River Till: Fly only

We seem to have got to this time in the year very quickly so just to remind people all Till beats are now fly only for the rest of the season; Tweed Angling Code.

August 2020

Latest fish counts

The latest figures available have been added to the fish counts for August. The Tyne fish counter is back in operation though the figures for August are low in comparison to previous years. The count for the Wear is up on previous years which is pleasing to see.

Rothley Weed Cutting

The Committee would like to thank the bailiffs and club members for their hard work in cutting the weeds on the North bank of Rothley East Shield Lake on Saturday 5th September 2020. Job well done; thank you.

Lily Spraying. We had intended to carry out two spraying sessions on the lilies but due to high winds these were cancelled due to Health and Safety reasons. It could be next season before this operation is carried out but members health comes first.

River updates

The heavy rains of two weeks ago put all our river fishing out of order. However the fishing has improved greatly since the rivers settled down and members have had success in catching both salmon and sea trout from all of our rivers with some members landing three to four salmon in a day. Strange for this time of year but still a lot of griles being caught also.

Fly box found: River Till

If you inadvertantly left a fly box on the banks of the river Till please contact the Head Bailiff as it has been found (Head Bailiff details in handbook).

Fenton: car park lock

We have had problems with non members trying to access the car park at Fenton. Members need to be aware of this and should under no circumstances divulge the lock code to non FFFC members. Thank you.

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