Upstream Counts

February Fish Counts

The latest fish count figures have been updated for February. The first fish have taken the Riding Mill fish pass, only 5, but it is a start. This fish pass is generally regarded as a barrier to fish running due to the cold water temperature. The Wear has had the same number of fish through in February as it did in January and is double the number at this time last year. The Tees, well, the Tees is the Tees, no fish yet.


Coming our way

First of the Year

Reports show the first salmon have been caught on the Tyne, Wear and Coquet, though not on our waters it is encouraging that the Wear and Coquet have already started to show salmon in the rivers. The fish on the Wear has been caught above our stretches whilst the fish on the Coquet has been caught further downstream.


Updated Site

We will be making some slight amendments to our website over the next couple of days, hopefully for the better, that will make it easier for member and guests to see our club rules and maps of our waters.

Killing of Sea trout

Rivers Tweed and Till

Earlier this year the Scotttish parliament brough in a law confirming that no salmon are to be killed on scottish rivers until after 30th June each year. Further discussions with the River Tweed Commissioners today over sea trout has now clarified the situation regarding the killing of sea trout in scottish rivers. No sea trout is to be killed before the 1st April in any year. This law was brought in at the same time though appeared to be deeply hidden, if that is the correct word, within the new statute. Members are therefore advised that they must follow this new law and all sea trout caught before 1st of April must be returned unharmed to the water.

Casting Tuition

Rods At The Ready

Members on the Forum have shown an interest in casting practice. We do have a member who is GIAI qualified and is prepared to provide fly casting lessons to members at a preferential rate. This would probably be on one of our beats on a selected river and will cover all aspects of casting, such as roll, Spey etc. if you are interested then please contact the club and we will hopefully arrange a suitable date to cater members availability.

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