockings etc. With the sudden departure of Billy Dees from the club for purely personal reasons we are asking if members that live in the area Thornton Steward would be prepared to assist in future stockings on the reservoir. Billy, who has left, and Andy generally did this work for the committee but Andy has advised us that work commitments may affect his assistance to the committee and the members for future stockings. Should you think that you may be able to assist us then please contact me or Dave Wilson.

Fishing report

Well, I suppose the whole of the country is being affected in the same way with very little rain around. This is keeping the salmon off the river mouths and prone to nets and predators alike. Members are catching sea trout though even though it is hard work, but there are plenty of them about on our stretches on the Tyne, Coquet, Wear and Till. When we get a spate we expect the rivers to be full of salmon  and sea  trout. The problem being how heavy a spate and how far do the fish run?

02 July

Well we are into our driest start to any year for 82 years and it is having a major impact on the salmon running the local rivers. We have had some fairly heavy rain through a couple of nights this week but it has had little impact on the low rivers. This is reflected in the fish counts supplied by the EA. Members though are catching quite a few sea trout on the Wear and the Till with the odd  salmon being caught.

River Rede

The river was stocked in May with some excellent brown trout, which we kept quiet about, and when it rains we may be able to find them. Members may have seen an article in the July issue of the Trout and Salmon that our main stretch on this beat along with the Lodge has been put up for sale by the owner.  Doug has found living in the area very difficult following the death of his wife Christine  and has decided it is time to move on. This beat was the very first stretch of fishing that the club secured in August 1984 and is very much thought of by us older members and we know that new members are equally impressed with the beat. We have contacted Doug and he has informed us that the club is very much in his thoughts about the fishing rights. When any developments happen we will let you know.

Bailiffs Course

Our thanks go to the EA for presenting the course which was well presented and very informative for our bailiffs who attended the evenings presentation. If you are fishing and are approached by a club bailiff, or indeed an EA bailiff, then please be polite to them. They are after all only looking after your interests.

Crag Lough

Our thanks to the six members who attended the stocking today on our behalf. Again we have stocked with some beautifully fully finned brown trout so the lough should continue to fish well as it has done since the start of the season.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

One of our regular bailiffs at the reservoir, Billy Dees, has regretfully had to leave the club for purely personal reasons. We offer our thanks for the effort and time he has taken in looking after the reservoir for the members and general public alike and  also for supervising most of our stockings over recent years.

We are continuing with our policy of additional stockings through the "dog days" of summer, never more so than now,  with rainbow trout in the smaller average size of 1.5lbs. Like Crag Lough the reservoir is continuing to fish very well and both still waters are offering members the opportunity of catching a fish or two.

Guest Permits

Unlike a lot of other clubs we do allow members to bring a guest onto various beats and stretches of club waters. We know that the members appreciate this gesture but  we do ask that members give Dave Wilson , wherever possible, 8 days notice about any request to bring a guest onto club water. This allows Dave the time to prepare and send off the necessary permit for the guest. This will hopefully avoid any disappointment to both the member and the guest.

20 June

River Till

We have received notification from the River Tweed Commission that the Total Catch and Release for spring salmon until the end of June 2010 on the river Tweed and all its tributaries brought in on 22nd April 2010 has been extended for a further 5 years running until the year 2015.This is to bring it line with the whole of England and many other rivers in Scotland. It is not known at this time if they intend to alter the date to the 16th June to fall in line with England or remain at the end of June. A further meeting of the commission will be held in September where they will discuss among other things "fishing methods".  We believe this to be the total ban of spinning in the spring and therefore making it fly only. Pity the poor aged and disabled anglers who can hardly cast a spinner out never mind use a salmon fly rod.

We have to supply the Commission with our half yearly catches for the Till and ask that all members that have had success of any salmon or sea trout catches supply details to secretary Dave Wilson asap.

Bailiffs Course

Club bailiffs and members are reminded that the bailiffs course run by the Environmental Agency takes place this Wednesday, 23 June. at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00pm prompt.

