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The 31st August saw the end of the net fishing for this year. Hopefully the rod anglers on our local rivers will start to see the benefits of increased numbers of fish starting to enter the rivers. We keep hearing that this has been a wet summer, well not up north it hasn't. We all know that the rains lift the rivers and this brings fresh fish into the rivers. So as we enter into September we hope that we have a wet Autumn and with the nets off we have a productive end of the season.

Members are asked to remember that the hesleyside beat on our Tyne beats is now off limits.

Whilst the rivers are currently low due to the lack of rain members are still having limited success. Salmon to 14.5 off the Wear, 14lb off the Tyne, 8lb off the Fenton beat and also the Coquet. With the rivers low members are having to be patient whilst fishing so put in the effort and hopefully you will reap the rewards.

Help or Hindrance

This year has seen more releases from Kielder reservoir into the Tyne system and members continually keep saying what a good level the river is running at on our Tyne beats. What we do not know is if this has improved catches or fish just keep running through the beats. The end of the season will let us know and hopefully it has been a help rather than a hindrance.

Angling Trust

The Angling Trust have been entrusted by the EA to oversee a five point action plan over the future of salmon stocks. This will have a major bearing on future stocks and also the future of angling clubs depending on the final consultation plans. This will have an effect on both nets and rods. Some pointers for members and other readers of our blogs is that the nets contribute circa £50k finance per year for their licences. Clubs and individual anglers in our region contribute much more than that figure. The nets off the north east coast last year had circa 17000 salmon and Circa 60000 sea trout. Our regional anglers produced less than ten per cent of those figures. Whist we appreciate that the netsmen do this as a living the financIan income against nets to rods simply does not equate. Part of the five point plan is the exploitation of salmon by Rods and Nets. We know that our rod anglers already have compulsory catch and release until the 16th June, still waiting after 20 years of this law to see what effect it has had on our spring salmon numbers, but rod anglers already operate catch and release after this date with around 80 per cent of fish being returned. The nets return , erm, you work it out. There are also rumours of total catch and release for all rod anglers. That would certainly have a dramatic effect on the number of rod licences being sold in the future and thereby having a knock on effect to angling clubs and our riparian owners. This is only a brief scenario of what could happen in the future to our beloved sport and we therefore implore members and readers alike to take part in the consultation process with the Angling Trust. To take part please use the following link, it will take some time but please partake in the consultation.

Tweed and Till

Members are reminded that from the 15th September that it is Fly only on our beats on the above rivers. Please observe this rule.