Proposed Byelaw for the Yorkshire & North East Coast Net Fishery

The Environment Agency have published a consultation document, as named above, on their web site. The short of it is that in our area we have T and J net fisheries operating off the north east coast. This document has not, as far as we know, beeen issued to any rod and line angler but the implications will have a major impact on our river fishing. There are five options in the document as to how the net fishing should be allowed but mainly either attended or unattended nets. Unattended nets would mean that the netsman would not have to attend their nets but leave them out and harvest their catch as and when. Attended nets would mean they would have to attend their nets at all times. We believe that leaving nets unattended would increase the catches of the netsman rather significantly which would have a further damaging result in the numbers of fish entering our rivers. We ask that all members of our club, other club members and readers of our site to read the above document, 27 pages, and then submit their objections to the EA, closing date in January, stating that nets should be attended at all times. You will be asked for your reasons for your objection/s but these should clearly be along the lines of marine conservation about other wild life being caught in the nets and dying like seals and dolphins to name but two. Swimmers could also be caught in the nets so there are a few examples to get you started. If you cherish your river fishing then please take part in the consultation process.

Having spoken to the EA they are asking how our/your fishing has been affected. In simple terms less migratory fish entering our local rivers which is greatly affecting the sport of all rod and line anglers and my / your annual catch return  is down by whatever percentage. This is another answer to assist in the completion of the survey.

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