03 December 2007

Seasons End

With the end of the migratory fishing season ending on the Till on 30 November members who have not submitted there catch returns for the season are requested to do so. Early indications show that it has been a relatively poor year for salmon and sea trout catches with no apparent underlying reasons why. Two possible reasons could have been the weather and the number of fish that have run our rivers.

On the weather the spring gave us the warmest and driest on record followed by one of the wettest summers that was followed by a relatively dry autumn with less than half the annual rain fall. None of these have helped the migration of the fish.

On the fish counts, figures from the Environmental Agency show that, the Tyne has recorded 28,963 fish to the end of October in 2007 whilst the same figure for 2006 was 38,729 some 10,000 less fish, down around 25%. The Coquet showed 1,935 less fish, down 29%, whilst the Wear, figures for 2005 as no figures for 2006 available, showed 1781 less fish, down 12%.

Should members wish to continue fishing throughout the winter they have several opportunities to do so. Thornton Steward Reservoir has had its winter stocking of rainbow trout last Saturday and members are requested to observe the catch and return policy with only one fish allowed to be killed. The River Wear offers members two separate opportunities for either grayling fishing or coarse fishing. Grayling up to 2.0lb have been caught whilst the river does hold some record taking barbel.

The committee are now looking towards the AGM that will be held on the first Wednesday in February 2008 and will be looking to see if any further fishing is available on the market for members.

28 October

There was a news story in yesterday's Newcastle Journal regarding Anisakis spp (see below) and salmon in the River Tyne. It was advising against consumption of infected fish - the very young and the elderly seem to be most at risk.

26 October

The lack of rain is resulting in fish catches become harder day by day though rain is forecast in the next day or two which may help the Coquet and the Wear for the remaining last days of the season. The Kielder releases are helping to keep the fish moving on the Tyne. The Wear has produced another salmon for Jerry Macbeth this one weighing in at 15lbs and again a clean silver fish. There are reports of a 27lb and 21lb salmon being caught on the Wear, the larger fish being safely returned, and we believe they have been caught opposite our top stretch. The lack of fresh water is keeping the salmon in the lower stretches and as Jerry has proved they are there to be caught.

19 October

Member Alan Culley reports catching a 12lb salmon on the Eals Pool before moving upstream to High Carriteth where he succeeded in landing a 16lb fish. Returning to the Eals Pool he was into a 25lb (approx) salmon which escaped after some 20 minutes by straightening his hook and away.

Over recent months, there has been a steady increase in the number of anglers applying for Club Membership.The current limit is 150 members and this is rapidly being reached. The Committee are actively reviewing the position and it seems likely that a Waiting List will be introduced shortly. Watch this space!

14 October

Following the warning earlier in the year regarding Gyrodactylus salaris(See below - entry for 10 May) we have recently received information about Anisakis spp. from The Tyne Rivers Trust  The visible symptom is red / bleeding vents in salmonids.   The Trust website gives all the information available at present and can be found on the River Issues page of the website. It includes details and links describing the infection by Anisakis spp. (a nematode worm) and what to do in the event that you catch an infected fish. There is also guidance received from the Food Standards Agency spelling out the dangers of eating infected fish.

One thing that has become clear is that there is only a limited amount of information about what effect the infection may have on fish spawning and survival. We understand that the Environment Agency and CEFAS are looking into the problem. Keep checking our website for further information and if you catch an infected fish please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

N.B. Other rivers in the UK have yielded infected fish so please be vigilant.

On happier note - our Wear expert  Jerry Macbeth caught a healthy silver 10lb Salmon on a black Flying-C.

30 September

Over 10,000 fish in August through our rivers and at least one salmon has been reported. Member George Sharpless caught a beautiful silver 15lb salmon using a flying C on the Ridings pool on Thursday 27 September. George offers his thanks to the member, name unknown, who assisted him in landing the fish.  George stated that there were other members fishing who also had success. Out on the Tyne the previous week George tempted two sea trout out of the Eals pool.


Thanks go out to the members and their partners who attended the bank clearing exercise on the 08th September. Some 14 people attended and a lot of areas have been opened up and this has greatly improved the river for flyfishing.

23 September

The Fish Counts page has been updated today. Over 10,000 fish passed through the counters in August but not a single report of any caught during September by one of our members!!

01 September

Members' News -

The first report from the new stretch on Liddell Water came from Jerry Macbeth (Committee). He caught and released two sea-trout on 20 August on a Cascade. May I remind Members that another working party will meet next Saturday 08/09/2007 at 10.30 o'clock. Please be there if you can.

Congratulations to Jamie Patterson (a 13yr. old Junior member) who caught his first Tyne fish from the Eals Pool late in the evening of 24 August. The 5.5lb sea-trout was tempted by size 8 Stoats' Tail.

Northumberland Tourism have taken over the running of the tourist website from the County Council. This has resulted in three changes to entries on the "Links" page.