River Scene

Members are managing to entice some nice sea trout from both the Till and the Wear though no reports of any salmon have been received. Rivers are really at the worst levels that I can remember and the current forecast does not look promising for any prospects of rain in the immediate future.

Crag Lough

The next stocking of the Lough takes place on Friday 2nd July and we ask that if any members can assist with the stocking could they please contact the committee.

06 June

Weather Conditions

The current warm weather and lack of rain is resulting in very few salmon entering our local rivers. There have been reports of several fish deaths on the Tyne system that seem to be due to the lack of oxygen in the system again due to lack of rain. As I write it has been drizzling for the last six hours and this will have no impact on the rivers whatsoever. More warm weather is expected which will only make matters worse.  A member out fishing the Federation waters on the Tyne today and speaking to another angler has stated this is the lowest he has seen the river in some 30 years of fishing. The odd salmon are entering onto our beats with a member reporting seeing the largest fish he has ever seen in his life in the Wear. Sea trout are still entering the rivers with some spasmodic catches being made.

This is leaving most members fishing Thornton Steward Reservoir or Crag Lough. Both still waters are fishing very well with the rod per day averages running at 3.1 for TSR  with Crag Lough at an impressive 6.9.

Lost Fly Boxes

A member has reported losing three Leeda fly boxes, either all red in colour or two red and one blue, with over 150 salmon flies in. These were lost either on the North Tyne or at Fenton on the Till. If you find, or have found, them could you please send them to any committee member and we will pass them on to the owner.

27 May

Departed Member

We are sorry to announce the death of member Colin Sterling. Colin has suffered ill health for some years now with heart problems that seriously curtailed his fishing with the club and we have only been informed today of his death of Tuesday last week. Colin joined the club in the mid 80s and was very instrumental in the club acquiring the fishing at Hesleyside. What he didn't know about fishing was not worth knowing. Regularly attending meetings and always present at our AGM.s he was well known within the fishing fraternity in the northeast and also back in his native country of Scotland. Along with most of the current committee and some long standing members he will always be remembered for his art of fly tying using his finger and thumb as the vice and his wooden clothes peg. He tied a size 14 black pennell  one night using this method and, with all the fly tying equipment I have, could never match the quality that he produced. Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this sad time.

Crag Lough

A further stocking has been carried out with brown trout of late but the committee were disappointed with the assistance, or lack of it, from the membership. Two members who were fishing on the day were rudely interrupted during their sport and asked to give some assistance which they greatly did. We know members join the club to fish club waters but some little assistance at times does help the committee. As I keep saying, so many enjoy the benefits of so few. Members may have some difficulty in getting hold of Jerry Macbeth to book the fishing as he is busy at college between 9.00am and 4.30 pm so ask if you wish to book the fishing then please call in the evening. If you are unable to contact Jerry then alternatively please contact Fred Richardson. One of the boats is missing a rowlock at the moment but this will be replaced and locking pins placed on all rowlocks to prevent future loss.

River Levels

The river levels at present are seriously low and some much needed rain is required in order to get them into some kind of fishing order. I visited the Coquet, Rede and North Tyne last week and they were in desperate need of water and over a week has passed without any rain so they will be at an even lower level at the time of writing.

13 May

Shortage of rain over the last few weeks has prevented any significant movement of fish into our local rivers with only the Tyne showing any significant numbers of fish in the lower beats. Sea trout are moving in quietly on all rivers with the Till probably the best bet at this moment  likely to bring any chance of success.

Crag Lough is proving to be very popular with the membership with bookings being taken on a very regular basis thus leaving some members disappointed. The committee believed this venue would be very popular with the members and it is proving to be the case. Members are reminded that they must  pre book this venue with Jerry Macbeth. A further stocking of brown trout has been carried out today, again with some excellent fish at the 2lb plus mark.

