Final Month

Running Out of Time

We are now at the 1st October and this month heralds the last fishing month for members fishing on our English rivers for salmon and sea trout with the brown trout season ending yesterday. The prolonged drought in the north east continues, looks likely to continue into next week, and is still having a marked affect on the numbers of fish entering the rivers. That is not to say fish are not entering the rivers as one member had two salmon and a fresh run grilse last week within a very short period of time. Just a case of being in the right place at the right time I suppose. Having had a day on the Tweed last week on a private beat as a guest it was the same there also. A rise in the river of some six inches brought fish onto the beat but these were onle stale fish from beats further down river. As the season heads towards its close we only hope that we receive some really heavy rain for a few days to bring fresh fish into our rivers and give the members a last chance of success before theseason closes.

Licence To Kill

As regular readers will have followed earlier posts about the Scottish government bringing in the Licence to Kill act next year, and possibly affecting our club fishing on the Till and Tweed, there has been a slight diversion by the government on this bill. A further document has been published, rather a lenghty one at that, and we need to fully read and understand what/if these changes will have on our club fishing for 2016. As stated, it is a lengthy document with a further report to follow so we will not dive in and start making assumptions just yet, but we will keep members informed of any changes.

In The Pink

Pacific Salmon

Further to the posting about six weeks ago about a pacific salmon (pink salmon) being caught on the Tyne and also in the nets off the north east coast another pink salmon has been caught by rod and line only this time in the river Wear. Further investigations have shown that apparently the Russians introduced this species into the white sea and they are now breeding and have found their way into some rivers in Norway. Should any member catch one of these fish they are required to kill it and hand it over to the EA. They cant breed with our atlantic salmon so the genetic integrity of our stocks are safe.

Lost and Found

Rothley lake

A members has found a fly wallet whilst fishing Rotley Lake yesterday, Wednesday 16th September. If the wallet is yours please contact the club and we will put you in touch with the finder to ensure safe return.

15th September

Fly Only

Would members please note that with effect from the 15th September it is fly only on the rivers Tweed and Till.

Fish Counts

The fish counts for the Coquet and Tees have now been added to the fish counter page to complete the figures for August. The figures for the Coquet are encouraging as it looks like it should surpass the 5000 figure for the season which deems the river as sustainable in terms of self sufficiency for future stocks. Whilst this sounds good news we should not be complacent as previous runs some years ago passed 30,000. The Tees is really beyond belief. Figures for this season run at 193 and if you were to add the figures for the last two years to this figure you would not reach 3000. What are the EA doing about it? Heaven knows.


Summer Level

Tomorrow cant come soon enough and neither can Monday.Both those days are expected to bring some much needed rain for the majority of our rivers. The Tyne is going along nicely with the releases from Kielder keeping the fish on the move. The very low water is bringing a lot of catches at the lower end of the Tweed and members in search of a salmon should be taking the opportunity to fish our beat. The Till, Coquet, Wear and Tees are in dire need of a good spate to not only get the fish running but to clear the weed from the river bottoms as it is becomong a problem for members and anglers alike on the rivers. Further rain is hoped beyond these periods to get the season into full swing after the stop start season we have endured so far this year.

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