Your Time

Is Up

The last week of the season turned out to be a bit of a damp squib with both the Tweed and Till being unfishable due to the height of the rivers. Where was this rain in the summer and autumn when it was really needed. So, your time is up now for migratory fishing and we request that members send in their completed csth returns to club secretary Dave Wilson ASAP. These are required by law for the Tweed and Till and also for the club for when leases need renewing. So please take the ten minutes or so to complete your return and send it off, or send it to the clubs email sight, whichever you prefer.

Fishng still available

Whilst the migratory season may have ended club members still have plenty of other opportunities to go fishing On club waters. Rainbow trout fishing is available throughout the winter months on both Thirnton Steward reservoir and Rothley lake. Or, if you fancy an alternativ, then why not give the Wear a go for either coarse fishing, with some specimen barbel on our beats or keep out your fly rods and try for the grayling.

Club Membetship

How has your season gone with your current club?. Only one river to fish throughout the season and if this year has been pretty poor then your opportunities to fish would probably have been pretty limited. Frustrated at not being able to get out on the river and then having to pay around £25 for a days trout fishing somewhere to keep you going. That is why we have such a different approach within our club. If our north east rivers are out of nick then you have the opportunity to fish the Tweed and the Till. If they are also out of nick then you have three stillwaters available all stocked with good sized brown trout at Crag Lough and very good rainbow trout at both Thornton Steward reservoir in north Yorkshire and Rothley lake in Northumberland. If you wish to be considered for membership of one of the top clubs in North East England then simply complete the online application form and we will let you know.

Not good

For the Wear

The latest fish fount figures for October have been added to the lists. Whilst 4516 took the Riding Mill fish pass on the Tyne to take the yearly figure up to 32852 this figure is roughly equal with the last few years and a good sign. The Wear however only had 1184 fish through the Framwellgate weirs to take the seasons total to 7586. This is one of the lowest on record for the Wear and only bears out what members and other clubs have said that it has been a really poor year on the river for migratory fish and fishing. At least the beauty of our club is that, unlike other clubs, members do have other rivers to fish throughout the season. 

Having just stated on the last post that the Till was fishing reasonably well it has now come into full spate and stopped the fishing. Ah well, that means it's either Thornton Steward or Rothley Lake for trout fishing.

Time is

Running out

There is less than two weeks to go before the end of our migratory fish season on out Tweed and Till beats. The Tweed has been unfishable due to the high river level but gladly this has not affected our Till beats. Members have been out on our three beats of late and have been catching both salmon and sea trout with the best salmon I am aware of being caught coming in at a lovely 12lbs to the rod of one of our lady members. It is hoped that the current wet weather we are having does not put the Till out of action between now and the seasons end and that members can continue fishing until the end of the month.

Just a reminder to members to submit their catch returns to club secretary Dave Wilson as outlined in our last newsletter.

Please take the time

To complete your catch returns

We have posted our latest newsletter to members today that also includes your migratory catch returns for the season on our English rivers and should be with you before the weekend. We ask that rather putting it aside for another day that you complete it and return to secretary Dave Wilson ASAP as they do take time to collate. Those members intending to continue fishing on the Tweed and Till have until the end of November to complete their returns for these rivers.

Last chance saloon

On our English rivers

Tomorrow is the final day of the season, or today depending when you read this, on our English rivers to fish for migratory fish. It is pleasing to report that members are still being successful in their efforts on our beats with more salmon than sea trout being caught over the last week with some very clean silver fish and the odd one or two bearing sea lice. In our last report we mentioned that our members have been successful in catching that elusive salmon over the 20lb mark. Well, several more over the 20lb mark have also been caught since then so well done to the members for their perseverance in trying river conditions. We hope members can get out on the last day on our English river and finish the season with a bang.

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