Why us?

Good catches

angling reports from around the country show excellent catches of salmon being landed in Wales and Scotland and being the best start to a season for some  five years. Regretfully it is not the same here with very few salmon entering our rivers due to a total lack of rain for several months now. What fish, both salmon and sea trout, that are entering our rivers are now being infected by a fungal infection. The EA are aware of the problem and their report says that the fish are suffering from stress due to the low rivers and warm temperatures. So why us?

Lost Bag. A member who was fishing the river Till on Friday has left his fishing bag on the river bank. If any member has found the bag would you please contact the club and we will pass the relevant details onto the member to ensure its safe return.

Latest fishing reports

Low rivers

The continuing long dry spell is still having an effect on salmon running the rivers and looks like it will be getting even warmer this week. Members are having some success with sea trout bring caught on the rivers Till, Wear and Coquet though they are proving difficult to catch with members night fishing being more successful. The summer grilse runs are starting to enter the river Tweed and with the river runing low conditions are ideal for the chance of catching a lovely fresh run fish from the tide. Members no longer need to book the Start fishing on the Tweed but if you catch a fish then this must be reported at the end of the day to committee member Dave Charlton. 

Signal cray fish

Fenton beat 

Over the next month the Tweed Foundationwill be conducting a survey on the river Till on the Fenton beat for signal cray fish. They will be placing baskets in the river with tags on and if any member seem staff of the foundation laying the traps then please feel free to speak to themas they will supply details of what they are doing. Please fo not touch or move the baskets. 

Rothley east lake

Weed Cutting 

We will be carrying out some weed cutting on the lake next week. This will either be on Monday or Tuesday, to be confirmed, and we are asking if any members have the time on either day to assist to contact head bailiff Dave Cave to offer their assistance. Once the day has been agreed Dave will call you back to advise accordingly. As usual we thank the members for their assistance.

Fishing updates

River Reports

The continued dry spells are still having an effect of the river fishing for members and the Tyne, Coquet, Wear and Tees are all suffering badly due to the lack of rain. The Tyne did have a rise of three feet last week which should have moved fish towards our stretches as fish were being caught not too further down river. The rain did not affect the other rivers. The Till though is getting some good runs of sea trout with members having success both through the day and also those members night fishing.It goes without saying that the rivers do really need some constant rain for days upon end to bring the salmon in from the sea.

Still Waters

Our three still waters have all received stockings of good quality brown and rainbow trout and when the weathet is fair members are having good sport on the fly. The weekend just past was very windy and did have an effect on the fishing but as of today it is now settled.


Our June newsletter has been posted and members should receive it within the next day or two if not already received.

Fish Counts

I am unable to get the upstream fish counts for May for the rivers at the moment as their is a problem with the EA publications catalogue. I have emailed them and await a response.

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