Fenton: Please take care

Our Bailiff's report that the winter floods have changed some of the pools and the bank conditions in places at Fenton. So please take care when you visit. Don't assume river bed and conditions are the same as last year. Thank you.

Thornton Steward: New Day Ticket Outlet

Anyone purchsing day tickets for Thornton Steward should be aware that that in addition to the usual outlets these are now available from Thornton Grange, No Mans Moor Lane, Thornton Steward HG4 4BQ (next to the Water Treatment Works). Available 7 days a week. See Fishing page "Thornton Steward" for further details.

All Systems Go from March 29th

We have just received confirmation from the Angling Trust that all forms of angling including night fishing, charter boat angling and match fishing will be able to resume from March 29th under new Covid guidance for the return of outdoor sports and recreation in England. This also means that the "stay at home" restriction will be lifted then as well. Full details can be found on the Angling Trust Website here:https://anglingtrust.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/FISHING-FROM-MARCH-29.pdf

Email Addresses

We have now sent emails out to all club members except for a small few who do not have email. When you get this email it is imortant that you reply to confirm you received the email and that the email address used is the one you continue to want us to use. The majority of members have already replied but if you haven't please do so as soon as possible. 

Please confirm your email with us even though you're pretty certain we already know it. 

If you can't see the email in your inbox please check it hasn't gone into your junk box. If you still can't see the mail then please email us to let us know, we may have an old email address for you.

Thank you. 

Member Email Addresses

We are currently in the process of updating the contact details of all our members and in particular email addresses. In the future we would like to send Newsletters, Catch Returns etc. out by email to as many members as possible as this will save substantially on our administration costs.  It will also mean that we will be able to contact members much quicker when needed. Consequently over the next couple of days the vast majority of members will receive an email asking you to check and confirm your email address. If you have an email address and don't receive an email from us by the end of the week please let the secretary know (by email) as it means we do not have your current email address!

So, please, go paperless and help us save on postage and printing costs. Thank you. 

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