Welcome to 2020

Happy New Year

On behalf of the committee we wish all our members and their families a happy and prosperous 2020 and tight lines again.

To All Members

New and Old

On behalf of the committee we would like to wish all our members, their families and our readers a very Merry Christmas.☃

We are moving


The committee are pleased to announce the addition to our/your committee of Alan Horniman. Alan is a very experienced angler over many years amd whilst prefering to use the fly then if needs must then spinning to enjoy the fishing. Experience? Well, 21 years as secretary of another local angling club really says it all so we are really  pleased to welcome Alan onto our committee.

A big thanks

The response from our members in returning their annual catch returns and beat survey was excellent, so thanks to all who replied. Secretary Jim Bumby and Membership Secretary Jim Mclean collated the details and presented the results to our committee meeting last night. To put this into perspective, a member will spend say 20 minutes to do the catch return and survey and post it. Multiply that by circa 200, then you know how much work is done by our committee to collate all the details. Was it worth your time and effort? Most certainly. The details provided will greatly assist the committee as to where we head into 2020. Just a little pre curser to the agm, first Wednesday in February 2020, more fish caught in 2019 than 2018 on club waters, see you at the AGM.

Please take the time for

2019 Catch returns and survey

With the continuing rains it looks like no fishing will be possible on the Tweed and Till this week so we ask members to complete their catch return forms and survey form asap. Both of these items are essential for the club to see where the club is heading for 2020. Your time snd assistance wil be greatly appreciated.

A little late but


As usual the boats and equipment on Crag Lough have been put into winter storage after the end of the season and our thanks to the usual committee members and club members who carried out this work. It is the same members every time and with this being the case it is done in an hour. 

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