Latest Fish Counts

Moving up River

The fish counter for April has now been updated with the counters showing the Tyne with the most fish moving upstream followed by the Coquet.Last is, well yes, as usual the Tees. Heavy rain last weekend saw the rivers rise and this will continue to bring hopefully more fish into the rivers.

We,ve Won

The club have been informed this morning that we have won $600,000.00. Great news it would be if it were not for the fact that this is just one of the spam emails the club receive and this one is supposed to be from Facebook. Do we have an account with Facebook? Certainly not.

Sad News

Another one Gone

Sadly we report the death of one our previous members, Bob Logan, at the young age of 60 who leaves a wife and children and our thoughts are with them at this very sad time. Bob joined the club not long after our formation in 1984 and throughout his membership with us always assisted in stocking club waters and working parties on the riverbanks. He did have one of the most unusual stories whilst fishing the river Rede however. Fishing the Ingram pool the river was in fine fishing order and Bob had caught a lovely fresh run salmon of about 10lbs. He placed the fish on the bank next to a tree and started to fish the pool through again, not long later he caught a nice sea trout of around 3lbs. So he went to place the sea trout next to his prized salmon only to discover that it was not there. Now had he or had he not caught a salmon? Yes he had and as he looked around he saw to his astonishment an otter running along the river bank dragging a salmon. In a hurry he started to run after the otter but as he closed upon his prized prey the otter ran into the river never to be seen again but regretfully it still had the salmon in its grasp much to Bobs dismay. One of those stories you could not make up. Bobs funeral will be held next Monday 11tth May at Newcastle crematorium, West Road at 14.15pm.

T and J jets Consultation Process 

The consultation process on the above has now been completed and the results show that the majority of people recommend that the nets should be set and attended by the netsmen. The EA have advised however that the full paper will/can't be released until after the general election, why? Who knows. So we await the final paper to see where we go on this topic, below is the initial response from the EA,

We will publish the full summary after the general election and once a new government is formed. I will contact you again as soon as it is publically available.

However, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an indication of the responses we have received.

We received a total of 95 responses. The majority of responses were from individuals (75%), including a number of existing licence holders. The remainder of the responses were from local and national organisations active in the area, including conservation bodies, recreational organisations and local authorities.

The overall results from the responses are:

50% show support for an attendance byelaw consistently applied the whole coastal fishery.

A further 12% support the requirement through a condition on fishery licences.

Overall 62% of responses supported the need for a consistent requirement for licences to attend their nets whilst fishing.

The remaining responses varied support between other options identified the two most supported being ‘Do Nothing’ and ‘introduce Separate licences’.

There were a number of specific viewpoints submitted both in favour of and against the attendance byelaw. All of which are now being considered.


Rods at the Ready

Fish are Running

Following the heavy rain of yesterday the rivers have risen and fish are running upstream. It is expected that the local rivers will calm down today and there is every possibility that members will be in with a chance of catching their first of the season over the next day or two. We are still waiting for the upstream fish counts for the Tyne, Wear and Tees for April with the Northumberland Rivers Trust providing figures for March and up to the 19th April. Until we receive the figures from the EA the Coquet has most fish running the system and hopefully this a good sign for the rest of the season.



Next meeting


The next OPEN meeting of the above association will be held at the Comrades Club, Morpeth on Wednesday 13th May starting at 7.30pm. The Comrades Club is situated just off the paved market square in the centre of Morpeth with plenty of parking available beside the sports centre and behind the Sanderson Arcade.

This recently formed association runs along the similiar lines of our Wear Anglers Association (WAA) wherein they are attempting to vastly improve the river fishing for all anglers so please make every effort to attend. We are pleased to say that we have two committee members who attend the WAA on behalf of our club and two of our members are on the committee of the NGFA.

Rain dance

Help Required 

We are basking in some glorious sunshine again today and have been for a few weeks now even though some days the temperature has been a bit cool. The weather has been assisting the trout anglers on the rivers, Thornton Steward and Rothley East Lake. Now this is not helping the river angler in search of salmon or sea trout and what is required is some continuous heavy rain and this is where the help is required. If you know of a person that can do a rain dance, must be guaranteed, then ask them to contact the club. To date we have only had confirmed reports of 2 sea trout having been caught on the Start beat on the Tweed which is a low water beat. So rain or no rain?

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