Congratulations to the winner

Wild Trout Trust Auction

For a few years now the club has made a donation to the WTT of a days escorted fishing on the river Wear. The successful bidder this year was Jed Grayston and he had his days fishing yesterday escorted by committee member Jim Mclean. We are pleased to report that Jed caught a wonderful 14lb salmon within the first thirty minutes of his days fishing. His only other success was a wild brown trout before the river unfortunately rose by about a foot. Whilst this stopped any further opportunity to fish it was very pleasing to know that Jim spent further time to show Jed how to improve his spey casting.

Further success

Members are still having success on the rivers with salmon and sea trout on the Coquet, salmon and sea trout on the Wear and sea trout on the Till which also holds some grilse at this time.

July Fish Counts

The fish counts for July have been added and its nice to see some good numbers taking the rivers. The figures for the Wear are only estimated as one of the counters is not opersting correctly.

Lost and Found

A member has lost/left his Simms wading stock sheath on either the Coquet or the Till at Fenton. If found by another mmber please contact us and we will put you in contact with the owner.

Well we had a lot

Of Rain

Over the weekend our rivers were in full spate conditions with the Coquet bursting its banks up at Rothbury. Thankfully the rain has receded and the rivers are also following the same pattern and should be fishable from about Wednesday.

Rothley lake

Our next stocking of the lake has been cancelled due to the condition of the lake. An exmination of the venue yesterday shows that the weed clearing operation carried out in early July, although a success at the time, has appeared to work against all those members that carried out the operation. Any member/s that go and fish the lake over the coming week or so are asked to contact the club with their findings of how they faired.

Well Done

One of our junior members, Aidan Final, whilst out fishing on the Coquet last week with his father managed to catch a really superb wild brown trout just over the two pound mark. Maybe, just maybe the brown trout is making a come back on the river, but who really knows, here,s hoping.


Up and down like a

Yo yo

The recent rains, thunderstorms and showers are putting the rivers up and down on a fairly consistent basis. It has however continued to bring fresh fish into all the rivers and the Till is still top of the pops at present. Fish have been caught on both fly and spinner with fish coming to the net on Fenton, Shellacres and Castle Heaton with one member landing an 8lb and 6lb sea trout to fly from Fenton. Just a case of being in the right place at the right time.

June 2019 fish counts

Latest figures

The figures for our major rivers have been added to tbe fish counts although a bit later than normal. The Tyne is roughly on par for 2018 but a lot lower than 2016 and 2017 but healthy enough. The figures for the Wear are slightly disappointing but it appears the fish counters are not wuite working as they should be. One bright spot is the Coquet with over 1000 fish coming through in June so hopefully this river will continue to improve.

Hard to catch

Our rivers all appear to have a very good head of sea trout in them at present but boy they are certainly probing hard to catch. As usual in this warm weather the best time to fish is early morning or late evening. Tight lines people.

The Start Fishing

Previously members have been requested to report any migratory caught on the day of capture to committee member Dave Charlton. This has now changed and any catches should be repoted to Jim Irving either by phone or through the clubs email. As always your assistance in this item will be greatly appreciated.

There,s a lot about

Still coming to the net

Even though we have had some really heavy down pours this week it has not been enough to give the rivers much of a lift. That however has not stopped members from continuing to bring fish to the net. A salmon off the Start, grilse and sea trout from the Till beats and the first signs of fish on the Tyne. One member having a good day on the Tyne landing 4 sea trout and also having a couple of good pulls on his line. Kielder releases will help the Tyne over the next week so hopefully more will come to the net. There still seems to be more sea trout than salmon in the rivers but a fish is a fish.

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