20 August

M Moffat had a grilse of 6lb from the Till one evening and 3 sea trout the following evening of 8lb, 7lb and 5lb . Two days later, he had a 6lb sea trout from the Coquet.

P Edwards caught and released a 3lb sea trout on the Till.

All fish were caught on a fly - which one I don't know!!

19 August

To make the fish count data more accessible, a new page has been created - Fish Counts

River Liddel - 02 August

Thanks  to those who assisted on the bank clearing exercise on the river on Saturday 21st July. Sadly not enough members turned out to complete the exercise so another date has been arranged for Saturday 08 September at 10.30am. Whilst the committee accept that members join the club to fish the waters we do expect some assistance to improve the facilities for all our benefits.

River Reports 02 August

We are now getting regular reports of members catching salmon and sea trout on all beats with the exception of the Liddel which has only just been opened to the membership.

Thornton Steward Reservoir - 02 August

We are now able to report that anglers have caught over two thousand fish on the reservoir this year to date (15 July 2007). In comparison to a commercial fishery we believe this to be excellent progress for a club that also has heavy financial commitments with riparian owners on all our river beats. We are closely monitoring the "Dog Days" with the view of increasing stocking levels in future years to assist all anglers over this period.

09 July 2007 - New Water - River Liddel

We are pleased to announce that we have secured the lease on a single bank stretch of river fishing on the River Liddel. This tributary of the Border Esk is renowned for its fabulous runs of sea trout from June onwards to the season's end on 30th September. There is also a good run of salmon from July onwards to the season's end on 31st October. Excellent brown trout fishing is also available. Members have already been advised of this new stretch and in order that we can make it a better fishing area for the members a working party has been arranged for Saturday 21st July. Members are asked to meet at the river for 10.30am. As always the committee endeavour to provide quality fishing for its members.

Congratulations to junior member David Limon who caught his first ever brown trout fishing the reservoir on the 10th June.

Kielder Water Release - From 09.00hr Thursday 05 Julythe release will be 15.4 cumex until 13.30hr on Saturday 07 July when the flow will be reduced to 12.0 cumex. Updates on the release pattern can be obtained from the usual number. (01434 240463)

From Friday 29th June 2007, until further notice, the release from the reservoir will be 50 cumex (FIFTY cubic metres per second).

There is a report that salmon have been caught at Hesleyside but I have no details.

It is 4 years today since the "Web Counter" went live. Over 18450 "hits" have been recorded - no great surges but a steady stream of people who are interested in what we are doing and a steady trickle of prospective members of the Club.

RIVER REDE - 31 MAY 2007

The stocking of brown trout, 11" to 13", has been successfully carried out . Members will hopefully enjoy some excellent river fishing over the coming months with these quality fully finned fish. Members are reminded of the number of fish that they are allowed to kill in any one week.


We are only able to announce any migratory fish catches on the site if members contact the committee. The first reported fish is a sea trout caught by Head Bailiff Dave Cave fishing the Till last Friday. So members, if you have caught any fish then let us know.

RIVER REDE - 24 MAY 2007

Our annual stocking of brown trout, 11" to 13", will be taking place in the next few weeks which will give the river anglers, hopefully, some really good fishing. It is hoped that the stocking will not be cancelled like last year with the river being in spate and not being able to find an alternative date for the stocking.


The good fishing at Thornton Steward continues with over a thousand trout caught since the start of the season. This is encouraging news for the club to be able to state these figures following last years trouble with not being able to stock due to the VHS disease really affecting stocking levels. It is also very encouraging to see both day tickets and members taking no fish home due to exercising catch and release at their own behest. Thank you from the committee.


"Home and Dry"

The GS parasite is a highly contagious bug that has devastated freshwater salmon stocks in a number of countries within Europe.

Countries affected include Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

The United Kingdom remains officially parasite free and it is essential that we keep our British rivers free from this parasite.

It is capable of surviving for several days in damp and/or wet conditions on our fishing equipment such as waders, lines and bags etc.

If you have fished in any of the above countries then it is essential that you go "Home and Dry". This means that it is important that you take one  of the following measures with your fishing gear.

Dry equipment at a minimum of 20 degrees C for at least 2 days.

Heat for at least 1 hour at temperatures of above 60 degrees C.

Deep freeze for at least one day.

Immerse in a suitable solution for at least ten minutes.

Keep Home and Dry and preserve our fishing.

For information regarding suitable disinfecting solutions download SEERAD or DEFRA leaflets from

http://www.infoscotland.com/gsbug/contact.html or


From SEERAD leaflet

(Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department)



Where are the Fish? - 10 May 2007

Many anglers in the North East are wandering where the migratory fish are at this time of the season on our major rivers like the Tyne, Wear and Coquet. We are unable to provide the exact answer but a major factor could be the lack of rain so far this year. What releases there are from Kielder appear to be having no effect. From today, until further notice, the release will be 1.8 cumex. (Call Northumbrian Water on 01434 240463 for the latest information throughout the season). We will endeavour to publish on a regular if not monthly basis the number of fish running our 3 major rivers throughout the season. These figures are supplied by the Environmental Agency.

