A big welcome

To 2018

A belated Happy New Year to all our members and visitors. As usual throughout the close season the committee have been very busy looking at all aspects regarding the club and are still in the process of ratifying leases etc with our riparian owners for the coming season. The season is only a few weeks away and members who will be looking to hopefully catch a fish from the opening day should be concentrating on our Tweed and Till beats. If you do intend to fish please remember that on these beats it is fly only until 15th February. There is a bit ambiguity at the moment regarding the killing of sea trout on these beats. The Tweed Code states no killing of sea trout until the 1st of April, however, it appears that this is wrong and anglers are able to kill sea trout from the 1st of February. We are in the process of trying to get clarification on this point and will hopefully have a definitive answer before the start of the season.

2018 AGM

Members will receive full details by post of our forthcoming AGM shortly but a note for your diary is Wednesday the 14th February With a prompt 8.00pm start at Birtley Golf Club. Slightly later than normal but this is due to the venue already being booked for the 7th February.

Club vacancies

The club has some vacancies at present and any interested party should contact the club through our contact section or membership application tab on our home page. Cheaper than some clubs, more expensive than others, but we do offer members a wider range of fishing than other clubs. Fishing on five different rivers and three stillwaters venues all for £432 per year. You could pay that for a sason ticket on a single Stillwater yet we have three all within the price and two are open all year round. Extended river fishing with our Tweed and Till beats provides members with a longer season that other clubs so if interested then please contact us.

Have a

Merry Christmas

From the committee we wish all our members and readers a very merry Christmas and also a happy New Year. What would you like for Christmas? A new rod and reel with a line that flies out to the exact spot you wished to hit, then bang, that life time salmon takes your fly and line and the fight begins, good luck on that score.

Tha takes us into the new year and the prospects of a new season that awaits us all. What do we hope for, more fish being on the end of our lines, better fishing conditions where the river is in tip top condition when we get the chance to wet a line. Hope springs eternal we say. The committee only hope that our members health and well being continues into 2018 and we can see you on the river banks for a chat and bit of banter about the one you caught or, as happens, the ones that got away. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and tight lines.

It's all over


The end of our migratory fishing sason ended yesterday and the last week went out with a whimper unfortunately due to high rivers. Members should already have sent in their catch returns for our English rivers and now it's time to send in your returns for the Tweed and the Till. Whilst it is important that we as a club receive these returns for these two rivers it is also a requirement under Scottish law. 

The committee will be busy as usual during the next two months as we look forward to our AGM in February but we have important details to consider regarding our fishing leases, membership and finances to sort out apart from other minor issues. We hope the members have had a good season, only one salmon for me but a beauty, and look forward to seeing the final returns for the year. Hopefully the members and general public have enjoyed our blogs this year anf found then informative This will be our last blog of the year unless we have something of importance for you to know.

Black Friday

Bleak Saturday 

Last week of the season on our Tweed and Till beats and the rains have ruined the last potential weekend for some members. By Monday these beats should be fishable especially as some heavy runs of sea trout have been running the system. Hopefully the hardy members prepared to fight the cold weather will be out for their last casts of the season and hopefully catch a fish or two. If you do get out, tight lines. 

Final figures

For fish counts 

The fish counts for our English rivers for October have been added and as already stated in an earlier blog the Autumn runs were low. The Tyne has had its lowest October run since counting began in 1996 with 2540 Fish going through the counters at Riding Mill. The Wear had 1894, and whilst not the lowest October count, seems low. The queen mothers river the Tees had 10 through the fish count, yes you read correctly 10. Fish are still being churned and thrown around the Archimedes screw at Durham with still no signs of the EA  installing screens to prevent this happening. It is not known how the low counts in October have affected our fishing but the mighty Tweed has had its lowest catch return figures for a season in over 30 years with some beats lowering their prices due to a lack of take up from punters. The counts for the Coquet will be added when the Northumberland Rivers Trust publish them.

Catch returns

Whilst we apologise to members for the delay in sending out the catch return sheets for this season members should have them by the weekend, and as they say, better late than never. So fill them in upon arrival and send them back ASAP to secretary Dave Wilson as he, and the committee, are looking to see how the members have faired this season. 

Still fishing available

Members have the final two weeks left of the season to continue migratory fishing on our beats on the Tweed and Till so although fairly cold, and low river levels,why not get out and have those last few hours on the river bank, it's a long time till next season.

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