June 2020 Updates

Members Handbook

Most members should have received their updated 2020 handbook which have been posted this week. Whilst all the committee took part in the updated version it has to be stated that about 95% of the work was carried out by membership secretary Jim McLean. It is very pleasing to see members in the forum and our email site have welcomed the update and also congratulate Jim for his  sterling efforts.

River Wear

Those members that fish this river need to be aware of a major road closure from July 20th. The New Elvet Bridge which crosses the river in Durham, accessed via the A690, will be closed to all traffic and also pedestrians for approximately 14 months. Alternatives routes need to be scourced but the A167 is the best alternative.

Rothley East Shield Lake - use of strike indicators

A number of members have asked for clarification on the use of strike indicators at Rothely. The committee discussed this at their last Zoom Committee meeting and reconfirmed that the use of inanimate strike indicators at Rothley should not be used. 

Some Fish About

Tight lines

Pleasing to hear that the odd salmon and sea trout are now being caught by some lucky members with the Till and Wear producing these fish.

The May fish counts have been added and are not great with the Coquet leading the way. The Riding Mill fish counter for the Tyne appears to be out of operation since early April which will probably be the reason for a low April count and none at all for May.



Fishing venues open

UPDATE: Friday, June 5th

All of our waters are now open to fish.  However we ask everyone to follow some simple rules to help make fishing safe for us all.  These rules are set out below and follow the guidelines issued by the Angling Trust. 

Crag Lough


Two boats are now available to book on Crag Lough. The boats are numbered 1 and 2 and the numbers are on the bow of the boats. Initially bookings will be solely by email; for details of how to book please see the Members Forum at http://www.fellingflyfishers.co.uk/forum/general/400-online-booking-for-crag-lough.html


As members will appreciate ensuring boats are sanitised between users is a major challenge. Therefore, in order to make the use of the boats possible in these changed times of Covid-19, members who wish to use them need to be aware of the following:

1. Members booking boats are responsible for sanitising the boats, oars, covers etc. both BEFORE and AFTER use and MUST take they own sanitising fluid/spray, cloths, gloves etc. in order to do this.

2. Only 1 person per boat please unless from the same household when 2 people per boat is allowed. Because of the size of the boats members may find 1 person per boat makes fishing more comfortable and is recommeneded.

3. It is strongly recommended that members take and wear their own buoyancy aid.

4. For those members not aware the boats are moored slightly offshore so it will be necessary to wade out slightly to get to the boats and pull them to shore; so please take waders for this. Wellingtons are not sufficient.  


Catch Returns at Thornton Steward and Rothley:

Please continue to complete catch returns at Thornton Steward and Rothley but members should complete returns with their own pen. At Rothley please complete returns as normal but sanitise hands before and after posting your return. At Thornton Steward members are asked to use their own piece of paper to record catch details i.e. Name, Membership Number, Date and details of fish caught and fish kept and post this in the returns box. Thank you.


COVID-19: Some General Rules

COVID-19 is spread when an infected individual or carrier, who may not have any symptoms, releases the virus into the air by coughing or sneezing, or even breathing.  A person in close contact can inhale the virus and become infected. Also, the virus will settle on surfaces and can live there for days. Someone can become infected by touching that surface and then touching their face. The virus can be killed by soap or by appropriate sanitising agents. 

This is all we need to know to define some  general rules:

  • DO MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING: do not stand within 2m of anyone and maintain a distance of 15m from other anglers when fishing.
  • DO PRACTISE GOOD HYGIENE: use hand sanitiser BEFORE and AFTER touching gates, locks etc. Disposable gloves or a carrier bag over the hand are recommended. 
  • DO GO FISHING ON YOUR OWN: only travel to venues on your own or with members of your household.
  • DO NOT share fishing tackle or touch fishing tackle other than your own
  • DO NOT leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19: follow Government advice on self- isolation.

If we remember and adhere to these general rules, we will not spread the virus, and can enjoy fishing safely. And remember to take your own hand sanitiser and/or disposable gloves

These rules are straightforward but occasionally someone may forget and slip up. If you see someone do that, be willing to remind them politely. Likewise, be willing to accept polite correction if you transgress.



Head Bailiff:  After many years sevice to the club Dave Cave has decided that now is the time to step down from the role of Head Bailiff and from the committee. We owe Dave a very big "thank you" for all he has done for the club and its members and wish him well for the future. Barry Gibson has agreed to take on the role of Head Bailiff. For those of you who don't know Barry he has been a member of the club for many years and has worked very closely with Dave for many of those years. Filling the vacuum left by Dave was never going to be easy so we are very fortunate to have someone with Barry's knowledge and experience to take on this major role.

Bank Erosion, Dunterley, North Tyne:  Serious bank erosion has taken place over the winter months that has undercut the riverside path through the woods just upstream from the fishing hut at Dunterley. Members are advised to take extreme care on this path and only fish part way down this path when accessing from the road above Peter’s Hole.  Under no circumstances should members try to access the Ridings pool from along this path. Access to the Fishing hut, the Ridings Pool and the water downstream from the Ridings should be via the gate and car parking area (signs on gate) just past Dunterely farm. 
New lock at Fenton: Members fishing the Fenton Beat need to be aware that at the request of the Lambton Estates a combination lock has now been fitted to the car park gate. The combination for this lock is available in the Forum section http://www.fellingflyfishers.co.uk/forum/general/409-new-gate-lock-at-fenton.html or from Barry Gibson or Jim Bumby.

Car Park Badges: To help our bailiffs would members please remember to display their FFFC Car Park badge in their windscreens along with their Membership Number. Thank you.

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