A WelcomeR


On behalf of the committee and the members I would like to welcome member Jim McLean onto the committee. Jim has a vast amount of experience in his past having spent nearly 30 years in the RAF and we look forward to his assistance and knowledge helping the committee. Jim has volunteered to take on the role of membership secretary and the transition of transferring everything over to him will Hopefully take a short time.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

Following the recent rain falls we are pleased to advise that the reservoir is now almost back to its upper level and the embargo of fishing next to the inlet has now been removed. Members and day tickets are still advised however that the maximum time allowed fishing in this are is still one hour per fishing session.

River Scenes

The welcome rain of late has brought some much needed water into the rivers and being totally honest we could do with a lot more like having a five foot spate on all rivers to move on stale fish and bring in fresh runs of newer and cleaner fish. Like all river anglers we certainly hope this occurs to improve upon what so far has been a disappointing season. Currently the best prospects seem to be our Start beat on the river Tweed as a lot of fish are being caught on the lower beats of this river. If ever a statement is true we do hope mepmbers have Tight Lines.