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The site will be undergoing maintenance and security updates this week. It will take between two and three days and ask that members and the general public have patience with us as these essential updates take place.

February 2019

Fish counts

The fish counts as kindly supplied by the EA for February 2019 have been added to our listings. The Tyne seems it's old slow self with few fish going upstream whereas the Wear has topped the 100 mark past Framwellgate already. Hope that is a better sign for the season than lasts years figures. Not aware of any member catching a migratory fish as yet but then again it's like the secret service. Let's know if you have any success.

One man and

His dog

As a nation of animal lovers people love their cats and dogs. Indeed we know of members who have a dog and take it with them for company when out fishing on our many beats. Most of our riparian owners are quite happy with this whilst the odd one is not to pleased. So for clarification of our beats all dogs MUST be kept on a leash and not allowed to roam and run free at will. Members assistance in this rule will be greatly appreciated as it keeps us in a good relationship with our riparian owners, many whom have livestock close to our beats. Should you have any query with this then head bailiff Dave Cave will be only to happy to keep you correct.

Apologies for now

contact us section

We are currently experiencing problems with severe amounts of spam affecting our website via the contact us section of our site which will probably affect anyone trying to contact the club through that section of the website. We are working very hard to rectify this problem and ask for your patience until the issue is resolved effectively.

The rest of the site should work as normal.


Distant members

it is always pleasing to hear from members new and old about how accommodating local members are when meeting members from far afield on the river banks of our different fisheries. We have members travel to our Durham and Northumberland fishing from as far away as London, Northampton, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland to mention some of the areas. When these members visit they generally have to book accommodation for several days to say a week at a time. With this in mind we are looking to see if any local member/s may have some form of holiday let they may wish to utilise through the club, free of charge, for members that live out with of the area. Whilst this idea is in its early plans we hope that members appreciate the thought process behind the idea. Any agreement would be between the two members concerned. If you have a potential holiday let then please contact us through the website. 

Membership vacancies

We head into the new season and we do have some vacancies available at the moment. We offer lengthy beats on the rivers Wear, Coquet, Tyne and Till. Most of the parking is safe and secure and current members are also pleased to help and assist new members on the waters. The river wear offers  some lovely glides, deep holding pools that encourage the fly, spinning and if your preference worm or the shrimp. The Coquet is mainly a fly fishing beat with some beautiful glides and streams and very secure parking. The Tyne offers a lot of fly fishing water over nearly five miles of fishing with parking on most beats right next to the river, OK, ten or fifteen yards away On some beats. On the river Till , we as a club, have four seperate beats all within close proximity of each other, which is more than any other club or syndicate has access to. So if one beat is not fishing, have a ten minute drive to another beat, or if the tide is right pop down to our beat on the Tweed. Then if the rivers are not in fine fettle you have the choice of three Stillwater fisheries offering rainbow trout and brown trout fishing. Do you have a junior person also into fishing? Then if you join they are legible for free junior membership up to the age of 16. Think your fishing technique is not up to standard to join a club. We have a very good, competent, able and very patient qualified instructor more than happy to give one to one tuition at a fee agreed between both parties. So, there you go, 15 miles of river fishing on the best rivers in the north east, very friendly membership, three still waters, free junior membership all for £36 per month. Take the chance whilst you can.

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