Salmon numbers

On the rise?

Reports are continuing about the increased numbers of salmon entering our rivers. Good news?. Not really because the increase is the Pacific pink salmon. More and more reports are continually appearing about anglers and netsmen catching this rogue fish in our territory. The bad news if you catch one is that they are not nice eating So be warned. If you catch one of these rogue fish the EA request if you can contact them and pass the fish onto them with details of where and when caught.

The good news on our local front shows members are still catching the odd salmon and sea trout over the last week with the best salmon known to us lately coming in at 15lbs from our Hesleyside beats. There does appear to be a fair number of fish around but catching them is proving frustrating. Never mind, as they say, tight lines.

Bridge over

Troubled Waters

Would members please note that the car parking at the bridge on the Ford beat will have some disruption this week as repairs to upgrade the parking are made. The repairs should hopefully be finished by the end of the week. Pointing work will be carried out on the bridge itself next week but this will not affect the parking.

Junior Competition

A further reminder for our senior members that have juniors under their wing that our junior competition will be taking place at Thornton Steward Reservoir on Thursday 10th August and meeting at 10.00am. If you have not already entered your juniors into the competition but wish to do so then please contact secretary Dave Wilson.




Could any members fishing our beats on the Wear please assist the committee. If you are fishing any of our beats and come across any dead migratory fish and have the capability of taking a picture could you please do so and send the picture to either Dave Cave or Alan Horner. Could you also please advise Dave or Alan which beat and the date found. There is a specific reason for this request which we will advise members of at a later date. 



Members have had some reasonable success on our various rivers last week. Several salmon have been caught on the Till with both Fenton and Ford beats producing fish with the best at 12lb coming off the Ford beat. Several salmon have also been caught on the Coquet with again the best coming in at 12lb. The Wear has also produced both salmon and sea trout with, believe it or not, again the best salmon at 12lb. Only a report of one salmon from our Tweed beat with a fish at 6lb. And the Tyne has also produced both salmon and sea trout with the best salmon at 10lb. TAS members have also had several salmon and a sea trout from our Low Grange beat on the Wear. Surprised not to hear of any fish from our Shellacres beat last week. As always it would be nice to hear from more members with results of any catches being made so we can keep all members informed of which rivers are producing fish. Rain yesterday and today wil keep the rivers topped up and hopefully keep members out on the rivers.

Closing date

For Interim Catch Returns

The club have to provide interim catch returns from members for any salmon or sea trout caught on the rivers Tweed and Till by 27th July.

To date secretary Dave Wilson has received returns for 4 sea trout caught on the river Till. We know this figure is short because on one day six sea trout were caught in the month of June On the Fenton beat. We have issued catch returns to members and ark that yiu send in your returns ASAP. If you wish to send you'd return in by email then this is totally acceptable. Please keep us in the good books with our riparian owners and the Tweed Commision.

June 2017 fish counts

The fish count runs for our major rivers fir June have been added to the fish count figures. Pleasing to see all three rivers are slightly up on 2016 and the Wear is one of the best over the last 10 years.

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