What Went Wrong 

Well, that,s the end of the season for most people, though for a lot of members and anglers country wide it never really started. Lack of rain, lack of fish, lack of time to fish, take your pick but unfortunately it has been the same both locally and nationwide. We have our seasons that are cyclical, some times it is 5 years and some times it is 7 years, when fish numbers running the rivers are lower than the preceding years but this year is totally different wherein the long drawn out summer and autumn without rain kept the fish at sea and we can only wait to see what type of year the nets have had. Our members do have the added benefit that we do still have fishing for salmon and sea trout until the end of November on our beats on the Tweed and Till So all is not lost. Members are reminded about the 10 rod limit on both the Fenton and Ford beats.