Departed MemberWe are sorry to report the death of one of our members, Stuart Bean. He was fishing the new stretch on the river Tees when he went into a diabetic coma and despite the efforts of the emergency services they were unable to save him. Our condolences have been sent to the family. One important note about this sad tragedy, even though the club were contacted by a neighbour about him being missing and we contacted the emergency services, is the importance of advising family or friends where you will be fishing if you are on your own.

Working Party 30th June

Everything is in place for the working party this Sunday on the north Tyne on the Pitt Pool. We are delighted at the response from the members to assist the committee with this work and believe the work should be completed within 3 to 4 hours.  Please meet at the parking at the Mill Pool for 10.30am where our head Bailiff and Projects Officer will be there to advise on the work to be carried out. Our head chef will have a BBQ going and ask you to bring along your food to be cooked.

Fishing Updates

River level are very low at the moment through a lack of rain, what a difference a year makes.  Catches are very spasmodic not only on our beats but all the river system beats appear to be suffering the same situation. Indications are that there is a lot of fish out at sea waiting for some fresh water to enter the rivers so prayer mats out.

Crag Lough

All the boats are in the water and available for members use. The Lough is fishing very well with some excellent catches being made by the members. One further stocking of top quality brown trout  will be made soon and following our last request for assistance with the stocking we are still looking for one or two more members to assist with this operation and ask if you can contact the committee if you are able to assist us.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

The reservoir is fishing really really well at this moment in time with both members and the general public having some very good days fishing. We are now entering that time of the year, the Dog Days, when fish apparently become harder to locate and to try and offset this problem we will be commencing our additional summer stocking programme with extra fish in the 1.5 lb range.