Something for

The Weekend

We have posted our June newsletter to members today which you should receive by the weekend. It is time for the club to submit its mid term catches for the Tweed and Till beats. This is a statutary requirement for the club and ask that members submit their catches asap as we have to submit the returns one week after the end of June. 

Next Working Party

Rothley lake

We will be having a working party on Rothley lake in a couple of weeks time for weed clearing. It will be done midweek and volunteers can contact head bailiff Dave Cave. We have a boat on the lake purely for this operation to enable us to get further out onto the lake. It would help if any member has an outboard motor they could lend for the day and if you have then again contact Dave. As always your assistance is appreciated.

Hopefully set for a

Good weekends fishing

The last week has seen the rivers in fine fettle for fishing and hopefully it continues into the weekend. Since last weekend salmon and sea trout have been caught from the Till, Coquet and Wear with some members having what can be descibed as a good days fishing with members landing up to three and four sea trout in a days fishing. Heavy thunderstorms are forecast on Sunday night through to Monday which will bring the rivers no doubt into flood conditions again but this is what we need to keep the rivers in good fishing order and continue to bring more fish into the rivers. If you do go fishing this weekend you will need your sun block.

Can you see?

Have you fished the Fenton beat this week? Did you lose your glasses? Contact us and we will put you in touch with the finder. Tight lines all.

Before and After

The floods

Well its good to see that members are getting into the fish both before and after the heavy floods of last week. Our beats on the Till are continuing to produce fish on a regular basis with Fenton, Shellacres and Heaton Castle all on the mark. This week has seen the Wear and Coquet get off to a good start with both rivers producing fish. Best method at present is the fly so make sure you have plenty of options for river conditions.

May 2019

Fish Counts

The figures for three of our local rivers have been added to the fish counter on the site. One upturn is the figures for the Tyne which was 1515. This is the highest May count for this river since the inception of the fish counters began in the 1990s. Sadly the same could not be said about the Wear and the Tees although fish have come into the rivers. So, does the improvement in the Tyne figures suggest the increase in numbers is due to no drift netting this year. Or is it the five year, or seven year cycle that is the answer? Whatever the reason it is pleasing to know it has increased and long may it continue. 

No fishing?

The heavy rains since Wednesday have our rivers in spate at present and will hinder fishing prospects this weekend but dependant on how quickly they run off. Local rods will know that the Hoppings, the largest travelling fair in the country, will start tonight in Newcastle for the next week and generally does not auger well fior the weather prospects as it generally coincides with heavy persistant rain. Fingers crossed it is wrong this year.

Latest catches

Either members are not out fishing the rivers or not catching fish if they are as there is very little to report on the catch scene. A couple of exceptions are the first sea trout from the Wear and a superb wild brown trout  that measured 19 inches in length. Members can quite easily report catches via the website, so dont all rush at once.

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