A good day

For the Juniors

Our annual junior members competition was held at our Thornton Steward reservoir on the 10th August In which 8 members partook. The event was organised and ran by club bailiff Barry Gibson who started the day with the usual health and safety rules and regulation. All competitors also received a selection of free flies tied and supplied by club member Mary Bowes. If rather iffy weather conditions not all were successful in landing a fish or more but the majority of them did, so well done in trying conditions. Pure Fishing Also supplied the juniors with a fishing hat so thanks to them also for the sponsorship. Overall winner on the day was Jake Battensby with 4 fish and he was presented with the winners trophy by reservoir bailiff Walter Trewitt. 

Hesleyside Fishng

Having informed members that Bellingham Angling Club were now continuing with their fishing on these beats we supply clarification of the number of allocated rods on each beat that is part shared. The Mill beat, Hesleyside beat, Dunterley beat, Ridings beat and Eals beat, we have six rods on each beat. In September and October we have no rods on the Hesleyside beat.

Bellingham have one rod on the Mill beat, one rod on the Hesleyside beat. They have no rods on either the Mill or Hesleyside beats in September or October. They have two rods on the Dunterley beat, of which only one rod may fish Peters Hole, Two rods on the Ridings beat and two rods on the Eals beat.

The maximum number of rods per beat at any one time is six. That can be made up of say six Felling members and no Bellingham members, Five Felling members and one Bellingham angler or Four Felling members and two Bellingham anglers. So if there are two Bellingham anglers on a beat a further four Felling members are allowed on the beat. If there are six Felling members on a beat then there is no Bellingham anglers allowed. So in essence it is on a first come first served basis.

Welcome Back

At our committee meeting last night it was with great delight that committee member Dave Charlton made his first appearance in some months following majorly surgery. Whilst it was good to see Dave it was even more pleasing to hear that he is also getting out onto the rivers again. Onwards and Upwards.


We currently have some vacancies available within the club and if you are interested in joining one of the best clubs then please contact us through our website or send in your application via our membership application tab at the top of our home page. You will find our committee, bailiffs and members are all very friendly and especially helpful assisting new members on club waters.