Thornton Steward Reservoir

Rule Change:

The Committee has approved two changes to the rules at Thornton Steward Reservoir; the first to improve fish welfare and the second to clarify what can, and cannot, be used as  a sight bob.  

i)  Landing nets must be used at all times.

Changed to:

Any fish to be returned to the water should be retained and unhooked in the water with the minimum of handling possible; a KETCHUM CATCH & RELEASE TOOL is excellent for this. If a fish has to be removed from the water to be unhooked then a net must be used and placing the net and fish on rocks or concrete should be avoided. If a fish escapes and thrashes around out of the water it should be dispatched and removed from the reservoir as part of your bag limit.

ii) The use of sight bobs, strike indicators or any fly that serves the same purpose is prohibited.

Changed to:

The use of sight bobs, strike indicators is prohibited. A floating fly may be used.

These two rules will also apply to Rothley East Shield Lake.


Akebar Park is no longer an outlet for day tickets.


New jetty at Rothley

A new boat jetty has been installed at Rothely by the lake owners. We have been given permission for members to fish from this jetty if they wish but please bear in mind that it is their for the owners use so if they require access please be pepared to move. Thank you.

Wading Staff lost on the Coquet

Louise Jobson of High Weldon has lost her wading staff at the Coquet. If any member finds it could they please drop it in at the house or the Gunshop please. Thank you.

Standing up for Rivers

Salmon and Trout Conservation have launched a Parliamentary Petition calling on Government to give the EA the mandate and resources to do a proper job. The EA needs to be shorn of Government directions to put the economy before the environment and it needs the funding to enforce existing legislation without fear or favour.

For more information amd to find out how to sign and share the petition and a letter template for writing to your local MP go to:

SaTC need 100,000 signatures to get a debate in Parliament and have until 24th November to achieve their goal. It is a big ask but with your help they can do it.

Please help by signing the petition.


Crag Lough opening

Crag Lough opening day is this Sat (1st May). 

To that end the boats have already been launched and prepared for the season, thanks as usual to Barry Gibson and team for this task, and the boat booking system in now opened for your bookings at this LINK.

Tight lines.

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