Not many


The latest fish counts have been added and not a lot to shout about in terms of numbers running the rivers. Shortage of fish or shortage of rain it could be either but the rivers really do need some rain to start to bring in the sea trout. Only the Fenton beat has produced any migratory fish reported to date. But having said that about the rivers all our three Stillwater fisheries are fishing well.

Planning application


Thanks to those members that objected to the slurry farm on the banks of the river Till. We as a club objected and have received notification that the application has now been withdrawn.

More fish


As stated in our last blog about slightly more fish are heading into the rivers and our Fenton beat has again had some success this week. Another salmon and two sea trout have been reported as being caught and safely returned unharmed to the river.


The EA is holding its latest forum this coming Wednesday in Newcastle when the proposed new salmon bye laws will be top of the agenda. It now seems that the proposed Compulsary catch and release details announced along with the north east drift nets will now not come into operation this year. The words pigs ear seem apt at this moment in time. 

That went well

NE Drift Nets

Following the EA,s decision that drift netting in the north east will end forthwith  in 2018 it appears this is not so. Apparently lawyers acting on behalf of the Nets men appealed against the ruling by the EA in the courts and won their case. It is not known what the appeal was based upon but what we do know is that the north east drift nets will operate again this year from June through to the end of August. Will the EA appeal against this, it looks like that is a no.

Latest fishing

Still a shortage of migratory fish in the rivers at present but it is expected that more bigger runs of sea trout will soon start to enter our rivers with the Till and Wear expected to start fishing well in the up and coming weeks. With the shortage of fish and high temperatures members are forsakeing the rivers amd fishing our stillwaters with good effect. Hopefully with the Tour de Yorkshire on going our Reservoir at Thornton Steward will pick up extra day tickets and they should not be disappointed as it is fishing it's head off at the moment as is the members only fishery Rothley lake. What a nice option to be able to give this to our members.

All quiet on

The rivers

Still only aware of just the one salmon having been caught by our members so far this season. Looking round the river reports even the usual early beats seem to be devoid of fish so far. Well done to the Northumberland Rivers Trust for getting the fish counter operational again on the river Coquet. Two fish took the counter in March and up to the 20th June 119 fish had passed through.  Whist the rivers are quiet all our stillwaters have now been stocked and members appear to be having some good sessions, especially at Thornton Steward Reservoir, where members are catching up to ten fish in a session and pleasingly they are all behind returned, well done members. Rothley lake is also fishing well after its first stocking with members again catching their bag limits and again returning them unharmed to the lake.

Data Protection

New laws regarding data protection will be coming into force soon and this will have an effect on the club and the deatils we hold for members. As a committee we will be discussing this at our meeting next Monday and will no doubt have to contact each individual member. 

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