Where to fish

Three choices

No doubt all members are well aware that we have had the driest April on record and rivers throughout the country are on their bare bones and in some cases have dried up Completely. We all know that it is a waste of time to fish the rivers for salmon or sea trout and that leaves the option of fishing for the wild brown trout. Our beats on the river Wear have some excellent brown trout as these beats have never been heavily fished for brown trout. But if the rivers are not for you at the moment then unlike other angling clubs you have three other choices to go fishing. Thornton steward is fishing well with the best fish of the season so far being 6lb And currently at a rod average of 4.1 fish per rod per day. Crag lough has just been open for a week and this brown trout fishery has been well booked by members since the opening day and the fish we stock are around the 13" mark. One member has caught an over wintered fish of around 3lb. Apart from fishing on this water which is one of the most scenic places in the country to fish members have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of that magnificent bird from South Africa the osprey which was seen last week by one member. Then there is Rothlay lake, stocked with rainbow trout at the 2lb mark. Spoilt for choice ?

Fourth choice

Our beat on the Tweed, The Start Fishing, is a low water beat and the river is low at the moment. So if you fancy a bit river fishing then Why not try this beat.

The most important thing is that our club offers our members a variation of fishing that other clubs in the region simply can't match for the price. Tight lines ladies and gentlemen.

Open for business

Crag lough 2017

The season for brown trout fishing on Crag Lough opens today following the final inspection of the boats last Saturday along with the stocking of some super brown trout. Thanks again to the dozen members that attended on Saturday to ensure the fishing on this beautiful fishery gets off to a cracking start. Members are reminded that the fishing for this venue needs to be booked in advance through Jeremy Macbeth.

Thanks TSA

Good Start

As we informed members about our agreement to join up our fishing on the south bank of the river Wear between Low Grange and Moorhouse Woods with Tyneside Anglers Syndicate fishing beats in between we can record our first fish from this stretch. One of our members trying out the TAS beats today caught a lovely fresh run 3lb sea trout on the fly. Well done John. 



The Northumbria branch of the Salmon and Trout Conservation(UK) have announced that their branch meeting on May 17th has been cancelled due to the general election and purdah rules for government employees. The meeting will be re-scheduled following the general election.

Members and car parking.

Members are reminded that when fishing any of our river beats that they MUST display their car badge on their car dashboard along with the number of rods fishing. This is in the club handbook rules and is of great assistance to our bailiffs in knowing how many rods are on the beat but more importantly, if there is no car badge on display it means our bailiffs are looking out for potential poachers and wasting their own fishing time when in fact a member has forgotten this simple basic rule. Please comply with the rules and help our unpaid bailiffs.

Crag lough stocking

Would those members that have contacted head bailiff Dave Cave regarding assisting with the stocking this coming Saturday please be at the lough for 11.00am prompt. Our thanks to the members for carrying out this work on behalf of all the members and for also stocking Rothley Lake last Saturday.

Junior Competition

It is again the clubs intention to hold a junior competition this year on Thornton Steward Reservoir on Thursday 10thAugust. We say intention as it will entirely depend on the number of participants wishing to partake. All the juniors that fished last year had a good day out and all received a prize of some description on the day. For those senior members interested in taking their junions down for the day please contact secretary Dave Wilson.

Prayer Mats

For those members that have a prayer mat we ask that you dust them down and say a short prayer to the rain gods as our rivers are perilously close to summer levels already and we need the rains to get the fish into the rivers to hopefully get the season of to a better start than the last two seasons. 


Still required

As most members know , Walter, does all our stockings at Thornton Steward Reservoir and does a really good job of it. The reservoir was stocked prior to the Easter weekend with the usual fish st the 2lb mark but also with fish up to the 6lb mark. Nothing stupid like those big fish of 15 to 20 lbs that taste awful, hopefully members and visitors enjoy their days at the reservoir.

Crag Lough is due to be stocked on Saturday 29th April and the logistics mean that we need more than one person to stock this venue. Eight people can do the work efficiently and Dave Cave currently has four members to assist on the day do we are still three short. If you can spare a couple of hours on that morning to assist then please give Dave a call. We all benefit in the long run.

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