Fishing updates

River Reports

The continued dry spells are still having an effect of the river fishing for members and the Tyne, Coquet, Wear and Tees are all suffering badly due to the lack of rain. The Tyne did have a rise of three feet last week which should have moved fish towards our stretches as fish were being caught not too further down river. The rain did not affect the other rivers. The Till though is getting some good runs of sea trout with members having success both through the day and also those members night fishing.It goes without saying that the rivers do really need some constant rain for days upon end to bring the salmon in from the sea.

Still Waters

Our three still waters have all received stockings of good quality brown and rainbow trout and when the weathet is fair members are having good sport on the fly. The weekend just past was very windy and did have an effect on the fishing but as of today it is now settled.


Our June newsletter has been posted and members should receive it within the next day or two if not already received.

Fish Counts

I am unable to get the upstream fish counts for May for the rivers at the moment as their is a problem with the EA publications catalogue. I have emailed them and await a response.

June 2015 News

Sad Loss

Again we have to sadly report the death of a current member. We have been informed by the family of departed member Steven Smiley who has died at the very young age of 45. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to the whole of his family at this very sad time RIP.


We will be sending the membership a brief newsletter within the next week that covers the Till (Fenton beat), working party assistance, and Rothley East Shield lake and Rothley (Main) West lake.

Forum Members

Just a brief apology to the three members looking to join the forum, this has now been resolved today and you may catch up with the latest topics.

Short and Brief

The rains from two weeks ago did bring some sport for members but all to brief. Fish are out at sea waiting to enter the rivers as I write but we do need a lot more rain to encourage them into the rivers as the rivers are pretty low at present and we do need a really good spate to clean them up.


Mmebrs are referred to item 19.1 of the club handbook and are asked to follow this rule.

Wild Fisheries Reform

River Tweed Commission - The end is nigh?

Following on from the the Wild Fisheries Review in Scotland we now have the Wild Fisheries Reform which is a response to the Wild Fisheries Review, dont get them mixed up. The Wild Fisheries Review has already closed for consultation and comments from owners and riparian owners etc.The Wild Fisheries Reform is a response to the report of the Wild Fisheries Review. As stakeholders with fishing rights on the Tweed and Till it is of extreme interest to the club and ultimately the members. The Review does include the river Tweed on both the Scottish and English sides. It may be that, and it is a strong possibilty, the Scottish government will in the future charge a levy on all Scottish Rivers to be paid to a charitable central body called the Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and be responsible to a central body (Scottish) called a central National Unit. . They will appear to be tasked with dividing the monies collected to those rivers that are in greatest needs.Whist we would like to see all rivers performing to their ultimate potential it could be seen as robbing the rich to feed the poor. How will this levy be calculated? by the number of fish caught each season on a river, or indeed a specific beat on a river?

How can a Scottish government charge someone in England a levy? It could be that the SCIO abolish the River Tweed Commission(and other boards) along with the Tweed Foundation and may ask that any monies they have are paid to the new National Unit. How would this affect fisheries? would they have to pay off their ghillies, charge more for their fishing, the list is endless and I could write more on the subject but this is hard enough reading to start with.

The consultation paper and the 38 questions that need to be answered can be found at,

If you have the time please take some time out to at least read the report.

Thanks Guys

Crag Lough 

Thanks to the committee members and members that have placed the boats on the lough today and also carried out the stocking at the same time. 

Rivers updates 

The rivers have been running at a fair height this last week and are now settling into fine fishing order for the weekend. The Till has received some good runs of sea trout this week and anglers should have a good chance of catching a fish. On the Wear there are some sea trout running with the odd salmon having been sighted. The Coquet has also had sea trout running so members are in with a chance of a fish. The Tyne has been running at a good level all week and it is hoped that salmon have been running through the a Riding Mill fish pass. Tight lines hopefully. Oh yes, the Tees ?

Final Warning

Fenton Beat

Last year we had to advise members about climbing fences rather than using the proper access route and gates to the river as one fence in particular was being used and damaged on a continuos basis. We repaired the fence and informed the membership via newsletter not to use the fence again but to use the access gate along the path which is a whole 10 yards away. Already this season members are again using the fence rather than the access gate and we have had to repair the fence again. The tennant farmer has sheep and lambs in the fields and the purpose of the fence is to keep these livestock in a specific area. Further use and damage to the fence will eventually see the club being put in a precarious situation with both the tennant farmer and the estate with whom we have our lease with. All members must use the designated access points. If we find any member using the fence in future then your membership will be automatically terminated from the club without any right of appeal.

Crag Lough

We thank the membership for their patience in the late opening of the lough this year but can advise that bookings for the lough, through committee member Jeremy Macbeth, can be made from this coming Sunday the 17th May. This Saturday we have 8 members that will place the boats on the water and stock the venue at the same time. No further assistance is required for this Saturday and we offer our thanks to both those members doing the work and those that were also prepared to assist the committee.

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