Thornton Steward is still fishing very well and rods are currently averaging 3.89 fish per rod per day. As we approach the summer months we are able to confirm that additional stockings will be carried out during the months of June and July to hopefully alleviate the "dog days" for members and visitors alike.

Membership level is currently at its maximum and regretfully we are having to operate a waiting list for prospective new members. The committee know this is down to the quality and diversity of the fishing we offer for a very reasonable annual sum hence very few vacancies become available and most if not all are down to the recession.

Vacancies still exist for the bailiffs course we are holding through the Environmental Agency on 23 June at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00pm and any member is welcome to attend and should contact secretary Dave Wilson with their intentions.

29 April

River Till - Fenton and Ford Beat

We have been informed by the River Tweed Commissioners that as of the 22 April until 30 June, dates inclusive, that all salmon and grilse caught on the Tweed system between these dates must be returned to the water unharmed. Any fish that are killed due to prevent suffering or dying from excessive bleeding must be handed into the estate department. This is a conservation programme for spring salmon. Whilst this is disappointing news for the club and the membership we have already signed up for the Tweed conservation programme. It would be unfair of the club to make any comments about this. However the indications are that there is a good head of sea trout around so some sport is available.

Working Party - Tyne

Thanks to the members who attended the working party last Saturday on the Mill beat. As usual a lot of work was done by the few for the benefit of us all. Our appreciation to all who attended. By all accounts, Dave, the Naked Chef, Wilson did well with the BBQ again which was followed by a lovely cake brought by our member Hilary from Worksop in Nottingham.

Bailiffs Course

We have finally managed to arrange a bailiffs course with Defra for club bailiffs. Details will be sent individually to all current club bailiffs but if any other member wishes to partake then the date is 23 June at Birtley Golf Club with a start time of 8.00 pm and should last around two hours. Should you be interested in attending then please contact secretary Dave Wilson.

22 April


The latest newsletter has been posted today and will arrive asap depending upon the post. There are various items for members not least the map and fishing rules for the new stretch on the Till known as the Ford Beat.

Working Party

Members are reminded that we have a working party this Saturday on the Tyne and members are asked to meet at the Mill pool for 10.00 am.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

Our thanks to club bailiffs and members who attended the reservoir last Saturday and provided their assistance for the visit of the Hirst Park Trout Ticklers. Excerpt from our local paper "Juniors enjoy a grand day out". John Whitehall from the trout ticklers extends his thanks to the club on behalf of all the juniors who attended the stocking and days fishing. A great day was had by all but the sight of seeing the reservoir being stocked with such quality fish was one of the main talking points. Apparently the juniors never stopped talking all the way home on their coach about how much they had enjoyed the day.

Committee meeting 21 April

At last nights meeting we had Mick Donkin from the EA with us to discuss a topic that is high on the agenda of all the agency staff throughout the country and Mick covers our region from below the Tweed to above the Yorkshire Esk. Through the Multi Agency of Europe Mick has asked if the club members will assist in taking and supplying scale samples from sea trout that members catch and send them to the agency. We did not have the time or space to place this item in our latest newsletter but we will be sending full details in the next edition. Members that partake will also be invited to attend visits to the smolt traps on the Tyne system and also the catching of brood stock for future breeding and stocking of our local rivers as well as receiving monthly updates. Following six to seven months of non stop work by the committee, what with bringing 4 new venues on line in 2010, we hope to be able to enjoy a few relaxing evenings just having a quiet pint and talking about our fishing prowess.

Just a final word of encouragement is that some excellent sea trout, up to 7lbs, are being caught on the Till at the moment. One member however was devastated last week when he lost a salmon on the Till that would have been his personal best fish. Lost after a fifteen minute battle he estimated the fish to be close to 30lb. Totally gutted, him not the fish that is.

