A member has left his landing net near the car park at Thornton Steward Reservoir. If it has been recovered please contact the club and we will put you in touch with the owner to arrange recovery.

Lost Contact Details

During the recent mail shot of the new handbooks it became clear that 2 of our members shared the same address, the only problem was that the current occupant, a recent new member, didn’t know the other member. Email and phone contact have been attempted but neither work.

Member M185 Philip Meredith, if you read this please contact the membership secretary either by email to the club (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone to 01609 773104 so we can update your contact details and then at least I will be able to send you a copy of the new handbook.

If anybody reading this knows Phillip would you please pass this on to him.

Thank you

June 2020 Updates

Members Handbook

Most members should have received their updated 2020 handbook which have been posted this week. Whilst all the committee took part in the updated version it has to be stated that about 95% of the work was carried out by membership secretary Jim McLean. It is very pleasing to see members in the forum and our email site have welcomed the update and also congratulate Jim for his  sterling efforts.

River Wear

Those members that fish this river need to be aware of a major road closure from July 20th. The New Elvet Bridge which crosses the river in Durham, accessed via the A690, will be closed to all traffic and also pedestrians for approximately 14 months. Alternatives routes need to be scourced but the A167 is the best alternative.

Rothley East Shield Lake - use of strike indicators

A number of members have asked for clarification on the use of strike indicators at Rothely. The committee discussed this at their last Zoom Committee meeting and reconfirmed that the use of inanimate strike indicators at Rothley should not be used. 

Some Fish About

Tight lines

Pleasing to hear that the odd salmon and sea trout are now being caught by some lucky members with the Till and Wear producing these fish.

The May fish counts have been added and are not great with the Coquet leading the way. The Riding Mill fish counter for the Tyne appears to be out of operation since early April which will probably be the reason for a low April count and none at all for May.


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