Grim figures indeed

October 2019 fish counts

The October figures for our major rivers, excluding the Coquet, have been added to the seasons total. The Tyne count of 275 is the lowest October count since records began. It is also the second lowest count ever and only the year 2000 being worse with just over 14,000 fish.The Wear count of 182 took the season tally to 4605 which is the lowest count ever for this river since records began. Whilst we have had very high rivers in October which meant that probably more fish, but not guaranteed, did not take the counters and swam over the top of the weirs. The figures for the Coquet are not available at present but upto the 15th October the count was higher than the Tyne is belived that the rivers have cyclical runs every 5 or 7 years which affect the numbers of fish but being this low could be a concern. Hopefully it is just a cyclical event.

River Till

Well, we ask for rain to keep the fish running but the rains of late is just ridiculous. Not even sure if the river has been fishable this month but its currently raining again today Which does not help the members in the final month of the season From having a final cast or two.

Survey and Catch Returns

With the rivers being out of order we do ask members, if you have not already done so, to complete and return both these important returns as it will help the committee decide where we head as a club in the coming year/s. 

Pleases take the time to complete

Annual catch returns and survey

Members should have or will receive our latest newsletter shortly. As usual there is the annual catch return form to complete for our English rivers now that the season is over and these figures are required not only by the club but also our riparian owners. Also enclosed members will find a survey to complete about which rivers and still waters you fish on a regular or not regular basis. Both these sets of figures will greatly assist the committee, whom have taken the time and effort to formulate them, for the future planning of the club for you the members. So please take the time to complete and return both sets of papers to Jim Bumby.

Though the fishing for migratory fish has ended on our English waters members still have our Tweed beat and four Till beats to fish until the end on November. Please remember it is fly only and check the rod restrictions on the Till beats at Fenton and Shellacres. Those members looking for grayling fishing throughout the winter can fish our beats on the river Wear or the Ford and Etal beat on the Till.

Time for the rivers to

Settle Down

Following further heavy rains the rivers have again been very high and limited members the opportunity to get out on the banks as we head towards to the seasons end on our English rivers. Having said that, members have managed to land the odd fish or two, with 5 salmon upto 12lb coming off our Wear beats, salmon to 10lb off our Tyne beats, with the odd sea trout and grilse to 6lb off our Till beats. The rains have now abated and the rivers should settle down into fine fishing form this week.

September 2019 fish counts.

The September figures for our main rivers have been added to the fish count section of the site. The figures should be treat with a bit ambiguity as the rivers were so high that probably, but not certain, that a lot of fish would have just gone over the top of the weirs and therfore not counted. Whilst the seasons running total for the Tyne is just over 17,000 it is extremely low to previous years. The Wear, well, only 572 fish counted in September makes grim reading for this river with the running total only Just under 4,500. On a brighter note it is good to see the Coquet fairing a lot better this year with just over 3,500 fish so far. As usual our thanks to the EA and Northumberland Rivers Trust for the figures.

The Success


Members are continuing to have success with both the fly and spinner on our beats. Quite a few grilse up to 7lb , fresh run, have been caught on our Till beats and these have all been on the fly obviously with several sea trout also being brought to the net. The Wear has also produced some fresh run, and sea liced, grilse over the last few days to both fly and spinner again up to the 7lb mark and sea trout to 6lb Also coming to the net. The Tyne is also producing members with success on both fly and spinner with salmon to 10lb, grilse to 6lb and sea trout to 7lb. Hopefully this will continue until the end of the season. Slightly confusing appears to be the shortage of salmon especially at this time of the season, unless they all passed through in all the high waters of recent weeks but there is still time.

New Sineage

Following the parking problems, as such, at our Eals beat on the Tyne we have now put in place signs to assist the members about where to park.

Different tactics

On the spinner this time

The rivers are settling down now after a turbulent week or two and fish are still being caught. The Wear has produced both salmon, grilse, and sea trout of late. Another good salmon at 35.5 inches, guestimated at around 19/20 lbs caught and safely returned. a fresh grilse of 4lb , sadly bleeding badly and so dispatched. Sea trout of 8lb and 5.5 lb caught and safely released. These are just a random selection of the recent catches being made by the members on most of our waters.

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