Brief AGM Updates. The following updates from last nights AGM will be provided in fuller detail with a news letter that we hope will be with members within the next two weeks. The meeting was well attended by some 20% of the membership which is a really good turn out and as usual we had bad news and good news. There is news about the Keepershield beat that will be relayed to members in the newsletter. Hard work was carried out over the last twelve months in attempts to acquire new water for the membership on both the river and Stillwater scene. Offers to lease and buy water were unfortunately rejected even though our bid offers were in some cases better than the offers of successful parties. One piece of good news is the acquisition of a stretch of 600 yards of fishing on the river Tweed with not a tree in sight to hinder your casting. Details will be provided in the forthcoming newsletter. As part of the progress of the club and our efforts to protect the fishing that we have we will be issuing members with a Bio Security Policy. This plan sets out to inform members of some of the harmful impacts that invasive/introduced species have on our environment. It will also advise members on simple steps that could minimise/prevent the chance of spreading or introducing these species onto our fisheries. Our thanks go to member Geoff Horrill in the preparation of this document.

Additional instructions for the safe keeping of the boats on Crag Lough have been updated and will also be sent with the newsletter.

The manangement committee were re-elected in full, there being no proposals for any of the positions. In all it was a very successful meeting with as usual some good news to go with the bad all being supplemented by another excellent buffet provide by club stewardess Lyn Whitfield.

The first fish have taken the Riding Mill pass on the Tyne with 4 fish moving upstream in January. We hope that 2013 will be a somewhat drier year than 2012.