Starting to


Better late than never but the Summer grilse are now starting to appear in the rivers. Members have had success in catching them on both the Coquet and the Wear and I am sure others have also been caught elsewhere. With the high numbers of fish taking the Tyne it appears that not many seem to be being caught looking at fish pal for the Tyne. Whether the Kielder releases are keeping the fish running or not could be a factor but members are saying the river is running at a very good fishing level on our beats so hopefully members are catching fish but keeping quiet about it as I am only hearing about the odd fish or two being caught. Most members will be aware of the big tree that has been stuck in Peters Hole for a few years now has a companion. Arrangements are being made to have the two trees removed in the next few weeks and some lucky person/s will find a few hundred spinners attached. More costs to the club Unfortunately. Whilst we have not had any rain locally in my area there has been rain further north in Northumberland and this has affected the fishing on the Tyne and Tweed today. Hopefully both rivers will be back in fishing order by tomorrow and looking at the Farsons cam at Hexham there are fish running over the bridge footings so rods at the ready.

Rothley lake

The lake is again becoming overgrown with weeds and at more costs we have had these treated two weeks ago so members should see some improvement shortly.