15 April

River Till Ford Beat

We are able to confirm that the lease for this beat has been concluded with Ford and Etal Estates department. A newsletter will be issued next week with the map and fishing rules along with some other news items. With the cancellation of the working party this Saturday on the Fenton Beat head Bailiff Dave Cave will be at this new stretch this Saturday, 17th, at 10.00am to show members the beat. Should you be interested in attending then also bring your fishing gear as you will be allowed to fish the beat. There are two parking areas, follow the A697 and then take a right hand turn onto the B6354 to Ford. The first parking area is on your right hand side just opposite the turn off on your left for the B6353. For the second parking area continue along the B6354 and just before you cross the river the parking is again on your right hand side. We will not have any club bailiff/s on this beat as the estate have their own river watchers and if you do not display your car badge and do not have you membership card with you then you WILL be escorted from the water so be warned.

Crag Lough

Thanks to the members that turned up and assisted with the stocking. As always membership assistance in anything like this is always appreciated and as the saying goes, many hands make light work. The brown trout are as usual of excellent quality and are easily identified as they will have a pan jet mark on the underside of the fish. The lough is now ready for fishing from the 1st May and members are again reminded that it MUST be pre booked before fishing. Access to the boats will require the use of thigh waders.

Working Party - North Tyne

A working party is arranged for the the 24th April for the Mill beat. This I can assure you will not be cancelled. Please meet at the Mill pool at 10.00am. Head Chef Dave Wilson will have the BBQ on hand so don't forget to bring your tucker and Dave will do his best to cook it to your request.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

The reservoir has now had several stocking of rainbows and is starting to fish well now that the weather is starting to warm up. On the 17th April the club has invited the Hirst Park Trout Ticklers to the reservoir for the day. This will involve juniors coming to the reservoir, all fully supervised, to see how we stock the reservoir and then have a competition for a few hours. The club has donated a couple of prizes for them and our fish suppliers Whelham ParkTrout Farm courtesy of Bob Booth has donated a fly rod for which we are very appreciative of. There will also be a BBQ so please bring your own tucker and hopefully you will enjoy the day.

13 April

River Till - Fenton Beat Working Party

The working party for this Saturday 17th April has regretfully had to be cancelled. Whilst we apologise for the lateness in posting this item it only came to the attention of the committee late today. It has something to do with English Nature but we hope to arrange an alternative date in the future. On the fishing scene we are able to report that several sea trout have been caught from this beat.

River Till - Ford Beat

This beat will be available to members in the very near future and we hope to have the map and fishing rules out to the membership within 7 to 10 days. The delay, whilst frustrating for the committee and the members, has now been resolved with the estate so get your flies ready for this beat as it has twelve pools.

25 March

The committee are able to announce that the bid submitted for a new stretch of river fishing on the river Till has been accepted. This is the Ford beat from the Ford and Etal Estates and is 1 mile of double bank fishing with 12 pools and has excellent parking and access. Members will be able to enjoy this beat that will again give fishing to the end of November for salmon and sea trout plus grayling fishing during December and January. We are waiting for written confirmation and the lease from the estates department and once all is concluded we will issue the full details to the membership hopefully within two to three weeks.

Delivery of the new boats for Crag Lough is expected on the 8th or 9th April and arrangements are in hand to ensure that we have all the necessary moorings in place in time for delivery. If you have the time on either of these dates and wish to attend to assist the committee then please drop us an email and we will contact you nearer the date/s. Fishing will commence on Crag Lough from 1st May and must be booked in advance through committee member Jerry Macbeth.

Please remember that your rod licence expires at the end of the month and needs to be renewed before fishing club waters or indeed any waters.

11 March

Whilst the committee apologise for the lateness in sending out the membership stickers for 2010 it has all been down to  a very heavy work load for all of the committee at this time of the year but we are able to advise members that the latest newsletter has been posted today with the membership sticker attached. Also in the newsletter are the maps and fishing rules for the three new venues that are coming on line in the next few weeks. It is hoped that the maps and rules are self explanatory for the membership.

There are also two dates for working parties for the Till and the Tyne and we look forward to seeing the members out on these dates and it also gives new members the opportunity to meet other members and to view the respective beats. We will not be having a BBQ on the Till due to the location from  the parking to the river but head Chef Dave Wilson will be available for the meeting on the Tyne.

