The Clock

Is Ticking

As we head into the final month of our migratory fishing on our English rivers we will as usual see an expected upturn in the number of members looking for their final casts and hopefully catches of the season. Members are having success on our Tyne beats in catching both salmon and sea trout with the spinner being the most successful method of late. The numbers of fish entering the river are still in keeping with previous years and the September numbers have been added to our fish count section. Rain rain on Friday has brought another lift to the river which should encourage the fish to keep running upstream and should settle into a good level by tomorrow. The river Wear however continues its poor season in terms of fish running the river and fish being caught. Some of our committee are testimony to that. The number of fish running through the fish counters for September is a paltry 1890 taking the season so far to 6402. Since full records were kept for this river it looks likely this could be the lowest runs on record with only 8651 fish running the river in 2012. We sincerely hope October goes out with flying colours. Tight lines to you all.