First of The Season


All members should have received their first newsletter of the season that also included your membership sticker for 2015 that should be attached to your membership card.

The fish counter page has been updated for January and rather surprisingly the leader at the moment is the Wear with 9 fish, almost certainly salmon at this time of the year, having taken the fish pass at Durham. Hopefully this is the start of a better season for us all. No fish have taken the fish passes on the Tyne or Tees.

Code for Theft of Fishing Rights

For years there has been a problem with whom people should contact if they know an angler is fishing illegally on waters they have no right to be on and are taking fish illegally. Do we contact the EA or do we contact the police?. Well, we now have the definitive answer. It is the police. Every offence which the police are duty bound to deal with has a unique Home Office Code. The code for Theft Of Fishing Rights is 116/11. If, therefore, anglers quote this when reporting incidents, the police will understand that they must deal with the matter, rather than misinterpret the situation as a civil matter and/or attempt to pass the job over to the EA. Provision of the code will mean that from the initial stage the call taker will understand that this is a police matter, and police officers responding can check the relevant instructions under this code. Thanks to the Angling Trust for providing this information.

As usual, if you find a person is poaching or snatching fish or come across a net in the river then you must contact the EA. Their telephone number is on the reverse side of your rod licence. In all circumstances you should not approach the angler/s concerned or remove the net. This is for your own safety and they may already be under surveillance by the EA. If you do report any incident we do request that our head bailiff and or committee are also informed.

A Good Evening

2015 AGM

We had a very good turnout at our AGM last night with 47 members in attendance which is the highest number ever to attend our AGM. All in all it was a very good meeting with the committee informing the members that we had renewed three leases within the last few weeks which maintains all the fishing we had in 2014. There was no new water to add to our list of fishing but we are in the very early stages of negotiations over some additional river fishing and we can only wait to see if this comes to fruition.

Members were reminded that they need to increase their standing order with their respective banks following the slight increase in the cost of membership for this season.

Membership levels remain very good and unfortunately we do have to operate a waiting list as very few members leave the club.

The catch returns were issued to the members present and with last year being the driest on record it did have a marked affect on the number of salmon and sea trout caught on club waters. Those members that could not attend the meeting and require a copy of the catch returns should contact the club and we will supply a copy.

The trophy for the heaviest salmon went to K Ferguson for his 24lb fish caught on the Tyne and the heaviest sea trout caught on fly went to K Bourner for his 12.5lb fish caught on the Wear.

A special prize was awarded to lady member Soroya Tilson for her 20lb salmon caught on the Tyne.

Our finances are healthy and we look forward to being in a position to target any new water should it come on the open market but fishing is so very hard to come by nowadays but we are ready should it happen.

We have one project outlined for this year and that is to improve the access for fishing at Rothley East Lake. We do have a list of volunteers to assist the committee but please add your name to this list without any committment.

The current committee were re-elected unopposed.

As usual we had our free prize draw with a fly box with a selection of salmon flies, a fly box with sea trout flies and a trout landing net being awarded to the three lucky winners.

Lastly we had our usual buffet midway through proceedings and as usual it was up to its very high standard and our thanks go to Birtley golf club for providing the clubhouse facilities free of charge and of course Brenda Harland for doing the catering.

All in all a very good meeting and thanks to all those members for attending, for their imput throughout the meeting, and for entrusting the running of the club with the current committee.

Come and meet us

2015 AGM

Our AGM is being held this Wednesday at Birtley Golf Club with a prompt start at 8.00pm. The club house will be open from 7.00pm and as well as seeing some of our regular members we also look forward to meeting some of our new members. It will give new members the opportunity to meet the committee and other members and also pick the brains of our older members as where are the best places to catch a fish or two. The weather at the moment is fine and current forecasts are to stay cold with the odd snow shower but we expect the roads to be fine for travelling. As usual we will have our hot and cold buffet midway through the evenings agenda and the committee look forward to seeing you there.

Season,s Opener

Open Rivers

Fishing for salmon opened on our English rivers yesterday but we do not expect any early season success on our rivers at this moment in time. Our Tweed and Till beats open from today and with the recent snow we expect the rivers to be out of condition for fishing. Any early season success will come from these rivers and members are strongly advised to check river levels before setting off to fish.

Year End fish Counts

2014 Figures

The final 2014 figures for three of our major rivers are now on the fish counter. The Tyne saw over 31000 fish take the system whislt the Wear had over 12000 and the Tees a paltry few hundred and our thanks to the EA for providing these figures.

Rods at The Ready

Some members are already champing at the bit in preperation for the start of the new season and the best prospects are the Tweed and the Till. Members are reminded that it is fly only until 15th February and high waters of late could produce some sea trout on the Till.


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