14 August

In the last fortnight  two members have submitted evidence of their prowess.

On August 2, Jamie Patterson, a 14yr old Junior Member, fishing with his father on the top Mill Pool caught and returned a salmon of about 8lb., lost another but also landed 4 Brownies. On 6 August, fishing the tail of the same pool, he caught and returned another 11/12 lb. salmon. He was fishing a Black Flying C on a rising river.

This morning Aiden Currie sent email (with picture) - "Hi all.  Just to drop you a line and let you know I fished the Keepershield area on 12/8/08 and caught my first ever salmon of 10lb and a nice sea trout of 5.5lb, as well as losing another salmon!  As you can imagine I am over the moon!

Congratulations to both.

Keepershield Beat

We have placed some pictures of this beat on the website under the video and pictures section for members to have a look at. Membership secretary Brian Tindle has fished the beat on Monday 04 August and caught a lovely silver sea trout of 6.5lbs on the fly using a cascade. Member Graeme Young fished the beat today and caught a lovely sea trout of 3lbs, method unknown.  As we advised in the newsletter there will be and has been some contention about the bottom pool from the syndicate below. Members are advised to be polite but to hold their ground as the owner has assured us as late as tonight that the syndicate should not be fishing upstream of the fence into this pool. We believe they may have been fishing this pool in the past but as stated, members should be polite in any discussions with the syndicate members and if necessary pass on any details to the club.