20 November

The latest fish count figures released by the EA to the end of October for the Tyne , Wear and Coquet are now on the fish count web page. The Tyne shows a drop of some 15% from 2008 figures, the Wear shows an increase of just over 25% whilst the Coquet shows an astonishing drop of some 75%. The term "catastrophic" comes to mind, not only for the anglers, but for the future conservation of the river itself. Shall we get any answers from the EA? We will write and find out.

Members are still catching fish on the Till with Jack Aynsley catching a grilse on Tuesday whilst another member was also successful on the same day. Only eight days fishing to the end of the season on this river then it will be time to clean all our equipment. Unless members might like to try some grayling fishing on the river Wear with fish up to 2.5lbs.