River Tyne. The number of fish running through the Riding mill fish pass stand at 42 at the end of March. This is made up of 4 in January, 18 in February and 20 in March.

River Coquet. Both the north and south fish pass at Warkworth are in operation and the total for the year is 101. 30 in January, 15 in February and 56 in March.

River Wear. The total through the Framwellgate fish pass stands at 42. All of these fish went through the fish pass in March.

Main Tyne Fishing - 22 April 2007

On the 31 March we announced that we were to submit an offer to buy a stretch of fishing on the main Tyne. We are able to report that the club submitted an offer above the guide price of £85,000.00 for this stretch of fishing at Mickley near Eltringham. The closing date for offers was 16 April 2007. Though we have not had official communication from the agents dealing with the sale we have taken it that our bid has been unsuccessful. An article in the local paper on 17 April reported that the fishing rights had been sold for over £200,000.00. We can report however that we did not offer that price for the water.

Thornton Steward Reservoir - 22 April 2007

Members are continuing to have good fishing at the reservoir with the rod average currently standing at six fish per rod day. Members and day ticket holders are reminded that any brown trout caught are to be returned to the water unharmed as this is part of the agreement with our lease with Yorkshire Water.

Membership - 22 April 2007

Though we have a very good membership level we still have vacancies and any person interested should contact us via our email on the contacts page of the website. If you go fishing with a junior then we have a very attractive option for them joining the club also.

New Committee Member - 05 April 2007

The committee are pleased to announce that Fred Richardson has been co-opted onto the committee for the remainder of the year. This takes the committee up to its agreed level of seven. Fred has attended the last five committee meetings and has already come up with some plans for the future and is the pro-active type of person required by the committee.

Main Tyne Fishing - 31 March 2007

A stretch of fishing has come onto the open market on the main Tyne at Mickley near Eltringham. The fishing is 2600m ( approx 1.5 miles) of single bank fishing on the south bank. It is seldom that a stretch of fishing of this type comes onto the open market and this is believed to be the first of its type in this region for some 30 years and comes with a guide price of £85,000.00. Since the committee became aware of the water we have viewed the stretch and over the last four weeks have agreed to submit an offer for the fishing and will do so before the closing date of 16 April 2007. When we are advised of the outcome of our offer the website will be updated.

Thornton Steward Reservoir - 31 March 2007

Since the initial heavy stocking of rainbows before the start of the season which saw excellent catches and plenty of bag limits we have now commenced our regular stocking programme for the year which will be of the normal 2lb weight with bigger fish of 5lb plus going in throughout the season. Both members and day tickets are still enjoying very good sport with a day ticket catching 9 fish, returning 6 and retaining his bag limit of 3 fish on 22 March. A member has caught a beautifully over wintered blue trout of 3lb which was safely returned.

Thornton Steward Reservoir 10 March 2007 

Following a heavy stocking of rainbows a week before the start of the season with fish ranging from 2lb to 5lb plus members and day tickets have got off to  a cracking start with plenty limit bags being caught. Fish of the season so far is a beautifully over wintered brown trout of 5lb caught and safely returned unharmed by member Joe Salt. Best rainbow to date is 4lb caught by a day ticket rod on 3rd March who had his bag limit as well as returning 8 other fish.

Annual General Meeting 07 February 2007

Many Members awoke to snow on the morning of the AGM but it melted during the day and the well attended meeting went ahead as scheduled.

The various Reports indicated that the Club is in a strong position both in membership levels and financially. In a club like ours, financial strength it is very important in order to be able to take advantage of any new water that comes available. In this regard, the club has signed a new lease with the National Trust for a stretch on the River Wear (known by the Trust as Moorhouse Woods) but shown as Rainton Park Wood on O.S. maps and Durham Council's website. Hopefully, this will give members earlier spring fishing on the river.

The Committee did not propose any changes to subscription levels, the cost of Day Tickets or bag limit on Thornton Steward Reservoir. The members agreed the proposals for stocking of TSR and a stocking of 11"- 13" brown trout in the River Rede.

As usual, an excellent buffet was enjoyed by the members during the evening.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

The Reservoir re-opens on Thursday 1 March 2007 for Members and Day Ticket holders for Rainbow Trout. As a result of the problem with VHS restrictions last summer, Brown Trout were stocked in the reservoir and the Close Season for them does not end until 22 March 2007.

It does not seem possible that this is the start of the FIFTH season that the Club has run the fishery - there have been difficult moments over the years but there seems to be general agreement that the venture has been an overall success - we are looking forward to the new season and wish all anglers who fish there "tight lines" and enjoyable days' fishing.