Action Required

River Till

Members will know that we have three beats on this river. One of them could be in danger of being badly polluted if planning permission is granted the next beat up on the opposite bank and we need to alert members to a potential disaster in the local community close to the Shellacres Beat, on the west side of the Till. We ask that members read the following submitted to the club by a member. We have discussed this item with our riparian owner Mr Frank Dakin and he is also asking that we as a club and as individuals object to the planning permission that is being requested. Please read and hopefully by following the link you can abject as an individual.

On farm land adjacent to the farm of Castle Heaton (who has one bank of the Shellacres beat) lies the farms of Stickle Heaton and New Heaton.  The owner of these farms is a firm called Dalbury Ltd, whose owner is John Laing.  He has lodged for planning permission to develop a 4.56ha site on his farm to build an agricultural gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.  This vast site is to process 114,000 tonnes of slurry and waste.  Little wonder the EA have opposed it, not to mention the local community of residents, and famers alike.  The applicant has already been the subject of several court cases associated with his prosecution by the Environment Agency for pollution incidents affecting the Till.   Most recently, reported in the Berwick Advertiser only last week, Mr Laing has been held in contempt of court for exhibiting a complete disregard for the law.  He has failed to carry out remedial works required by the court and we are able to observe that effluent from New Heaton Farm continues to regularly pollute the tributaries of the Till.
Mr Laing and therefore his company have demonstrated at best incompetence in the management of high risk potential pollutants and at worst an utter disregard for the law and his fellow inhabitants of this locality.  We do not consider him capable of managing such a complex, industrial process requiring careful attention to detail to prevent local pollution.
On planning grounds we raise the following concerns:
1.  The very significant increase in heavy traffic flow along a minor unclassified road.  This will severely affect the amenity of The Old Schoolhouse and Tillmouth Park Hotel, both of which are important providers of tourism accommodation. The road is not designed to accommodate continuous heavy traffic and we believe that the SAC Consulting document significantly downplays the additional number of journeys that this development would generate.  We are so concerned that we are commissioning an independent review of this calculation.
2.  The noise pollution from the proposed plant will also affect the local residents and tourism destinations.
3.  The continuous odour emitting from the stored feedstock products will affect the amenity of the locality.
4.   We are extremely concerned that large quantities of liquid digestate will be produced.  It will, according the application documents, be spread on the land and it is inevitable that this pollutant will end up in the watercourses and ultimately in the Tweed or the Till through surface run off or by percolation into land drains as a result of this process.  Mr Laing's track record is such that we can be confident in predicting such pollution.     
5.   The plant will severely affect the visual amenity of the locality in this Area of Landscape Value.  The users of the public footpaths across Stickle Heaton as well as the path running south from Donaldson's Lodge will be affected by the visual impact spoiling their enjoyment of this beautiful area.
6.    In the SAC Consulting document there is reference to the screening of the plant but occupiers of properties on higher ground such as Melkington House, will have the plant in full view as well as the noise and smell affecting them.
I would urge members of the syndicate, if moved to do so, to write into the County Council to object to this unwanted development which potentially threatens the Till and its fish stocks and natural history.  By all means write as a club, but the feeling is that the more do so as individuals the better.
Crag Lough
Thanks to those committee members and club members that placed the boats onto the Lough yesterday and also stocked the Lough wit some excellent brown trout. The Lough opens for fishing on the 1st May and members are reminded that the venue/boats must be booked through committee member Jerry Macbeth
Rotley Lake
Thanks again to those committee members and members that carried out the first stocking on this lake last Saturday.
So all you need to do now is object to the planning application and then o out and enjoy your fishing. Tight lines to all.

A little help


We are putting the boats onto Crag Lough this coming Wednesday, 25th April, along with a stocking of brown trout. Whilst we have enough people for putting the boats on we could do with another 2 or 3 members assistance to help with the stocking side of this event. If you can afford the time to assist please give head bailiff Dave Cave a phone call. His phone number is on page one of your members hand book.

First success

We can inform members that the first reported salmon of the season has been caught. Member Paul Edwards caught and safely returned a fresh bar of silver 7lb salmon from our Fenton beat caught on a small copper mepps. Here's to a good season for all members.

Not a lot


Things are very quiet on the river scene at present . Members have been out on the Till beats lately now that the river is at a very good fishing height but no one has reported as yet of any success though that does not say that the odd fish has been caught. The fish counts for March, those that they are, have been added to the fish counter section on the site. I think we all know that the rivers have been really high of late and the snow melt will have kept river temperatures low and therefore fish will not run the rivers. No doubt like most members we are all looking at the various beats to see what fish are being caught and very few have been so far to date. Interesting article on one beat that says anglers should take out insurance for the day/s fishing they have booked in case the river is unfishable and therefore losing out financially as the beat owner will not offer another day/s fishing in lieu. Whilst I fully understand the riparian owners stance it appears to be a case of you pay your money and take a chance, unless of course you have taken out insurance. 

Thank you members

Just to say thanks to the members who are willing to show new members the club beats. A new member is looking to fish the Till beats and posted a request on the members forum to see if any member would be prepared to show him the beats and as expected a member has already offered his service. Just goes to show what a good club we have and excellent members, a big thanks from the committee.

Fancy a Night Out

Speakers Night

Any member wishing to have a night out may be interested in attending the following Speakers Night this month at Chatton Village Hall.

7.00 pm Thursday 19th April

Guest Speaker is Dr. Ronald Campbell, Senior Biologist for the Tweed Foundation.

Topics for the evening are,

* Changing Seasons and Catches on The Tweed Catchment

* Lost at Sea - Trailer for the new ground breaking film

* Secrets of The Till

Entrance fee is £3 per person to include Tee or Coffee

More information is available from Richard Tebay on Tel:- 01668 215560

Post code for sat nav is NE66 5PX

Nearly there


In the process of placing the latest newsletter into the envelopes and should be posted tomorrow and with members by Saturday. Your 2018 membership sticker is stapled to the letter so take care when opening. Those members with junior members under their wing will receive the required number of stickers.

Good luck

We offer our best wishes to committee member Dave Charlton and his family today as Dave is undergoing a major ten hour operation. We do not expect to see or hear from Dave for a few weeks as he recovers from his operation and look very much forward to him being back with us and seeing him out on the rivers again. 

Slowly increasing

Following the past few weeks where the rivers have constantly been out of fishing order they have at last settled down to good fishing levels. The numbers of salmon being caght on the Tweed has increased this week along with the lower beats on the Tyne. The first reported salmon has been caught on the Fed waters yesterday on the river Coquet coming in at a nice 12lbs. Sea trout are now starting to enter the Tweed and Till and this is where we expect our members to catch our first salmon or sea trout of the year. If any member does have any success we would be delighted to know about it.

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