Trying to keep you

Upto date

A further fresh off the tide, silver and sea liced 10lb salmon was caught today on our Start beat on the Tweed. The fish was safely retuned to the water and swam off very strongly. As we keep saying, this is a low water beat and the water is low at present so dont all rush at once. 

Farmed salmon

A very strong and hard hitting Panorama programme tonight highlghted the problem that salmon fish farming is causing to the environment. I am sure most, if not all, of our salmon anglers have strong feelings on this topic and have kept on reading about the ongoing problems these farms appear to have produced over the years. Number of warnings to the fish farms, numerous, number of prosecutions and fines, answers on a postcard, but then again, dont waste your stamp.

Still coming

To the net

Members are still landing sea trout on our Till beats which is good news. The river is fairly low and so is the Tweed and salmon have been caught on our Start beat on this river. At this time when the river is low members should remember this is a good bet to land a Tweed spring salmon When the river is low, and will be fresh off the tide.

Trout and Salmon readers

For our members and prospective members that are looking for excellent brown trout stillwater fishing from a boat then open the first page of the latest Trout and Salmon. There you will see a guy fishing from a boat testing a new Greys fly rod, such a stunning picture on a great stillwater. Well, the stillwater is Crag Lough which is one of our three stillwater fisheries, and the guy in the picture, casting superbly, is member David Billbrough whom is a director of Pure Fishing that incorporates Hardys, Greys to name a few rods but also help sponsor our junior members. Want to join the club? Be quick, spaces going fast.

Fish count updates

April 2019 counts

The April fish counts for the Tyne, Wear and Tees have been added to our fish count section. Not high by any standards but the lack of rain, and not fish hopefully, could be the reason behind these figures. It is that time of year when we should be starting to see an increase in the number of sea trout entering the local rivers and hopfully members getting into more fish, tight lines people.

A Welcome face


The committe are very pleased to announce that member Jim Bumby has been co-opted onto the committee in the role of Secretary. Jim has a vast experince to his bow and we feel that this will offer not only the committee but the club in general a great deal of assistance for the future ahead. He attended his first meeting with us last night and will slowly start to get his feet under the table and offer us the stability that the late Dave Wilson gave the rest of the committee.

Still the river

Low rivers means members are finding the fishing conditions tough at present. Early morning and late evening fishing is really the time to be fishing in these warm dry conditions and members are still bringing sea trout to the net and again it is our river Till beats that is proving successful. The first salmon has been caught on the North Tyne but way below our beats but it shows they are moving upstream.

Still the river

To be fishing

Despite the low conditions on our beats on the river Till, members are still managing to catch the odd sea trout and also losing some also. Rain is forecast from Wenesday so hopefully it will give all our rivers a lift and bring in more fish from the sea. Now is the time that more sea trout and indeed salmon should be heading into our beats so hopefully more members will be able to land a fish or two. If not then there is some very good brown trout fishing on our Tyne, Wear and to a lesser extent the Coquet beats to keep your casting honed.

Several committee members, bailiffs and the odd member have been doing a fair bit of bank work on our Wear and Till beats to vastly improve the fly fishing for members so a big thank you to those involved.

Guest permits

Following the sad loss of Dave Wilson we are pleased to advise that membership secretary Jim Mclean has taken on these duties. Any requests should be made through the website or to Jim direct.

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