Things Looking Up

Sporadic Catches

Recent catches on the river's have been slow of late due to the low river levels with members having to work long and hard for any success. Best fish that I have heard of is a 12lb salmon from our Tyne beats and safely returned to the water. Heavy rain over the last two days has brought some much needed water into the rivers and should be ideal from tomorrow onwards for the coming week. The fish counter for the Tyne at Riding Mill is still out of operation so it's anyone's guess how many fish are on the system. The Wear count for July was 1121 so we are looking for better numbers in the coming months.

Latest weather forecast just been on, looks like a washout on Tuesday, as they say, it never rains but it pours.

Fenton: Car Park Gate

Could members please remember to close and lock the Car Park Entrance gate both on entering and leaving the car park. We have had reports that the gate has been left open at least twice in the last month. Thank you.

Rothley East Shield Lake: Family event Saturday and Sunday August 15th and 16th

Members should be aware that the owner of Rothley Lake is having a large family event this coming weekend, Saturday August 15th and Sunday August 16th, and will be using the lake for swimming and boating. So it may be advisable to try and avoid fishing there over that period if possible.

River Coquet


A member has lost his greys sunglasses whilst fishing the river Coquet. If you by chance find them you can contact the member via the members forum.


Guest tickets

The club allows the facility for members to invite guests onto some of the clubs waters, where rod numbers or leasing agreements allow, and the guidelines on obtaining a guest permit is on page 13 of the handbook.

The most pertinent part of these guidelines is the requirement to give 8 days notice whenever possible. This is to allow time for the permit to be produced and posted to you however, if you have the ability to print off documents then they can be delivered electronically and it may be possible to get the permit with a shorter notice period but this is purely down to the discretion of the Membership Secretary and Head Bailiff and is not guaranteed as neither are awaiting at home just for this event.

On occasions in the past verbal authority has been issued to bring a guest but this will not continue as it makes it impossible to monitor who is fishing our waters and how often. It also does not provide you with the documents your guest needs.

If you do not have the facility to print off the documents they will have to be mailed as your guest needs to carry them on their person when fishing the water so don’t leave it too late or disappointment will be the result.

We understand that sometimes spates etc. can make fishing trips a bit of a last minute decision but if you plan to take a guest and you don’t allow the committee members time to issue the required documentation the only outcome again will be a disappointed guest.

The Membership Secretary will do his best to accommodate any late requests if he can but the longer the notice the more likely a positive result. A recent request was made in the late afternoon for the same evening, that was just an example of poor planning and that sort of last minute request should not expect to be successful.

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