The committee have really been heavily involved in the acquisition of the three new waters as they do take a long time to finalise the last minor details and with also having to do the planning of the AGM we have not had any spare time at our weekly meetings to sit and just have a quiet pint for several months now.

We are still very busy with the new constitution as we need to ensure that it is correct before going to print at we are some way close to having our draft ready for the full committee to endorse before printing is arranged and then issued to the membership.

Having just posted the details to the membership of the three new venues today the club have been invited to submit a bid for some more river fishing and committee members Brian Tindle, Jerry Macbeth and Dave Cave have visited the water this week for viewing and they submitted their report on the fishing at last nights committee meeting.  The committee have taken the decision this year that we will only look at waters now that will offer the membership the opportunity of good fly fishing water with the opportunity of providing the members with fishing that has good parking, good access and very good potential for salmon and sea trout. It was agreed at last nights meeting that we will submit a bid but as there were a few points that were raised last night that needed further clarification  Dave Wilson will speak to the owner today and report back to the committee with the results before our final bid is submitted next week. Should we be successful, which the committee hope we are, then we will have to decide if we need to send out  a further newsletter with the details or place them in the constitution. Watch this space.

24 February

The leases for all the three new waters for 2010, Crag Lough - Rothley Lake East - Low Grange Farm, have now been completed. The four new boats and associated equipment to be used on Crag Lough have been ordered and delivery should be some time in April. We were due to open Crag Lough to the membership on April 15th but having examined the local bye laws for brown trout fisheries with the Environmental Agency it appears that the season will commence on the 1st May and the season will end on 31st October so we lose at the start but gain at the end of the season.

Rothley Lake will also come on line for members within a few weeks as will Low Grange Farm but as we are still in the process of preparing the maps and fishing rules then there may be a delay in supplying the details to the membership although we do hope to have a newsletter issued within the next two weeks. With the current weather we are experiencing we can advise that Crag Lough and Rothley Lake are actually frozen over so there is no rush at the moment.

The first stocking of Thornton Steward Reservoir (TSR) takes place this Saturday and we usually close the reservoir for the first week in order to let the fish settle in a bit. As we do not have time at present to send out the newsletter to advise mmbers we will keep it open for the membership this year. We have been informed by our agent for TSR, Joan Hainsworth, that due to family commitments she will not be available to sell day tickets on our behalf in the future. We are very sorry that Joan has taken this decision but fully accept her reasons as she has been a real stalwart for the club in promoting the reservoir on the clubs behalf. Club Secretary Dave Wilson and Committee member Fred Richardson presented Joan with  a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the club on Monday the 22nd February. Alternative arrangements for selling day tickets are alread in hand.

The first salmon of the season have been caught on both the Tyne and Coquet on the 1st February. Whilst this is not earth shattering news for the Tyne it is hoped that this is a good omen for the Coquet as the first fish of the season on 2009 was not caught until May. "Hope Springs Eternal" comes to mind.

There is only one rod available now out of our two for members wishing to fish the river Garry for week commencing 12th June.

04 February

On the 3rd February, the night of the AGM, I was having a light tea as we were having a buffet at the meeting. In comes my darling wife at ten past six to say "have you seen the snow"?, no I said. Two minutes later in comes my loving daughter "dad have you seen the snow"? again I said no. What are we going to do if it continues to snow and we have to cancel the meeting for the first time in our history. Not to worry thankfully as the snow stopped and it only left a light covering. Off to the meeting expecting only a handful of the members having already taken some calls that evening from some members to put in apologies because of the snow. Come 8.00 pm and the start of the meeting and low and behold we had 40 members present. The committee were, to say the least, gob smacked at such an excellent turn out considering the forecast. That to us is real membership. The following is a brief synopsis of the meeting

