Hard Going

They are there

The rain over the bank holiday did absolutely nothing to the river levels and I was very surprised at how low the Wear and Coquet were when I visisted this week. The pleasing thing though was that there were plenty of fish showing, both salmon and sea trout, but mostly the latter. Not that I caught a fish but at least the sight of them keeps your expectations high. Weather reports say it has been the coldest summer on record, cant argue with that, and the wettest July. Well we certainly got very little rain up here in July as can be seen by the number of fish running the rivers, the Tyne though bucking the trend, and the lack of fish being caught. At the moment the alignment of the sun, earth and moon will bring exceptionally high tides for a few days and this will bring extra fish into the rivers. With the rivers being so low, including the Tweed, the bottom beats of this river are proving to be very productive and members should give this river a try if you have not already done so. And people ask why the British always talk about the weather.

Another Loss

His Favourite Fishery

It is with sad regret that we have to announce the death of another member, George Stevenson. George, aged 78, died suddenly at home over the weekend having fished his favourite fishery Thornton Stewrad reservoir only the day before his sad death. We offer our condolences to his family at this sad time. George was a regular angler at Thornton Steward prior to its closure by the water authority and like others missed fishing his favourite place. After the club took over the lease in 2004 George was one of the first of our new members to join the club purely to fish Thornton Steward. SInce then he was a regular member on the water at least three times a week and had a very good catch ratio to his days fishing. His service will be held next Monday, 24th August, at Teesside crematorium at 3.30pm if any member is able to attend.

Put to shame

Fish running

The rain at the end of last week brought the rivers into small spate conditions and set fish running the rivers. As the rivers started to settle down members have had some success with migratory fish being caught from the Tweed down to the Wear. And putting senior members to shame is another junior member. Young Thomas Jones, up from Wales with his father Tom, were fishing the Wear on Sunday and Thomas caught his first ever migratory fish. It was a beatufully fresh run sea trout of 10.5lbs. Just like young Sam from a few weeks back with his first sea trout at 10lbs, all from the Wear we again wonder if and when they will better their first ever sea trout. Further rain today should continue to bring fresh runs of fish into our rivers and having been on the Wear today the fish are running through. One concern appears to be the shortage or lack of the summer grilse in our English rivers.

Best Figures

Latest Fish Counts

The latest fish count figures for July have been added to the fish count page.The Tyne had a fantastic run of 10445 fish for the month and this is the highest figure ever for the month of July. The Wear had a good run of 3464 fish and the Tees another paltry figure of 54. The EA state that for a river to be classed as self sufficient in terms of the number of fish running a river is about 5000 fish a year so the Tees is absolutely way way down as being self suficient.The Coquet, due to unknown fish counts over the last few years, is seriously close to the 5000 figure mark although a lot of work is being carried out to try and return this river to its once former self when figures in excess of 30000 fish ran the river on a regular basis.

Strangest Catch

Local members will have seen that a salmon was caught on the lower stretch of the Tyne last month. Nothing strange in that you may say except that the fish was a pacific salmon. A couple more have been caught in the nets off the north east coast so how have they arrived here? It will be interesting to see if any of these fish have really run the tyne system and are caught further up river.

Stillwater Updates

Our yearly increased stockings over the summer months have continued to keep the fishing good at Thornton Steward reservoir during the dog days with the yearly rod average currently standing at 3.4 fish per rod per day. Some members and day ticket anglers have had superb days in July catching into double figure numbers and more pleasing is that both members and day ticket anglers alike are releasing most of their fish.

Members only fishery Rothley lake is also continuing to fish very well with the rod average standing at 5.8 fish per rod per day and memebrs again are operating catch and release on this fishery.

Crag lough, again a members only brown trout fishery, is also fishing very well with a rod average of 4.2 fish per rod per day.


Some Success

Super Sea trout

Well the rains of last week got the fish moving and quite a few members had fish. there are two to note. One is a new club record for a sea trout of 14lb 10oz and details  of this have been placed on the members forum page.

The second goes to junior member Sam Kettlewell who caught his first ever sea trout on the River Wear. While most members would be happy with a fish of around 5 or 6lb Young Sam had a super fish of 10lb exactly. How long before he betters that fish?

Strangely the runs of fish this season appear to be mainly sea trout and can't remember the last time this happened, but any fish is better than none.


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