15 October

Latest News

All rivers are producing plenty of fish being caught by members with Barry Gibson catching a lovely 10lb sea trout on a Ally Shrimp on the Till on 13 October.

With only just over two weeks before the end of the season members will be out trying to get their last adrenalin rush of the year and with adequate spells of rain keeping the rivers in good flow then they will be in  with a chance. We request that members are selective with the fish they keep for the table and ask that any hen fish caught are returned unharmed. For latest news of releases from Kielder members can call 01434 - 240463.

A brief newsletter will be sent out next week to members with a catch return sheet that MUST be completed and returned to secretary Dave Wilson asap. Leases need to be kept with owners and it is essential that we provide the correct figures to them for the honesty and reputation of the club

We are awaiting the final decision from a riparian owner for our bid of 1.5 miles of fishing on a local river but the signs do not look to good at the moment and the indications are that they will remain with the current incumbents, pity.

We obtained the fishing for a small stretch on the Wear earlier this year at Croxdale. The owner has advised that the lease will not be renewed in future years for personal reasons. He has advised that it has nothing to do with the club and if he decides to let in the future then he will give us first option.

As always the committee are seeking additional waters for the membership and if you become aware of any fishing that may be available then please contact us.

The parking for the  Keepershield beat has been done by the owner so hopefully members will not get their vehicles stuck or damaged. The beat downstream have placed a sign some 20 to 25 yards upstream form the bottom of our beat and again we request that members be polite in their dealings with the anglers from down stream but hold your ground as the owner is aware of the situation.

I hope that following over twelve months of inaction for myself on the rivers with  a back injury that I may have the opportunity to see members new and old during the last week of the season.

Fish Counts

The latest figures for September for the Tyne have been added to the counter but as yet there are no figures for the Coquet or the Wear.