Previous minutes from 2009 AGM accepted and no matters arising. Report from myself, rather boring probably, but it has to be done. Reports from Brian, membership secretary, Dave, head bailiff, and the financial report from Jerry, assistant treasurer. Membership is at a very good level and we only have a few vacancies available but these could be filled within a few days as Brian already has some prospective members in the pipe line. It is expected that a waiting list will have to be created. Nothing serious to mention from Dave on the bailiffing side but he did ask that members, as always, be vigilant when out and about on club waters and when visiting any club water would they ensure that they place their club sticker on display in their vehicle. If it is not displayed then Dave can end up walking the full beat to find that it is a members car and not a potential poacher.  Financially we are in a very healthy position for this time of the year and wait to see what, if any, water/s become available in 2010. It was therefore proposed by the committee and unanimously accepted by the members that there will no increase in fees for 2010.

Members present were supplied with a copy of the 2010 catch returns and although down on last year it seemed what everybody was expecting with the low river levels throughout the summer and fewer fish entering the rivers. The fish runs were down some 23% on the Tyne and 37% down on the Wear. Sadly due to the problems with the fish counters on the Coquet at Warkworth we do not have any comparison for the previous year which in itself was bad enough. Stocking levels will be the same for 2010 on Thornton Steward Reservoir which had a very good 3.97 fish per rod per day throughout the season. A stocking of brown trout will also be carried out on the river Rede at a date yet to be agreed.

All bailiffs have agreed to continue this year with several more members willing to assist the club.  We had a bailiffing course for members to attend last year and three times it was cancelled. We are looking to see if we can have our own course for our own members but don't hold your breath. Gerald Farnell has agreed to be club auditor again for 2010 and was pleased to agree our financial report put to the members.

The Doug Handyside award for the heaviest sea trout caught on the fly went to Geoff Horrill for a 10.5lb fish caught on the Tyne and the Jim Irving trophy for the heaviest salmon caught by any legal method went to Alan Horner for his superb fish of 26lb caught and safely returned on the river Wear.

There were no nominations for a place on the committee and all current 7 members of the committee were re-elected in their current positions.

There were 6 recommendations from the membership for working parties that included the Till, The Hauxty and Peters Hole beats on the Bellingham water, the top of the Keepershield beat, a stretch on the Coquet and a stretch on the Wear. The committee will look at all the requests from the membership and venues and dates for the the working parties will be provided  to the membership in the near future.

Under Any Other Business the members were informed that on the 17th April we will be hosting a visit from the Hirst Park Trout Ticklers at Thornton Steward Reservoir. This is a club that tries to encourage youngsters into the sport and we have offered them the opportunity to visit the reservoir on this date so they can see how we stock the reservoir and then for them to hold a short competition. As well the stocking on this date there will also be  BBQ so bring your own and we will cook it for you.

The clubs constitution is now outdated what with the new venues below to be added and several changes to the constitution about guest permits to be amended. The committee are in the process of renewing the constitution into a new version in the form of a loose leaf folder. This will in future allow any new amendments or additions to be supplied to the membership and they in turn will be able to simply add or replace the page in the folder.

This leaves me to end up the evenings meeting by announcing the three  new venues that had been announced to the members earlier in the evening.

Venue 1 - Low Grange Farm. This is a one mile stretch on the river Wear which is on the opposite bank to the lower end of our current Frankland Farm Beat. It offers excellent fly fishing for the salmon and sea trout angler as well as excellent parking and location to the river.

Venue 2 - Rothley Lake East. This is a 5 acre lake near Scots Gap in Northumberland. In the past this has been used as a coarse fishery and along with the owner we are looking to turn this lake into a rainbow trout fishery. This is a long term venture and the first year will be to carry out fishing trips to the lake to try and ascertain the type and numbers of coarse fish in the lake. Then it is intended to have the coarse fish removed, legally, and hopefully sold on to a coarse fishing club. Then onto year two when it is intended to start stocking with rainbow trout. Discussions about a new car park and the provision of a fishing hut are ongoing.

