Latest success

Still running

even though the rivers are fairly low, Tyne excluded, the fish are still running the rivers and there to be caught. A very clean salmon of  25lb being caught this morning to prove even me wrong that they are hard to catch in low conditions.

Picture Gallery

Thanks to our two junior members, Sam and Thomas, for sending in their pictures of their first ever migratory fish, sea trout of 10lb and 10.5lb respectively. We are only too pleased to have placed these on our picture gallery. Well done lads, now just need your salmon.

More needed

Dropping Down

following last weeks rain members have had some good sport with mainly salmon being caught by members on both the rivers Tyne and Wear. Kielder releases between now and the end of the season, on a regular basis, will ensure that the fish keep running the river and giving members the opportunity of more success. Our other rivers need natural rainfall to keep bringing in fresh runs of fish to hopefully ensure we have a good end to the season. Members have been catching fish on a regular basis over the last week and further rain should keep this trend going. Fish of the season so far, that I know of, is a salmon of around 30lb caught on Tuesday this week and safely returned. I say 30lb as it is a guesstimated weight by the member in question but two anglers on the opposite bank believe it was heavier than that. Knowing how good our members are with catch and release we hope that all hen fish caught between now and the end of the season are returned safely to the water but we do know that at times the condition of the fish after the catch plays a significant part in your decision.

Good start

Job Done 

Following the spates last week members have had some great catches over the last four days on our rivers. Members have caught some good sized size salmon, and very clean fish, on both fly and spinner over this short period of time on the Coquet, Wear and Tyne. It just goes to show that when we do get water into the rivers that members do get good results. Whilst this is great for these rivers for members, i.e. water in the rivers, our tweed beat , without water, fish are being caught on the lower beats. It just goes to show, we need water or we don't need water, damned if we do, damned if we don't. However, last few weeks of the season, get out there and get lucky.


Some Rain

Following months of low river levels we now have some much needed heavy rain that is currently getting our rivers into spate conditions and hopefully bringing fresh fish into the systems and moving the stale fish onwards and upwards. The fish counts for the rivers Tyne and Wear for September have been added today and the Tyne looks like it's figures this year will better the last three or four seasons.

Final Month

Running Out of Time

We are now at the 1st October and this month heralds the last fishing month for members fishing on our English rivers for salmon and sea trout with the brown trout season ending yesterday. The prolonged drought in the north east continues, looks likely to continue into next week, and is still having a marked affect on the numbers of fish entering the rivers. That is not to say fish are not entering the rivers as one member had two salmon and a fresh run grilse last week within a very short period of time. Just a case of being in the right place at the right time I suppose. Having had a day on the Tweed last week on a private beat as a guest it was the same there also. A rise in the river of some six inches brought fish onto the beat but these were onle stale fish from beats further down river. As the season heads towards its close we only hope that we receive some really heavy rain for a few days to bring fresh fish into our rivers and give the members a last chance of success before theseason closes.

Licence To Kill

As regular readers will have followed earlier posts about the Scottish government bringing in the Licence to Kill act next year, and possibly affecting our club fishing on the Till and Tweed, there has been a slight diversion by the government on this bill. A further document has been published, rather a lenghty one at that, and we need to fully read and understand what/if these changes will have on our club fishing for 2016. As stated, it is a lengthy document with a further report to follow so we will not dive in and start making assumptions just yet, but we will keep members informed of any changes.

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