The Clock

Is Ticking

As we head into the final month of our migratory fishing on our English rivers we will as usual see an expected upturn in the number of members looking for their final casts and hopefully catches of the season. Members are having success on our Tyne beats in catching both salmon and sea trout with the spinner being the most successful method of late. The numbers of fish entering the river are still in keeping with previous years and the September numbers have been added to our fish count section. Rain rain on Friday has brought another lift to the river which should encourage the fish to keep running upstream and should settle into a good level by tomorrow. The river Wear however continues its poor season in terms of fish running the river and fish being caught. Some of our committee are testimony to that. The number of fish running through the fish counters for September is a paltry 1890 taking the season so far to 6402. Since full records were kept for this river it looks likely this could be the lowest runs on record with only 8651 fish running the river in 2012. We sincerely hope October goes out with flying colours. Tight lines to you all.

Storm Ali

Welcome rain

Heavy rain over the last few days has seen all our rivers receive some much needed water that should hopefully bring more fresh fish into the rivers. The rivers are still high at present but from tomorrow they should be fishable although spinning could be an option especially on our Tyne beats.

River Coquet

Storm Ali on Thursday has resulted in a rather large tree being blown over and right across the river near the bottom of the beat. The owner has been advised and hopefully will have it removed.

Lost Wading Stick

If a member has left his wading stick on the Tyne this morning it has been found by a member from Bellingham Anglers. They will place it behind the bar at the Rose and Crown pub in Bellingham for collection.

So, Where are they

Latest fish counts

The fish counts for August have been added to our fish count page. Whilst the Tyne figures remain extremely good, being the third highest August total in the last twenty years, the number of fish being reported caught on the system never mind our beats is extremely low which is disappointing and surprising. As always we always keep things honest here and don't try and gloss over things. We have however had the odd success on the Tyne and look at things improving very quickly. The fish count for the Wear is extremely poor for this time of year even now that the nets are off. So ladies and gentlemen tight lines in the weeks to come.

Timely Reminder

For those members fishing our Tweed and Till beats you are reminded that from the 15th September it is FLY only on these beats.

September news

Rothley Lake

on behalf of the members we say a big thank you to the eight committee and club members that attended the work party last Thursday For the weed and lily clearing operation. The extremely warm weather this year had a major impact on the growth rate of both the weeds and lilies but an excellent job was carried out on our behalf so again a big thanks ladies and gentlemen.

There still remains a problem in that with the extra growth this year the working party could not reach out far enough to clear more rubbish with the equipment that we have available From the bank side. In order to make the fishing more accessible for members we are asking if any member has access to a boat for one day that we can place on the lake and carry out further work to improve the situation for us all. If you can help with a boat then please contact head bailiff Dave Cave. We would probably only need around four members for this extra working party.

The last stocking of this lake for this year took place last Saturday and again thanks to the regular members who stock this venue on our behalf. As an added bonus for members we added some additional bigger fish this time amd hope the members enjoy the quality of the fish. With reference to the odd query by one or two members regarding the number of fish stocked into the lake we advise that stockings are arranged on the size of the lake and the ratio of fish per acre and can only say we stock above this ratio.

Working Parties

As members know we generally have working parties midweek as we have a fair amount of retired members that can assist. We know that other members work and are not available to assist but would only be to willing to help out on a weekend. If you fall into the latter category and wish to help then again please contact head bailiff Dave Cave and he will make a list of weekend volunteers. As usual we thank all members for their assistance

North Tyne Fishing

Just a little reminder to members that we have no fishing on the Hesleyside beat from the 1st of September. All other beats remain as normal. On an earlier post we mentioned the number of Bellingham rods allowed per beat and ask our members that if they encounter any more than the allocated number of rods then please contact us ASAP. Hopefully the situation of last year were they had four and five rods on the beats will not re-occur. There is an increase in the cumic releases from Kielder reservoir this coming weekend to 15 cumics. The general amount of time taken for these releases to reach our beats is around three hours. Hopefully this additional release will encourage more fish upstream and also more fish into the rivers. Now that the nets are off for this year hopefully we will also see an increase in the number of fish running the rivers as they have been down in recent months due to the total lack of rain. Unfortunately the long term forecasts seem to be fairly dry until October, let's hope they are wrong.

Guest Permits

Those members wishing to take a guest or two fishing on our selected beats are reminded that no permit's are allowed after the end of this month.

Please say

A prayer

Regretfully we have to announce the very sad death of long time member Beverley Tynan. Bev was a great advocate of the club and loved his fly fishing and usually had  a word or two to say at our AGM's, but maybe that was the Brown Ale, as he liked a bottle of the old brown dog. Bev will be sadly missed by us all at our meetings and on the river banks by members alike. His funeral is on the 4th September at 15.00 at Tynemouth crematorium if any member wishes to attend. RIP big man.

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