Dunterely: Tree Felling in progress

Our bailiffs are reporting that tree felling and stripping is in progress with machinery in operation in and about the field where we access the beat. Please be aware,  park with care and ensure that heavy plant has plenty of space to access the field. Thank you. 

Rothley, Saturday 4th September

Any member planning to fish at Rothley this coming Saturday, 4th September, should be aware that the owner is planning some water sport activity on that day.

Tyne Fishing Hut: Wasps Nest!

Our bailiffs have reported that there is a large wasps nest in the fishing hut on our North Tyne Beat. So please take care around this area.

Boats on Crag Lough

We have had very, very few bookings for the boats on Crag Lough this year so the boats will be removed in the next couple of days. Consequently NO BOAT BOOKINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM TODAY, Thursday August 19th.

We will have further news on the future of the boats very shortly. Thank you.


Pink Salmon

A Pink Salmon was caught on the Free Stretch of the River Wear at Durham a couple of days ago. Members need to be aware as EA recommendations are that these fish must not be returned to the water.   A Pink Salmon can be recognised by:

  • Large black oval spots on the tail
  • Bluish back, silver flanks and white belly
  • Much smaller scales than an Atlantic salmon of the same size
  • Very dark mouth and tongue
  • 40-60cm in length
  • Breeding males develop a distinctive hump

Anglers holding a salmon licence who catch pink salmon are asked not to return the fish to the water. Instead they are asked to dispatch it humanely and, if possible, make the fish available to the Environment Agency for inspection and further analysis: EA number 0800 80 70 60

Full EA recommendations of what to do if you catch a Pink Salmon and how to recognise one can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/anglers-urged-to-be-vigilant-for-invasive-pink-salmon

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