Heading our way

Not the snow

all members should have received notification of our forthcoming AGM, on Wednesday 6th February at Birtley Golf Club Commencing at 8.00pm. The club will be open from 7.00pm for any early arrivals. We hope to have another good turn out from the membership as in previous years and see what happened over the last year. There will be the free buffet throughout the meeting, generally when the catch returns are supplied, so please make every effort to attend as the committee look forward to meeting members new and old.

Changes afoot

North East Nets

Well we now know that the north east drift nets will not operate from this year and both T and J nets are restricted to catching sea trout only this year. Whilst it is always hard to see anyone losing their livelihood we do hope that these changes to netting restrictions will see an increase in the numbers of fish running our local rivers as they are not all Tweed fish. Rod anglers have been playing their part in helping to ensure the continuation of our beloved sport for the future with self imposed catch and release policies. There are also no changes to hook sizes this year either.

A busy close season

As usual at this time of the year the committee have been engaged in renewing club leases and so far we only have one outstanding issue to resolve which the committee will hope to have resolved by our forthcoming AGM on the 6th February. We may also have a new beat to add but that is still in its early days as yet.


The number of rod licences sold last year dropped which means that anglers are either sick of fishing in general or the lack of fishing available within their old or current club. We are currently in the process of opening up our membership for this year so if you fancy a change to a new club then come and join us. On offer is a wide variety  of salmon and sea trout fishing, secure parking, lengthy beats, three trout fisheries and a very welcoming membership only too pleased to offer any help and assistance needed to newcomers. Simply complete the membership application form at the top of our home page and you will receive a reply from our membership secretary in fairly quick time. 

Opening soon

Not long now, just over three weeks, before our fishing season gets underway On the 1st February. To early for the Tyne, Wear and Coquet maybe but a chance, just maybe of a springer on our Tweed or Till beats. Whenever you do get out, be safe on the river banks and tight lines for 2019.

Welcome to

A Happy New Year

From the committee to all our members both new and old we wish you a Happy New Year. In fishing terms for catching migratory fish in 2018 proved a great challenge not only for our members on our lengthy beats but for all anglers nationwide. Will 2019 be a better year for anglers alike, who knows. 2018 turned out to be a very dry year which stopped fish running the rivers, that is those fish that were around to run the rivers. The Tyne had a good run of fish but catch returns were down. The Wear had its lowest recorded fish runs since records were started. The Coquet, well, without any records of fish running the river we do not know where we are on this river but do hope it can again recover to the fantastic runs of fish like the sixties and seventies. We do however thank our membership for staying with us last season and hope we all have a better 2019. 


Seasons Greetings 2018

On behalf of the committee we wish all our members and readers of our site a very merry Christmas. Whilst 2018 was not a very successful year in terms of migratory fishing throughout the whole country it is hoped that 2019 will bring an improvement for all our members, especially those who blanked this year, just like me. ????

Bits and Bobs

This very dry year left our rivers low and in some cases fish floundering due to lack of water. An application has been submitted for water extraction from the river Coquet. Angling bodies, clubs and individuals are in the process of objecting to this request. We are among those lodging an objection.

We all like to know the number of fish entering the rivers every year and we try to provide the information as soon as we can. On the river Wear 1039 migratory fish took the fish counts at Durham in November taking the seasons total to a very poor 8625. This is below the worst year since records were kept being lower than the 8651 fish in 2012. As we all know, fish runs are cyclical, and look forward to a vast improvement in 2019?

EA catch returns are required to be submitted by the 1st January 2019. These are required by law and you could be subject to a fine for failure to return your figures. Mine did not take long.

Thank you and


Thanks to the members that have submitted their catch returns to secretary Dave Wilson by whatever method as they are greatly appreciated. The migratory fishing season may have ended but the committee are in the process of looking at our current leases some of which are up for renewal and we are pleased to report good progress has been made on the continuation of these leases.

We also offer a welcome to our new members that have joined the club over the last few weeks and also look forward to several more members joking in the next week or two. I am sure they will be afforded a good welcome by current members once out on the rivers and stillwaters. 

Interested  in joining one of the top clubs in north east England with a very good variety of fishing venues then why not apply. Whilst some people may think our monthly fees are high compared to other local clubs, yes you can pay monthly, you only need to look at what our club has available for the fees. Weather permitting, you can really fish all year round on our venues.

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