May 2019

Fish Counts

The figures for three of our local rivers have been added to the fish counter on the site. One upturn is the figures for the Tyne which was 1515. This is the highest May count for this river since the inception of the fish counters began in the 1990s. Sadly the same could not be said about the Wear and the Tees although fish have come into the rivers. So, does the improvement in the Tyne figures suggest the increase in numbers is due to no drift netting this year. Or is it the five year, or seven year cycle that is the answer? Whatever the reason it is pleasing to know it has increased and long may it continue. 

No fishing?

The heavy rains since Wednesday have our rivers in spate at present and will hinder fishing prospects this weekend but dependant on how quickly they run off. Local rods will know that the Hoppings, the largest travelling fair in the country, will start tonight in Newcastle for the next week and generally does not auger well fior the weather prospects as it generally coincides with heavy persistant rain. Fingers crossed it is wrong this year.

Latest catches

Either members are not out fishing the rivers or not catching fish if they are as there is very little to report on the catch scene. A couple of exceptions are the first sea trout from the Wear and a superb wild brown trout  that measured 19 inches in length. Members can quite easily report catches via the website, so dont all rush at once.

Protecting your fishing

Needs must

At our committee meeting last nightwe agreed 100% that we need to close part of the fishing area at Thornton Steward Reservoir. This are will be 25 metres either side of the inlet. The current rule of allowing members and day tickets to fish this area for one hour per session will cease forthwith. Reasons behind this action are that the reservoir is low following any real rain, a lot of fish are swimming in that area for the oxygenated water, and members and day tickets are catching far too many fish to call this type of fishing a sport. It is pure overkill and any angler that suggests otherwise should fish elsewhere as catching between 30 and 40 fish a day is not our sport. We hope all anglers will appreciate this action and when conditions change then we will remove this restriction. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Juniors Get Ready

Junior Fly Fishing Competition, Wednesday 31st July 2019
Our annual Junior Fly fishing Competition will be held this year on Wednesday, 31st July at Thornton Steward Reservoir starting at 10.00am (meet in the Car Park). The competition is open to all registered Junior Members. All participants must be accompanied by an adult club member. Each participant must have their own equipment and wear a hat or cap and eye protection. You will also require a picnic lunch although bottled water will be provided. Tuition will be available for those who need it by our competition organiser and qualified casting instructor Barry Gibson.. A trophy will be presented at the end of the day to the winning competitor. Anyone interested should contact Barry Gibson on 07737641985 to find out more details and register. 
More Rain About
Last week saw some consistent rain and raised the rivers slightly and improved fishing conditions. Morte heavy rain is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday this week and again should improve river levels and hopefully bring more fish into the rivers. The Till and Tweed beats are producing the best sport at present with slamon and sea trout being caught, best a 10lb salmon form our Tweed beat last week.

Who knows

The answer

Has the removal of the drift nets this year from the north east coast increased the number of fish entering our local rivers?.  Judging by the increased catches on the Tweed so far this year would indicate it has. But the Tweed does not have a fish counter so we dont know If more fish have entered the river this year compared to last year. We do know that more fish have been caught so far this year in comparison to last year. Indeed our Start beat on the Tweed has produced more fish this year, another 10lb salmon caught yesterday by the way, compared to last year. So for me the jury is still out. But those in the know are saying it is the seven year cycle where more fish are around. Well, it used to be a five year cycle, now it is a seven year cycle. 2010 was a bumper year for all our rivers so , seven years would be 2017, a poor year, or a five year cycle, 2015, another poor year. Glad I am not a scientist as I would be ridiculed about cycles And be told to get on my bike. 

That leaves the T and J nets. Only allowed to catch and retain sea trout and all salmon being returned up to the end of May with the use of new nets that allow salmon to escape without harm. We await the findings/results from the EA about how this has operated as it is dependant on wether they are allowed to continue fishing or not after May.

June Newsletter

The committee are very pleased to say that our new Secretary, Jim Bumby, has started to get his feet under the table and has produced his first newsletter for the club. Although a brief letter it is informative and will be with members towards the end of the month.

Get your

Fly box out

Members are having some good sport of late on the fly on our Tweed and Till beats catching both salmon and sea trout. There are quite some good pods of sea trout on the Till beats and its no surprise members are having some success following the rains of last week. Heavy rain is forecast for Tuesday so hopefully it will give the rivers another lift and continue to bring more fish in. June sees the start of the good runs of sea trout entering the Coquet and Wear and members will be out on the banks looking for a fish or two. 

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