River Updates

Despite the lack of rain in the last 10 days or so our rivers have plenty of salmon and sea trout showing but these are now becoming resident fish and more rain is required to bring fresh fish into the systems. Despite this members are still showing their prowess and being successful in catching fish though it is proving to be a lot of time and effort to gain your rewards. There are only 4 weeks left of the season remaining on our English rivers and we expect to see members out for their last casts of the season. The Tweed is having some very big runs of fish and memebrs are reminded that our beat needs to be booked in advance through committee member Dave Charlton.


An angler has had his rear car window smashed and fishing equipment stolen from his vehicle in the Bellingham area. Whilst we are pleased to advise it was not one of members and was not on any of our beats memebrs are still advised to ensure that they do not leave fishing equipment on show in their vehicle.