Numbers obtained

Crag lough

Thanks to the members for the very quick response in volunteers to assist in removing the boats from Crag Lough. We are pleased to say that we now have the required numbers of members for this operation.

Further success

Members have again been successful on our rivers with salmon, grilse and sea trout being caught and safely returned to the water on nearly all our rivers. The Till, Coquet, Tyne and Wear have all produced some good fish this last week and we are awaiting confirmation of what could be the biggest fish of the season coming from our river Wear beats. Whilst on the river Wear two members had to have assistance from the farmer after becoming stuck down by the lower car park. Please be aware that we did mention that this car park was in a bad condition and has become even worse now so please use the top main car park over the last few days of the season.


Heading towards

The Close

For many members this will be the last chance of wetting a line on our English rivers this weekend so there may be added pressure on the beats. Knowing the members as I do I am sure this will not create any problems. The rivers have fined down nicely after last weekends spates and some decent fish have been caught with salmon to 14lb coming from the Tyne beats and a superb 12lb sea trout coming from our Coquet beat on the fly. Members will be receiving their end of sason catch return forms in the post next week so you should be able to complete it straight away and return rather than leave it and forgetting about it.  It is also a statutory requirement to send your returns in to the EA.

No more fishing on the rivers till next year then? Not in our club. Members have the opportunity to continue fishing for another month on our three Till beats and our Tweed beat. Fly only though.

Crag lough

The season for our trout fishing members on this Stillwater ends next Tuesday. That leaves the yearly request for some assistance from the membership to help remove and place the boats into storage through the winter months. A team of 8 people is required to carry out this effectively and takes no more than two hours. We intend to remove the boats on Wednessay 8th November and ask if you can assist then please give head bailiff Dave Cave a call.

A Weekend


Regretfully for the salmon and sea trout anglers in the club this weekend is a total washout. All our rivers are in spate, good for the fish, but not for the anglers. Prospects for Sunday are the same and with storm Brian heading our way later today more rain is expected. As we head towards the seasons end the rain should hopefully bring in some good Autumn runs of fish and we hope the rivers settle down to wet a line.

In a poor


The fish count figures for September for the rivers Tyne and Wear have been added to our fish counter today. Though not exceptionally high they are in line with previous years so we should not really complain. However, members will remember we had a lovely stretch on the river Tees which we relinquished at the end of the 2015 sason due to poor catch returns. Looking at the numbers of fish that have taken the Tees this year shows that there is something drastically wrong with this river. Whilst various bodies and angling organisations cite the seals and Tees barrier as the main culprits it is very sad to see that up to the end of September only 281 fish have been recorded through the fish counter. The consultation process that ended on the 9th october over rod and net exploitation will no doubt end in some sort of convoluted series of action to protect our fisheries but it may well be too late for this once superb river. 

No figures are available for September from Northumberland Rivers Trust for the Coquet but they are also concerned at the low numbers of fish so far this season especially in June and July. This river once boasted runs of over 30,000 fish per year and my how times have changed. The consultation prices may result in total catch and release on these two rivers but is that the answer?  Who knows, only time will tell.


a member left his gye landing net at the boat pool car park today. If found please contact me and I wil put you in touch with the rightful owner.

Closing shortly

English rivers

We head into the final four weeks of the migratory fishing season on our English rivers and hopefully we see some good late runs of Autumn salmon and sea trout Heading into our rivers to let members have their last chance of catching these magnificent fish. Rain of late has given the rivers a much needed lift and conditions are very good at the moment and further light rain today should keep them in fine fettle. The days really do seem to have shortened very quickly and any members night fishing will be starting as early as 7.00 pm as it is so dark by then. We hope members have the opportunity to get out on the banks in the next few weeks and hopefully catch a fish or three.

Rothley lake

Belated thanks to the ten members giving up their spare time to help remove the weeds from the lake. A fantastic job was carried out and catching and more importantly, landing, fish is now much easier. Until next year that is So be prepared.

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