Some good fortune

On the Rivers

Those members that read our members forum will know that the odd memberis are having some success on our rivers. Latest news is that the Wear has produced at least two salmon that we know of at 19lb and 14lb but we believe more have come to the net and quite a few sea trout are also being caught on the same river. Best reported sea trout to date is standing at 9lb from our Fenton beat whilst the Coquet is also yielding up salmon and sea trout. We would appreciate it if members could let us know of any further success they have had so other members can be informed of where members are having success.

Mad dogs and


Well, as the song goes they go out in the mid day sun. River levels, the Tyne apart, are again low and members are putting in a lot of time and effort with their fishing and with some limited success but mainly sea trout. Whilst the south and east of Europe are suffering in those very high temperatures one member thought it was obviously too hot whilst fishing our Tyne beats and went into the river to cool off. Regretfully it was accidental and after recovering his composure made his way ashore, some expletives and then managed to recover his fly rod as it was floating downstream. Most of us will have fallen in before, yours truly has, but we do ask members to take care on the rivers. Thanks for making me laugh Richard.

Hesleyside Beats

would members please remember that beats F to G on Hesleyside are restricted to house rods only from 1st September. All other beats are available until the end of the season.

Junior Competition

A final reminder that our Junior angling competition takes place this coming Thursday at our Yorkshire reservoir Thornton Steward. The event is being run by one of our members and bailiff Barry Gibson and following on from lasts years event we have more participants taking part this year. As members know, our junior members have free membership as long as they are with a club member be it mother, father, uncle, grandparents etc so it is really encouraging that our club is still actively encouraging the younger generation of our beautiful hobby. It is still not too late to register for the competition and members can do so by contacting secretly Dave Wilson. The catch returns for Thornton Steward for this year are really outstanding with a rod per day average of 5.14 fish so we hope it continues at least until after Thursday.

Salmon numbers

On the rise?

Reports are continuing about the increased numbers of salmon entering our rivers. Good news?. Not really because the increase is the Pacific pink salmon. More and more reports are continually appearing about anglers and netsmen catching this rogue fish in our territory. The bad news if you catch one is that they are not nice eating So be warned. If you catch one of these rogue fish the EA request if you can contact them and pass the fish onto them with details of where and when caught.

The good news on our local front shows members are still catching the odd salmon and sea trout over the last week with the best salmon known to us lately coming in at 15lbs from our Hesleyside beats. There does appear to be a fair number of fish around but catching them is proving frustrating. Never mind, as they say, tight lines.

Bridge over

Troubled Waters

Would members please note that the car parking at the bridge on the Ford beat will have some disruption this week as repairs to upgrade the parking are made. The repairs should hopefully be finished by the end of the week. Pointing work will be carried out on the bridge itself next week but this will not affect the parking.

Junior Competition

A further reminder for our senior members that have juniors under their wing that our junior competition will be taking place at Thornton Steward Reservoir on Thursday 10th August and meeting at 10.00am. If you have not already entered your juniors into the competition but wish to do so then please contact secretary Dave Wilson.




Could any members fishing our beats on the Wear please assist the committee. If you are fishing any of our beats and come across any dead migratory fish and have the capability of taking a picture could you please do so and send the picture to either Dave Cave or Alan Horner. Could you also please advise Dave or Alan which beat and the date found. There is a specific reason for this request which we will advise members of at a later date. 

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