River Reports
The latest fish count figures for the river Tees have been added to the fish counter page with 261 fish taking the river in July.

The heavy rain at the beginning of last week got the fish moving upstream onto our beats and we are pleased to report that the sport has picked up following the slow start to the season due to lack of rain and some good catches have been made by the members. Two notable fish that deserve a mention are a 12.5lb sea trout caught on the fly, being one of three caught by the member, and a cracking salmon of 27.5lbs caught on a small flying C. There is more rain due to fall tomorrow and hopefully this will encourage more fish into the river systems to keep the sport going.

Fish Counts

The fish count figures for July for the rivers Tyne and Wear have been added to the Fish Counts page. The Tyne figure of 6305 is encouraging as it is the third highest over the last corresponding six seasons. The Wear figure of 3643, whilst looking good, is the second lowest over the previous six seasons and is 901 more fish for the same month as 2012 and we can only hope this season does not follow 2012.

Latest River Catches 

Following almost two months of very little rain in the region and fish very hard to locate with limited catches being made we have at last had some heavy rain that has got the fish moving upriver onto our beats and providing some good sport for the members. Just out of reach on the Tweed a 31lb salmon was caught some ten yards above our stretch last week which goes to show that there are big fish around in the summer months.

Stillwater Fisheries

Thornton Steward Reservoir

Both members and day tickets anglers are continuing to have good sport at this venue with our increased summer stocking policy assisting all anglers. To the end of July the fish per rod per day currently stands at 3.49 which is excellent when we consider how hot it has been for the lat two months. We added some blue trout to one of our stockings and all anglers seem to be pleased with the variety of fishing on offer. There has been some concern viewed about the aerator being on all day but without this facility the venue would certainly be affected by green/blue algae that is affecting other fisheries and could indeed see the fishery closed for safety reasons so we ask that all anglers accept this as part and parcel of a days fishing.

Crag Lough

Our most under used fishery that offers boat fishng for brown trout. Those members and guests that are using the fishery are having some excellent days sport, mainly to dry fly, and the current rod average stands at 7.2

Rothley Lake

Like Thornton Steward reservoir this smaller venue is proving popular with the members with some fantastic numbers of fish being caught and the rod average stands at 5.6 at the end of July.