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Having had problems with our picture gallery which is now resolved a further ten pictures have been added as a test. These were all from our 2017 AGM.


Just a little


Following the bad snow of last week the rivers are still trying to settle down into any fishable order. We have not heard of any success as yet on club waters, not surprising really, and all our local rivers are also struggling. Still waiting to hear of the first fish coming off the Coquet but no news as yet. The February fish counts have been added to our counter although not many fish at present seem to be heading upstream, probably due to the water temperature. It was good to see that the Coquet is not becoming part of the Compulsary Catch and Release scheme being brought in by the EA. With members and anglers alike already returning upwards of 80 per cent of salmon catches we know that we are already doing our part for conservation. Whilst we were unable to provide final year end fish counts for the Coquet, courtesy of the Northumberland Rivers Trust, it is pleasing to see they hope to have a new fish counter in operation at Acklington dam within the next few weeks.

Save our salmon

EA proposals

The EA have released their proposals on 5th March. Sorry but I am having problems with cutting and pasting the link to read the full proposals. 

We have already given a fair idea of what to expect and we have been correct on most counts. Drift nets banned forthwith, T and J nets have this year to catch salmon then banned in 2019,

CCR has been imposed on about a dozen rivers but none of our club watears are affected, including the Coquet, but the Tees is now CCR.

From 2019 spinners will only be allowed a single hook with a certain size stipulated. Like to see how that works and if they have notified all the hook makers and makers of spinners.

Objections to the proposals must be made before 8th April. Hopefully I can get the link for club members and general readers alike to fully read ASAP.



Members would normally have received our latest newsletter, including 2017 catches, and membership sticker for 2018 following our AGM in mid February. This has been delayed as we are having discussions with one of our riparian owners over the renewal of a current lease. It is expected that this will be resolved one way or another within the next week. Once this is conclude members will receive their relevant documents shortly afterwards.

Get ready for the

Beast or the Start

End of February and winter is still with us. Our local rivers are certainly not producing many migratory fish at present and that includes the, erm, mighty Tweed. River levels  have been up and down like the proverbial yo yo and will certainly have had an effect on catch levels and maybe the number of rods fishing. Or maybe it is the cost of an early days Spring salmon Fishng, looking for that elusive Spring salmon. Why is it elusive? Maybe there are not enough Spring fish these days, oh, and that's after 25 years of Compulsary catch and release which is why more Spring fish are caught, again no. So that theoretically means less fish to catch and therefore a reduction in the cost of a day or two on the river. Again no. 

Angling clubs are now realising, maybe too late, that riparian owners simply put up prices year by year in the belief that angling clubs and associations will simply agree to these increases. Well, we believe, the boot is on the other foot. Clubs and associations and the individual rod angler pay for the privalege of fishing a beat from a riparian owner, yet the owner is unable to guarantee that fish will be there to be caught but still charges high rates for a days or a weeks fishing. Whilst the riparian owners are not able to guarantee Fish will be in their spot on the river they are quite happy to increase fees at the behest of the rod angler.

The long awaited news release from the EA on the save our salmon campaign has been delayed by about a week. Why? It was ready to be published but is now delayed, problems with it we think. 

So, no, or little river fishing available we would look to our stillwaters to wet a line. For members and day tickets we have done a double stocking of 2lb rainbow trout at Thornton Steward Reservoir in prepeation for opening day of 1st of March For our day ticket guests and all year round members. Having left our fortnightlly committee meeting at 9.30pm tonight on a cold but very chilly night it is now even colder and an inch or  2.5 mm of snow has fallen in the last hour. So if you do intend to go fishing, be safe and be careful in the beast from the east. 

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