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Some decent catches

Last week produced some decent catches from a mix of our waters following the rain earlier in the week. We know of three salmon coming off our Tyne beats, two at 15lbs and one at 12lb, all clean fish and all safely returned. We are also aware of some decent catches from the Till with six sea trout caught on one day on the Fenton beat whilst the Shellacres beat had two sea trout on one day. There is the odd salmon and quite a few sea trout showing on our Wear beats but these are proving elusive to catch at present. After the recent short heatwave up north things have cooled down slightly today and we are expecting some thunder storms and a little rain so we hope this again freshens up the rivers for the members.


We still have a few vacancies available at present and if you are looking for a new club then why not give us a try. If the rivers are in fettle then as the above item states there are fish to be caught, but if they are not then you also have three stillwater fisheries for brown, rainbow and blue trout. We may be slightly more expensive than some other local clubs, but we are also slightly cheaper than others but we do offer a superb differing selection of river fishing and Stillwater fisheries That other clubs simply can't offer. If you are interested then please submit an application form that is on our home page.

Interim returns

We will be sending out a brief newsletter in the next couple of days asking for members to supply details of their catch returns for the rivers Tweed and Till up to the end of June. This is a legal requirement for the club to supply to the Tweed commission And ask that members supply their returns ASAP.

Not fishing related


Most members if not all know that our committee meet every two weeks at Birtley Golf Club and also hold our AGM there every February and the use of the facilities are free of charge. I have been asked by the Chairman of the golf club to put this request on our site on behalf of one of the golf club members. They are looking to buy a touring caravan and ask if any of our members has one they are looking to sell. If so then please contact me and se where it leads.

Working Party

Thsnks to the members that attended the working party yesterday. Hottest day of the year and members were flagging in the heat and then our cutting equipment broke down.  Renewal equipment is required and will be purchased in order to complete the rest of the work in the next few weeks. Two of the four tasks were completed and the rest will be arranged at a later date.

A good height

For Fishing

The river Till has now dropped to a very good fishing level and fish have entered the system in reasonable numbers. Hopefully members will have the opportunity to wet a line either during the day or as quite a few members prefer, a little night fishing. With open banks on the Shellacres and Fenton beats there is little chance of getting your flies caught up a tree. Hope you can have the opportunity to wet a line and if you do have any success we would like to hear from you.

Short notice

Working party

Following the heavy winds over the last few days we have had four trees that have fallen on the river Wear. In order that we can get these obstacles removed so that our fishing is not disrupted we are asking members to attend a working party this Saturday at 11.00 am. If you can assist can you please confirm your attendance by contacting Alan Horner along with your contact details just in case of having to cancel at late notice. If you can assist please bring any cutting tools that will be of assistance. A point to note is that fish have been caught by members over the last couple of days, where? On the Wear. The working party should last a couple of hours depending on numbers.

At long last

Much needed

Eventually our northern rivers have received some decent rain falls that currently have the rivers unfishable, though it could be argued they have been like that all season. Are we river anglers fickle? Who knows, but we are certainly patient. We now head down to the rivers in the next few days in the anticipation that the recent rains have brought the salmon and sea trout into our beats and be lucky enough to catch and safely return one or two back to the river unharmed.

Whilst members have not had much to shout about on the river scene they have certainly had some fantastic days on our stillwaters. Thornton Steward Reservoir is providing plenty of bag limits and with catch and release members and day tickets are catching and releasing double figure catches of both rainbow and blue trout. Not to be outdone, two members fishing Crag Lough last week, had 30 superb brown trout for the day on the dry fly and as is the norm for Crag Lough, all safely retuned to the water. Though this is a put and take fishery for members we all seem to wish to preserve our brown trout. Well done guys.

Fish Counts

The fish counts for May have been added to the fish count page. Roughly the same numbers for 2016.

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