Half term report

Interim Catch Returns

Rather than sending out a newsletter to members as not all members river fish we are using this forum to gather the half yearly cach returns for the Tweed and three Till beats. Would members that have caught any salmon and/or sea trout upto the end of June please either send the details into the website or call secretary Dave Wilson. Details required are, species, month caught, weight and which beat. The details have to be with the Tweed Commission by the 18th July but Dabe has to send them to our riparian owners in advance of that date so the quicker the better. Your assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

Another tree

Work party required

We have a work party arranged for this Thursday at 11.00am on the river Wear. A large tree has been brought down by storm hector at the top of ban the bomb pool and is restricting flow and hindering fishing. Members that can attend should call head bailiff Dave Cave on his landline, leave a message if he is out, to confirm your attendance. Five or six members should suffice and should take around one to one and a half hours to complete. Chest waders will be required although the river level is only at knee level. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Well that

Did,nt Work

The Hoppings, a travelling fair, has had its usual week on the town moor in Newcastle. More often than not this event brings with it rain and much needed relief for our really sadly depleted rivers. This week has seen temperatures into the mid seventies and members have moved to our Stillwater fisheries in order to wet a line. Our next hope for rain is next week when Wimbledon tennis starts. Prayer mats out.

Please contact me

Membership fees

As members will know there are various ways to pay your membership fees, either in cash, cheque, standing order or bacs payment. Those members that pay by either standing order or bacs normally have their name or membership number or name attached to the payment which means it is easy to allocate to the member in question. We do however have a slight problem in that two members have made bacs payments in April without either their name or membership number attached to the payment. The two members in question are on Concessionary rates and ask that they call Jim Irving with the date of their payment so it can be reconciled agsinst thieir payment schedule.

Not all

Doom and Gloom

The lack of rain is certainly keeping the rivers low at present and probably keeping salmon from running the rivers much to a lot of anglers disappointment. The nets started operating again from the start of the month and will no doubt be getting off to a good season for them. Though the rivers are low members are having success with sea trout. Over the last fortnight sea trout have been caught on the Till and the Wear with one member catching three in one session on the Till. Patience and perserverence is required and hopefully members will have more success. Rain is forecast potentially for Tuesday and Wednsday and see how much falls and how high the rivers will run.

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