End of an era

Haaf netting

Following on from our last news item it has been confirmed by the EA that the Haaf net fishermen on the Solway firth have been banned from killing any fish they catch for the next ten years.  It is not known how many nets men there are but it is believed they were entitled to kill 10 salmon each per year. The EA say it is for conservation purposes of this great species of fish. This leaves us to wait to see if CCR is to be introduced on the Eden and Border Esk from this year.


Eden and Border Esk

Whilst our club do not hold any fishing rights on these two rivers there are rumours around that from this year the EA will be imposing total Compulsary Catch and Release. If this is true then it may have an effect on the numbers of rods fishing these respective rivers. In these modern days of fishing a very large number of anglers already practice catch and release but if you are restricted to CCR and took one or two fish a year then your hopes could be scuppered. We have had CCR on our north east rivers for over twenty years especially brought in to protect the spring salmon but trying to find out if this is a success is like a needle in a haystack. This leads us to consider what could be in store for our local rivers. The Tyne and Wear fish counts over the years suggest they would be safe from CCR after the 16th June but leaves us to wander about the Coquet and the Tees. The Ea generally state that for a river to be self sufficient then it must have over 5000 fish running the river per year. We can only wait and see what is forthcoming.

Believe us

Its true

There appears to be rumblings with other clubs and associations within the region that our news item regarding the killing of sea trout on the tweed and Till from the 1st of February is wrong and that the club has made a mistake on this. We first stated there was some ambiguity whether the date to legally kill sea trout was either the 1st of April or the 1st of February and we believed it was indeed the 1st of February but would get the matter clarified. I personally and our head bailiff spoke to the tweed commission on seperate occasions for clarification of the Tweed Code. When I spoke to the commission I had the Tweed Code open and mentioned it states the 1st of April. I was assured 100 per cent that it is in fact the 1st of February. The 1st.of April applies to the rest of Scotland And readers should be aware that the Tweed Commission runs the Tweed fishing totally out with the rest of Scottish law. As stated in our last news item, this rule only applies to the Tweed system.

So if your club or association has fishing on the Tweed and or Till then we would recommend your secretary contacts the Tweed Commission to get confirmation of the news we have already supplied as being correct.


Confirmation for

Sea Trout

in our previous item we mentioned about the killing of sea trout on the rivers Tweed and Till before 1st April. Having spoken to the Tweed Commission regarding salmon and sea trout we are able to confirm the law and the rules.

On salmon it is illegal to kill any fish before the 31st March in any given year. From the 1st April until 30th June anglers may kill a fish, however, under the Tweed conservation policy they request that no salmon are killed before the 30th June. A policy that I know our members follow very strictly.

Regarding sea trout it is a different matter. Any person catching a sea trout from the 1st February is legally entitled to kill the fish if they so wish Without any fear of prosecution. We know our members do operate catch and release to a high percentage and leave it entirely up to each individual angler about what they do with any  sea trout caught from the beginning of the season. These regulations apply to the Tweed system only.

January newsletter

With our AGM approaching shortly we are in the process of preparing the relevant letter to be issued to members fairly shortly. In order that you receive the details we ask if you have changed address then please advise the club accordingly.


A big welcome

To 2018

A belated Happy New Year to all our members and visitors. As usual throughout the close season the committee have been very busy looking at all aspects regarding the club and are still in the process of ratifying leases etc with our riparian owners for the coming season. The season is only a few weeks away and members who will be looking to hopefully catch a fish from the opening day should be concentrating on our Tweed and Till beats. If you do intend to fish please remember that on these beats it is fly only until 15th February. There is a bit ambiguity at the moment regarding the killing of sea trout on these beats. The Tweed Code states no killing of sea trout until the 1st of April, however, it appears that this is wrong and anglers are able to kill sea trout from the 1st of February. We are in the process of trying to get clarification on this point and will hopefully have a definitive answer before the start of the season.

2018 AGM

Members will receive full details by post of our forthcoming AGM shortly but a note for your diary is Wednesday the 14th February With a prompt 8.00pm start at Birtley Golf Club. Slightly later than normal but this is due to the venue already being booked for the 7th February.

Club vacancies

The club has some vacancies at present and any interested party should contact the club through our contact section or membership application tab on our home page. Cheaper than some clubs, more expensive than others, but we do offer members a wider range of fishing than other clubs. Fishing on five different rivers and three stillwaters venues all for £432 per year. You could pay that for a sason ticket on a single Stillwater yet we have three all within the price and two are open all year round. Extended river fishing with our Tweed and Till beats provides members with a longer season that other clubs so if interested then please contact us.

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