As the song goes

Things can only get better

Thankfully at least one member had a decent day landing three sea trout to fly on the Tyne last week before the, shall we say, rain came. We are now into the last month of our migratory fishing for the year on our English rivers and hopefully members can land a fish or two. Having a walk down at Durham yesterday watching the huge spate going down stream carrying some large trees, pity they missed the archimedes screw, and thinking, well at least the fish will get over the weir with ease on their way to the redds hopefully. All our other river beats were in the same situation and hopefully by about Thursday members will have the opportunity to get back on the waters with fresher fish arriving. As usual tight lines all.

North Tyne

Parking at Eals Farm

After speaking to the tennant farmer regarding the parking for this beat could members now park in front of the barn. If there is no room due to other members vehicle then please go through the five bar gate and park in the field again against the side of the barn.

Upper Mill Beat

Members are informed that we have reached agreement with the owner for the right to fish this beat right through to the end of October.

Could be a

Good Weekend

The really heavy rains over the last few days have put the rivers out of order for fishing with most rivers up by around 4 feet or 1 metre. Hopefully it will move stale fish onwards and bring fresher fish into the systems. The one uncertainty could be the Coquet as it may well rise even further. With the previous low waters only the odd fish could be tempted to take and these have mainly been sea trout. Is there a shortage of salmon this season can be anyone,s guess but as we head into the final weeks of the season on our English rivers it is hoped the Autumn fish now start to enter the rivers. Tight lines all.

August 2019

Fish Counts

The fish counts for August have been added to our fish counter section. Bit grim the figures especially the Tyne which is down by circa 7000 on last year.

Members are still catching fish on our beats and our success at fish over the twenty pound mark continues with the guest of a member landing a 22lb salmon from our Dunterley/Ridings beat yesterday on the Tyne. That is now eight consecutive years that we have had at least one fish over the 20lb mark. 

Its that time

Of The Year

Just a gentle reminder to members fishing our Tweed and Till beats that it is now Fly Only for the remainder of the season.

Salmon, mainly grisle, and sea trout are still being caught by members on most rivers which is pleasing with the Tyne being the benificiary of some decent releases from Kielder reservoir assisting fish to move upstream.










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