River Tyne

Some good falls of rain over the last few days have continued to keep river levels at a good fishing height and members are continuing to have good sport with mostly sea trout, at the moment, coming to the net with the odd salmon  also being caught. Members are reminded that we do not have the fishing at Keepershield this season and ask that you do not fish this stretch illegally. A member has found a guy net on the river at Hesleyside and if you are the owner then please contact us and we will put you in touch with the finder to enable its safe return.

River Coquet

Similiar to the Tyne rain has kept the river at a good fishing height and members are having success with both salmon and sea trout mostly being caught on the fly.

River Wear

Like the Tyne and the Coquet river levels are being maintained at a good fishing height with the recent rain and members are having limited success. Like the Coquet the sea trout are easily spooked and a careful approach to the pools are needed to have any chance of success.

River Tees

We are still waiting to hear from any members as to their success or failure in capturing any migratory fish on this new beat and ask if you have been successful then please let the committee know.

Still Waters 

With the weather now cooling down after the recent very warm spell, though still reasonable, and the additional stockings carried out at Thornton Steward Reservoir we know that members are continuing to enjoy some very good trout fishing at all of our three stillwater fisheries. What is also encouraging is to see both the membership and day ticket visitors operating a catch and release policy and our thanks go to those who are enjoying their sport.