Coronavirus and Covid-19: Challenges for our club

These are very challenging times not only for our club but the country as a whole and as a club there are no easy answers.

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope all our members stay fit and well through this crisis and are able to get back fishing as soon as possible but, as you will understand, this is government dependant and out of our control. 

From a club perspective it is vital that we come through this crisis in a sound financial state and with all our waters intact. FFFC is a prestigious club held in high esteem by riparian owners. It has taken many years for the club to achieve this position, acquire the portfolio of quality waters we currently have and to establish the very good relationships we enjoy with our riparian owners. We look for this to continue. Most leases for this year have already been paid and if we all stick together then we, as a committee, believe we will come out unscathed. Thank you all for your support in this trying time.

So, please, take care, keep safe, follow the government directives and we will notify you as soon as fishing is again an allowed activity.