Is This How?

Hidden News

Now you are not supposed to read this as it is being published along with other items of bad news, you know, like governments do, put out bad news in the hope nobody notices. Well, our club, along with 70 other objectors commented in the consultation process this year that the drift net fisheries along the Yorkshire coast should be attended at all times, Well, following that consultation process, when there were 4 in favour of not attending nets, it has been decided that there will be no change in the bye laws at least until 2017. In 2017 under EU guidelines the government have to look at conservation methods for salmon in England.Sccotland have already carried out their review. It is then that the EA will review the drift net fisheries of Yorkshire along with the overall conservation of salmon and sea trout in mixed stock fisheries throughout England. Perish the thought.

Now this will mean looking at fish stocks in terms of fish running the rivers, along with net catches, and we know that rod and line anglers countrywide practice catch and release even after the compulsary date of the 16th June each season. You will have read an earlier thread regarding the fish counts for the river Wear being out by over 4000 fish at the end of the season and the EA guesstimate that 13000 fish would run the river this year. That figure is now closer to 22000. Hmmm. 10000 fish took the river Tyne in July and over 5000 fish took the Wear in July. It will be really interesting to see the published catch returns for those two rivers for the month of July 2015.


Members that fish the Tyne beats will know we have two fishing huts on the river, One at Dunterley and one at Eals. Well, erm,  that is not actually correct, Following the prolonged rain that we have had over the last seven weeks or so the hut at the Eals was last seen heading across the north sea towards Europe. That is unless someone has hidden it under bad news.

Year End

Latest Fish Counts

We have added the November fish counts for the rivers Tyne, Wear and Coquet to our fish counter section and all river numbers are up significantly on 2014. Does that mean increased catches in 2015? Not really. Prolonged dry spells throughout the summer and way into autumn kept the rivers low and fish hard to catch. Since the season end on our English rivers it has hardly stopped raining up north and all the rivers have been in constant spate conditions. Hopefully the fish have managed to spawn successfully and more importantly the redds have not been affected by the heavy spate conditions and indeed kelts, especially sea trout, will already be starting their journey back to sea. Hopefully all members have sent in their respective catch returns but if not then please send them in asap via our "contact us" section on the site.

22nd December - The fish counts for the Tees has been added today.

Busy Period

Though the migratory fishing season is at an end the committee are working away dilligently on renewing some of our leases with our riparian owners and discussions on these items are going very well but still need to be concluded. The committee have worked hard on securing existing waters and also looking at potential new waters and all things being equal we should be in a position of strength come our AGM on the first Wednesday in Februry 2016. One piece of good news is that following the Scottish Government decision to look at introducing Kill licences and tagging schemes for rivers in Scotland, that would mean the Tweed and Till for our members, we are very pleased to say that common sense has prevailed on these rivers. Brielfy this means that Rivers in Scotland have been placed into one of three categories. Categoray one is no change to present rules and regulations, Category two is the owner of the fishery has to apply for a licence for fish to be killed and a tagging system to be introduced and categorary three is for total catch and release on these fisheries. We are pleased to say that our club fishing comes under categorary one. Needlees to say that will be a lot of time and effort for the committee to direct into other areas. One slight change on the Tweed and Till is that in previous years sea trout caught before the 1st April could be kept. This has now changed and all sea trout caught before the 1st April must be returned unharmed to the water.

Seasons Greetings

Lastly, on behalf of the committee, we take this opportunity to wish all our members and their families and general readers a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tragic News

Sad Loss

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of member Ken Bourner following his sudden death on Wednesday at the age of 72. On behalf of the committee and members we take this opportunity to offer our condolences to his family and also club member and brother Brian. Both Ken and Brian have been excellent members for some years now carrying out work on behalf of the club but especially at Rothley East Lake. Ken's favourite passion was fishing for sea trout and indeed caught the heaviest fish on fly on club water in 2014. Prior to joining the club Ken fished reguarly on the rivers Till and Coquet and also carried on this tradition when he became a member but then fished Rothley but more than most fished the Wear for his beloved sea trout. An expert angler and only ever fishing with the fly he became a regular, with Brian, fishing the Wear at night and was always prepared to pass on his knowledge to fellow members and anglers alike.Throughout his time with the club he became very popular with members and more so with several of the committee when fishing the Wear and he will be sorely missed by the club, committee and members.

Seasonally Adjusted

River Wear Fish Counts - Take 2

We had 4091 less fish running the river Wear up to the end of October 2015 in comparison to the figures supplied by the EA. The EA have now, November, placed on their fish counter site updated figures for the river. This is how it looks,

                                  Jan          Feb          Mar          Apr          May         Jun          July          Aug          Sep          Oct              Total

Original                         9             9              7              13          357         1689       3464         2158         1246         7956             16908

Revised figures              9            11             17             23          507         2163       5551         3348         1414         7956             20999

Difference                      0             2             10             10          150           474       2087         1190          168               0               4091

Now I am sure that if I was making errors like this in my job then a lot would be said. Extra numbers of fish by the odd 10 or even 150 could theoretically be accepted but when the figures for July, 2087, and August, 1190, differ by such a high number then we believe these figures should be queried. Dont get us wrong on this, seeing almost 21000 fish take the river is very good for the future of the river but we do seriously need to question these figures. At an open meeting with the EA in September, attended by the Wear Anglers Association (WAA), of which three of our committee attended on our behalf, the EA reported at the meeting that some 8000 fish had taken the river, our figures were 7706, so no problem with that. They went on to report that they estimated that the end of season count would be about 13000 and the figure is now at 20999, a huge discrepancy of some 8000 fish. There are now two counters on the weir at Durham with the new counter being added from this year and at a meeting with the EA at the opening of the new archimedes screw at Durham the EA were asked if they would provide figures of fish taking both counters and also when the archimedes screw was operational and non operational, June 2015.One of our members directly requested that the EA supply their monthly figures and graphs to the WAA to which they agreed. Months later and nothing has been received. Two of our members in attendance at the meeting in September fish the river on a very regular basis, like 5 days/nights a week, and whilst you can not see all the fish running the river you do get an indication of the number of fish around by your catches or bites or in this case, lack of either, and they really do question the figures. So disgusted by the EA at the meeting our three members left early. Members that fish the Wear will know of the two committee members in question and greatly value their experience and assistance like the rest of our committee. We have our last committee meeting of the year next Monday and this item is on our agenda. As usual we will keep members and readers alike updated on this item.

A Day Early

End of the Season

One day early but with all the rain this week the Tweed and Till are at such heights that fishing on the last day will be impossible.We therefore ask that the members that managed to fish these beats if they will complete and send in their catch returns to secretary Dave Wilson asap, not only for our records but also for the Tweed commission and riparian owners.

River Wear Fish Counts

Some members have queried our fish count figures for the Wear up to the end of the season, 31st October, of 16908 as other clubs in the region and local press say the figure is 20999. That is a huge discrepancy of 4091. I know the brain cells get less the older I get but I can still work a calculator and our monthly figures as supplied by the EA are correct and the final count of 16908 is also correct. That is unless someone has counted the 4091 fish taking the weir at Durham and not going through either of the fish counters and if they did, well done.

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