Stocking help required

Well, it's time for our first request of assistance from the members this year. The stocking for Crag Lough takes place on Saturday 29th April mid morning. We would prefer if we have a maximum of 8 members for the stocking. If you can spare a couple of hours could you contact head bailiff Dave Cave, his number is on page one in your handbook. thanks in advance.



Week Commencing 3rd April

As per our agreement with the owner Mr Frank Dakin he has two house rods on this beat. Frank has two guests fishing the beat this week and members are asked to give priority to the owners guests. The beat is a five rod beat so up to three members may also fish the beat at the same time. The river level is at a good height this week so hoping to hear from any members that fishes the beat of any success they may have.


Working together

Following discussions over the last few weeks we are pleased to advise members that some new water has been acquired for members on the river Wear. Those members that fish the Wear know that by parking at Low Grange farm they can access both the Low Grange stretch and also Moorhouse Woods. In between these two beats are two other beats that are leased to Tynside Anglers Syndicate. Following the discussions with TAS we have come to agreement that either club will have three rods available to fish each clubs waters. This will now give members access to between two and two and a half miles of continuous single bank fishing. Members generally just fished the Low Grange beat due to the fairly lengthy walk down to Moorhouse Woods that has some excellent fly water. Well rather than not bother to walk down to Moorhouse Woods members can fish their way down through the two additional beats. All four beats have some good pools that allow either, fly, spinning, prawn or worm whichever is your preferred choice. Members just need to park at Low Grange as usual and place their membership sticker and number of rods fishing as usual and TAS members will do the same. Both clubs members carry membership cards so don't be afraid to ask to see membership rights. This new fishing comes into operation from 1st April 2017 and if it is a success then there is no reason why it will not continue in the future. Our thanks go to TAS for their co-operation in making this possible.

First of the Season

Whilst he does not wish to named on the site I am able to report that our first salmon of the season has been caught , guess where, yep the river Wear. The fish was caught on the fly yesterday and came in at a guesstimated 10lbs, bar of silver and safely returned to the water. Hopefully this is the start of a good season, but time as usual will tell.

The yo yo effect

Up and Down

Just when the rivers begin to drop to a fishable level this rain comes and up they go again. Not just a foot or two but six or seven feet. This has happened for the last four weeks and will no doubt be frustrating to members alike. They will however settle down and then we will get the opportunity to have a real go at the fish. April should start to see fish spreading out and our first chance of a salmon would be from either the Till or the Wear. Whilst reports from the Coquet appear to be fairly quiet it is known that private beats have been catching salmon between the twelve and fifteen pound size. 

Northern Rivers Angling Association

The above association has now been formed and correspondence has already been sent to the EA and the Angling Trust over the forthcoming consultation process over the Net Limitation Order and Five Point Action Plan. Both of these areas will have a great bearing on the future of our local rivers and at long last we now have a recognised association that can actually speak on behalf of anglers, either within a club or as just an individual, to act on the interests of the local angler within the north east region. The association are looking for syndicate rods or individual rods or private clubs to join. Whilst in its infancy we can inform you that the members of the board of the association have a wealth of angling experience in terms of our regions fishing and our club have two members on the board. A new website has been set up to enable individuals to join or contact the association, coming whilst the site looks pretty bland at the moment please take the time to look and even join. Please look at The clubs that are already in the association represent over 1000 anglers within the region and the more that join the stronger we will become and therefore have a stronger voice rather than that of an individual.

Ups and downs

River levels

Members trying to get a days river fishing in are finding it hard to get the right river levels at present. Just as the rivers start to fine down to a reasonable height more rain  arrives and up they go again. Bad news? Maybe, but fish are entering the rivers, albeit it small numbers but they are arriving. Fish are above Riding Mill and above Durham with 47 fish going through Durham in February. Hopefully a sign of better times this season.

Consultative Group

Members will remember last year we had a news item about the lack of consultation anglers in the region had with the powers that be. In order that this matter will be addressed this year, especially with the five point action plan, of high importance a new organisation has been formed. This will be called the Northearn Rivers Angling Association. It is early days yet with the new Association but it is imperative that clubs and individual anglers eventually join up with the association. More news will follow in the weeks ahead.


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