Late News

Thornton Steward Reservoir 

We apologise for the late notification to members and day ticket anglers alike that the sailing club will be holding a course on the reservoir on both the 21st and 25th of April. We only received the notification this morning from the sailing club.

The Start Fishing 

A member has reported the catch of another sea trout from our Tweed beat on the Start fishing. The fresh run 3lb sea trout was caught on a traditional sea trout fly the Teal blue and silver. The river level for this beat is currently at one its best heights for members to fish.

River Coquet 

Unconfirmed reports show that 60 fish went through the fish counter which is encouraging news for this river. Hopefully we will have the March figures from The Northumberland Rivers Trust.

Latest Updates

Rothley East Lake

In preperation for the expected rush of members to start fishing this stillwater venue now that the weather is warming up we have installed two styles at the south corner of the lake to make easier access for members. Members must use these new access points rather than climb over the stone wall with the potential of knocking the wall over again at a cost to the club.

First of The Season

We can inform the members of the first reported migratory fish of the season being caught on the Start fishing on the river Tweed. Member Nigel, caught and safely returned a fresh off the tide sea trout of 5lb taken on a fly. With the river being low at this time of the season salmon and sea trout are running the system and is the best chance of an early season fish. Members are reminded that there is no longer a need to book this beat but must inform committee member Dave Charlton at the end of the day if they have caught any fish.

Crag Lough

Due to logistic problems we are not able to open the lough at the beginning of the season, 1st May. This has been delayed until the 16th May when the boats will be placed in situation and a stocking carried out on the same day. We need a further two volunteers to assist on the day and ask if you can make it then please contact the club. We aopolgise if you intendeded to fish this venue at the start of May but needs must.

Fish Limit

EU Directives

Hopefully we will eventually get to the end of this saga but it will run and run for a few months yet. Following on from the previous item about haaf netting and the 3 rod limit for Englishmen it now appears that the haaf netsmen had a catch limit of 10 salmon per year and this has now been reduced to three fish per year. It is apparently based upon the sustainability of the river in question and the number of fish that run the river. The number of fish that apparently deem a river as sustainable is 5000. So, where does that leave the Coquet as it had less than 5000 fish last year. This is well below previous years when between 25 thousand and 30 thousand fish ran the river regularly each season. It could be argued that fish count figures are low due to the problems that have been encountered over the last few years with the fish counters.

Fish counts

The March figures for fish passing through the fish counters on the Tyne, Wear and Tees have been added to the counter page. Small numbers maybe but they are starting to move upstream at last.

New Fishing

As always the club look at the availability of new fishing rights that become available and at the moment there are two. One is on the north Tyne at some 1200 yards that is up for sale. Regretfully we are not in a position to make an offer as the guide price is £375,000 but could go to £6000,000 unless we have a generous benefactor within our midst. The second is a beat of a mile of single bank fishing, not saying where, as head bailiff Dave Cave and myself are going to view the beat this coming Thursday so fingers crossed. We have already looked at some other additional river fishing earlier in the season but it was to late to come to any agreement with the agents concerned but this is to be re-visited in November after the end of the season. Still had no time to go fishing as yet but it will come soon enough for most of us.

April Fool?


Fish limit 

Following on from the current EU directives creating havoc in Scotland over killing of fish, tagging etc. there was an article in a Sunday paper regarding the directives and the effect it will have on those netsmen using Haaf nets in that they will have to return all fish caught. Later in the article it said that Englishmen will be limited to three fish per year. Well, this is news to me and the other committee members. We already have catch and release until 16th June, we now have no killing of sea trout on the Tweed and Till before 1st April because they are classed as salmon, we had an 81 per cent catch and release policy carried out by members last season and now the idiots in Brussels appear to be meddling in England. This is the first we have had heard of this limit and more investigations are required, no time to go fishing I,m afraid.

Good News 

At least fish are starting to move onto a couple of our beats with some sea trout showing on the Till and salmon showing on the Wear so prospects are starting to show an improvement. Stocking of Thornton Steward reservoir has already begun and Rothley will be stocked later this month. As usual members should have renewed their rod licence and the EA officers will be out and about looking to check that anglers are in possession of their new licence.

Wild Fisheries Review

Licensing To Kill Salmon

The Wild Fisheries Review (WFR) is starting to create a lot of disent within the angling community, both owners and anglers alike, on Scottish rivers. As a stakeholder with fishing on the Tweed and the Till we believe that our members should take part in the consultation process. Previous articles have shown how disjointed the approach of the Review is and is certainly creating a lot of disent among the angling fraternity. As previously stated, the WFR are looking to bring in a tagging system for the killing of salmon and to be able to do this a licence will be required. Being stakeholders the River Tweed Commission (RTC) have contacted our club requesting that we partake in the consultation process. The RTC have been advised by the Tweed Foundation that they believe this new regulation is not required on the Tweed system as it is already operating a self regulatory policy of catch and release until 30th June and does have around 77% total catch and release of the 10 per cent of salmon caught by rod and line throughout the whole of the season. We are not against the tagging of a salmon when it is to be sold. This shows the buyer the legality of the fish. Anglers feel that this new legislation will not come into operation in 2016 but be assured, the review goes before parliament in June 2015 and will become law for 2016.

As we have stated in previous articles about being a stakeholder and how difficult we as a club will find to operate the tagging system should the licence system come into operation then we ask members and readers of our site to take part in the consultation process by objecting to this proposal. The consultation process which ends at the end of April can be found by logging on to

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