EA Catch Returns 

Members are reminded that they have a statutory duty to complete and return their catch return to the EA for 2014.

Club Returns 

We will be issuing a newsletter at the end of the month with our catch return sheet for members to complete and return to secretary Dave Wilson. Having looked at the beats on the Tyne that provide details of their catches throughout the season they, and probably like the club, have all shown that the catches are down on 2013 figures for every beat. The EA had an article in the local press last week singing the virtues of the clean up of the river Tyne and that the numbers of fish taking the river each year surpass 30,000. Catch returns for rod caught salmon generally exceed 1000 per year though it will be hard to see that figure broken this season.

Alternative Fishing 

Members still have the opportunity to wet a line, apart from our Tweed and Till fishing until the end of November, with fishing for rainbow trout on both Thornton Steward Reservoir and Rothley Lake. Should you wish to keep to the rivers then you can fish for grayling on the Tees, Wear and the ford beat on the Till or try for some of the specimen coarse fish on the Wear.