Are these people

For real

Well, here we are with less than two weeks to go before the end of the season. Members and anglers alike across the country have suffered drought conditions on our rivers which has prevented anglers getting to grips with a salmon or two, well one shall we say. We are fortunate enough to have the EA ask for releases from Kielder to increase river levels to enable both salmon and sea trout to progress upstream to spawn and provide the continuation of the species.Whilst we applaud this, we ask what would happen if there were no releases. Would the fish still migrate and spawn?. I think we will all say 100% yes to that. So, what consideration is given to the members and anglers who fish the Tyne, mainly the north and main Tyne, who pay there rod licence to fish legally until the 31st October, that can be affected by either no release or a release from Kielder. So, where is this going? Well, the EA, in their wiisdom have requested that there be a release from Kielder from this coming Thursday at 15.3 cumics. Well thanks for that. Anglers who pay their licence fee, who have waited very patiently to try and catch a fish or two, or even one, through what may be a disappointing season, will have their chances totally washed out over the last week of the season. We fully appreciate that our members are dedicated to both our club and their sport and we have voiced our real concern to the EA over this ridiculous decision. Their response is awaited.

Tight lines


Following on from storm Callum it is pleasing to see fresh fish in the rivers and members having success. Keeping up with our last six years of salmon over 20lb being caught each season one member has had the honour of catching not one but two over that mark. One other member has been close to that with a salmon of 18lb plus several more salmon and all on the fly. Now how is this for an introduction to club waters, a new member being shown some of our beats had a red letter day on his first day on club waters by catching three salmon, again all on the fly. If only it was always that simple. Other members have also had success with salmon up to 12lbs and sea trout up to 7lbs on a mix of fly and spinner. Will the fish keep coming or do we need another storm to keep them coming in? Whichever it be lets just hope the fishing  keeps members interested.

A Glass half full or

A glass half empty

Well, Storm Callum certainly left its mark at the end of last week and into the weekend. All our rivers are still at high levels but starting to drop off today. For those members that fish only weekdays, last Friday and today are a washout. For those members only able to fish at weekends also had a washout On Saturday and Sunday. With rivers up between 5 and 8 foot it will almost certainly move on resident fish but more hopefully bring in more fresher fish and hopefully more fish. Here's hoping members have an excellent last couple of weeks.

The Clock

Is Ticking

As we head into the final month of our migratory fishing on our English rivers we will as usual see an expected upturn in the number of members looking for their final casts and hopefully catches of the season. Members are having success on our Tyne beats in catching both salmon and sea trout with the spinner being the most successful method of late. The numbers of fish entering the river are still in keeping with previous years and the September numbers have been added to our fish count section. Rain rain on Friday has brought another lift to the river which should encourage the fish to keep running upstream and should settle into a good level by tomorrow. The river Wear however continues its poor season in terms of fish running the river and fish being caught. Some of our committee are testimony to that. The number of fish running through the fish counters for September is a paltry 1890 taking the season so far to 6402. Since full records were kept for this river it looks likely this could be the lowest runs on record with only 8651 fish running the river in 2012. We sincerely hope October goes out with flying colours. Tight lines to you all.

Storm Ali

Welcome rain

Heavy rain over the last few days has seen all our rivers receive some much needed water that should hopefully bring more fresh fish into the rivers. The rivers are still high at present but from tomorrow they should be fishable although spinning could be an option especially on our Tyne beats.

River Coquet

Storm Ali on Thursday has resulted in a rather large tree being blown over and right across the river near the bottom of the beat. The owner has been advised and hopefully will have it removed.

Lost Wading Stick

If a member has left his wading stick on the Tyne this morning it has been found by a member from Bellingham Anglers. They will place it behind the bar at the Rose and Crown pub in Bellingham for collection.

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