Venue 3 - Crag Lough. This is an excellent 18 acre Lough, again in Northumberland, being leased from the National Trust. This again is a long term venture in co-operation with the NT. Situated in the shadow of Hadrians Wall it is located in stunning country side. It has been stocked in the past with rainbow trout but no further rainbow trout will be allowed to be stocked. This will become a brown trout fishery with the intention, over a ten year period between the NT and the club, to turn the lake into a natural wild brown trout fishery. We have been granted permission to stock with brown trout by the NT and the first stocking will take place on the 14th April with members allowed access to the Lough from the 15th April 2010. Fishing will be by boat only and will need to be booked in advance through secretary Dave Wilson. We are currently in discussions with several companies for the provision of new boats for this venue and do expect everything to be ready for opening day.

Full details will be issued to members in the near future.

On other venues we could not come to agreement with a riparian owner over two syndicate rods for the river Eden, we declined to put in an offer for a lake in Northumberland and lost out to a higher bid for a 1.5 mile stretch on the river Wear. Whilst disappointed at these results we are more than happy at the three new additions to our port folio for the membership.

Discussions are ongoing with a riparian owner over two day ticket rods for a stretch on the Coquet and hopefully we will be able to announce the result shortly.

Members can expect more full details of the above in a newsletter in the very near future.

We know the river Garry is another venue that members love to fish on holiday and it does need to be booked in advanced. The following dates have already been booked by two members, 24th April to 1st May 2010, and are closed to other members.

29 January

Are any members interested in a weeks fishing on the river Gaula in Norway this year. Member Steve Kettlewell is organising a couple of trips, as in previous years, and has asked us to let the membership know of the trips. Dates currently available are 20th to 27th June or 25th July to 01st August. Cost per rod per week is £1600 and covers all transfers, flights, rental, licenses, food and fishing. If you are interested then let us know via the website and we will put you in touch with Steve

28 January

The season gets underway on all our rivers next Monday 1st February. Probably the river to start the season off will be the Till where sea trout should be around although in small numbers. Members are reminded that this river is fly only until the 15th February.

A brief newsletter has been sent, correctly, to all members to advise of the AGM next Wednesday 3rd February at Birtley Golf Club commencing at 8.00 pm. and the club house will be open from 7.30 pm. At the AGM members will be advised of three new venues for the coming season. A buffet will be provided as usual so please make every effort to attend.

Discussions are ongoing with the Post Office over the problems of the first newsletter that included the badge to mark our 25th anniversary. We have several households where we have more than one member residing and one member has received the first letter without any problem and the other member at the same household has had to pay extra postage, unbelievable really.

11 January

Following the posting of the newsletter we have received calls from some members stating they have had to go to their Post Office collection office and pay a surcharge to collect their newsletter. The committee apologise for this error on the cost of the postage and state that it was purely an administration error. We do recommend  that you you pay the surcharge, approx £1, as not only does it have the details of the AGM but it also has your lapel badge marking the 25th anniversary of the club.


Following the very adverse weather conditions we have suffered in the northeast since 18th December the committee for the first time in the 26 year history  of the club failed to have an organised meeting on the 6th January. This has not prevented us issuing the latest newsletter to the membership with the details of the upcoming AGM in February and depending on the weather and the post you should have all details in the next day or two. Details were posted on the 7th January and all letters included a 25th anniversary badge for the members. It is hoped the weather will eventually improve as we head towards the AGM and look for as many members as possible to attend because it is after all your club and the committee only run it on your behalf.

Once again we wish all our Members and visitors a Happy and Peaceful New Year as we start a fresh NEWS page for our 26th season.

Hopefully conditions will offer good sport for all our members throughout 2010. Please remember we want to hear from you, whether it be text, still photos or video clips - please send them in or bring them to the AGM on 3rd February 2010 in Birtley Golf Club.

We are gradually building an archive of the Club's development on the site and your help will be appreciated.

The next update on this page is most likely to be a résumé of the AGM (unless there is something extra special to report).