Final Week

This is the last week for members to fish for salmon and sea trout on our waters on the Tweed and Till so hopefully members will still have a chance to wet a line between now and Saturday. After that it should be down to cleaning your equipment in preperation for next year.

Catch Returns

Members should have received their catch return sheets through the post in the last day or so. and if you are not fishing the Tweed ar Till beats then please return your completed returns for our english waters asap. Those members fishing until the end of the week are requested to return their forms for the Till within 5 days after the end of the season.  We are required to supply the full club returns to riparian owners for all beats so please assist the committee in meeting our obligations.

Crag Lough

We are pleased to report that the boats from the lough have been removed from the water and are now safely stowed away for the winter months. The keel repairs carried out earlier this year on two of the boats have stood up very well and no further damage has occured following resighting of the mooring positions. Our thanks to the members of the committee and members that have assisted this year with the boats and the stockings.

Keep in Touch

We know that members can contact the committee via phone or the club website but members can also keep in touch with each other via our members forum pages. Already we have around 50% of the members having access to the forum and some interesting topics do come up so why not enrol and keep in touch with long lost friends,

Closing Down

There will be one final news letter to the members before the AGM, that will include all the information of this years and next years forthcoming AGM. The site will be closing down for the year, unless anything major happens, and we hope all our members and readers have found the site very informative throughout 2014. The committee are already in talks with riparian owners on renewing and extending current leases, arranging stockings for our three stillwaters for 2015. Quiet time of the year?, not really but it keeps us busy. Thanks to those members that have assisted with bank clearing work and stocking waters throughout the year and we already have a list of around 15 members prepared to assist the committee next year, why not join them and submit your name without any abligation.