What Rain

Not here

Despite heavy rain around the country we again appeared to have missed out in the north east. Rivers continue to run at summer levels but fish are around. Fish have been caught and lost on the Fenton beat on the Till and fish, salmon, have been seen slowly meandering up the river Wear. Any member that does have any success we would like to hear from you and apart from publishing on our website we will look to also have it published in the Trout and Salmon. Please contact Dave Cave or myself.


A Good Week

Double success

after my report earlier this month that the best four options for fishing in the current dry spells bring either our three stillwaters or the Start fishing on the Tweed into contention then it has turned out correct.

Thornton Steward Reservoir is fishing very well with some very good catch returns coming to the bag with several members and day tickets catching double figure numbers of fish in a days fishing.

Crag Lough is also producing the fish, even in these cold winds, with bags of up to six fish a day.

Rothley Lake is also fishing very well with members catching up to seven fish in a days fishing.

Our Tweed beat, The Start, has been showing encouraging numbers of fish leaping and jumping over the past week but members have not had any success in catching any of them. Yesterday however changed that with two super silver fish coming to the net. The best coming in at a lovely 12lb caught on a spinner and safely returned unharmed to fight another day By member Paul Edwards. The second fish was another fresh fish coming in at 8lb caught on a 10.0' trout rod on a size 14 treble ally shrimp by member Richard Barnes, again returned safely to the water unharmed. This was after fishing the Shellacres beat and finding it too low and clear so made a detour to the Start. What a nice option the club offers our members. A member did ask on the club forum at the weekend what size flies should members be using in these low water conditions on the Start and local expet Dave Charlton did recommend the ally shrimp in size 12 or 14. Hopefully it was this advice that Richard followed.


No improvement

River levels

Whilst the south of the country, Yorkshire and below, are getting some rain over the last few days and raising the river levels we in the north east are again experiencing continuing drought levels. This is reflected in the huge, or rather hugely, disappointing numbers of fish running our local rivers and again reflecting in fish catches or should I say the lack of catches. The fish counts for our rivers for April have been added to the fish count section of the site and make grim reading. But, honesty is the best policy from our club as is normal.

Where to fish

Three choices

No doubt all members are well aware that we have had the driest April on record and rivers throughout the country are on their bare bones and in some cases have dried up Completely. We all know that it is a waste of time to fish the rivers for salmon or sea trout and that leaves the option of fishing for the wild brown trout. Our beats on the river Wear have some excellent brown trout as these beats have never been heavily fished for brown trout. But if the rivers are not for you at the moment then unlike other angling clubs you have three other choices to go fishing. Thornton steward is fishing well with the best fish of the season so far being 6lb And currently at a rod average of 4.1 fish per rod per day. Crag lough has just been open for a week and this brown trout fishery has been well booked by members since the opening day and the fish we stock are around the 13" mark. One member has caught an over wintered fish of around 3lb. Apart from fishing on this water which is one of the most scenic places in the country to fish members have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of that magnificent bird from South Africa the osprey which was seen last week by one member. Then there is Rothlay lake, stocked with rainbow trout at the 2lb mark. Spoilt for choice ?

Fourth choice

Our beat on the Tweed, The Start Fishing, is a low water beat and the river is low at the moment. So if you fancy a bit river fishing then Why not try this beat.

The most important thing is that our club offers our members a variation of fishing that other clubs in the region simply can't match for the price. Tight lines ladies and gentlemen.

Open for business

Crag lough 2017

The season for brown trout fishing on Crag Lough opens today following the final inspection of the boats last Saturday along with the stocking of some super brown trout. Thanks again to the dozen members that attended on Saturday to ensure the fishing on this beautiful fishery gets off to a cracking start. Members are reminded that the fishing for this venue needs to be booked in advance through Jeremy Macbeth.

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